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  1. What power hitters are available?
  2. Yeah I was thinking that and sometimes closers get traded and become setup guys. I accepted it and have an offer in for Leclerc which sounds like itll get accepted for a mid round pick
  3. I meant same upside long term not this year and Alonso made the team but thanks I was thinking the same thing but my RP depth is bad that Kimrbrell isn’t even signed and there’s no one on the waiver wire at the moment besides morrow who won’t be back until May
  4. Or does Pete Alonso have the same upside as Hoskins?
  5. I was just offered Hoskins and a 15th for Hand and a 4th My team is in the sig 5 keeper league. It'd make me weak in RP but it might be easier to find a breakout closer or trade for one in season. Would you do the deal or would it just make me too weak at RP. Does Hoskins have the upside to do it?
  6. You have Hamilton for steals so I'd rather have Vladdy long term. You can still win now and have a much more important player in a few years than the other two
  7. Keep Severino or G Sanchez H2H my other keepers are: Arenado, Turner, Bryant and Buehler Severino might not be back until mid May. I also pick third in the draft
  8. Mariota @ NYG it's raining and windy Foles @ LAR clear with no wind Winston @ Bal I need the safest play