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  1. I have the 7th pick in my first ever OBP draft. Too early to take Harper with an ESPN rank of 19? Don't know how much of a premium to put on high BB guys.
  2. Willing to do anything between $40-$200. Must be ESPN. Standard 5x5 categories (Roto or H2H) - not points
  3. Me and my two buddies are looking for a league like yours. Do you have three spots? Or just two?
  4. Would like to draft tonight.. anything but Points leagues
  5. This format just makes the regular season irrelevant. If you finish 5th - you don't have to play the last couple of weeks. Those weeks are for winners.
  6. Everyone makes this playoffs? Is this a socialist league? 😉
  7. Roto leagues are definitely the most "fair" of the league types - in that the best team always wins. Whereas in H2H leagues, you can have one team dominate all season long, then suffer some injuries and lose to the #4 seed in the opening round of the playoffs. If you play in H2H leagues you have to accept the fact the best team does not always win (which is true in real-life sports). Roto leagues (or H2H categories) takes way more skill than Points leagues... I enjoy the challenge of building a balanced roster. In points leagues - it's all about getting power (the SB guys become somewhat irrelevant). Having a balanced roster means nothing - it's all about the points. I do acknowledge that H2H leagues tend to more fun and more action - but if you are going to do one I would recommend the more strategic format in H2H categories over H2H Points leagues.