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  1. Quick trade

    I give Quintana and Boxberger. I get N. Castellano and J. Heyward. 12 team roto re-draft. Should I?
  2. Do the deal to get Severino? WHIR

    No way! Severino is good, but you're getting 2 waiver wire players, and you're giving up too much!
  3. Good Trade to make?

    Take it!
  4. Gennett and Acuna for Harper?

    Seems pretty fair deal to me.
  5. I get Jonathan Schoop. I give Jose Quintana. Roto - redraft.
  6. 2-1...pick a side..WHIR

  7. Would you rather...? (WHIR)

    I'm with Zig Zag!
  8. Kris Bryant all the way!
  9. Kershaw trade?

    I give Mitch Haniger. I get Clayton Kershaw. Roto re-draft league. Do it?
  10. A couple spots left.
  11. Please send friend invite.
  12. ESPN, ROTO, 10-TEAM, $75