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  1. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Well, what happens in 2020, when SF uses a Day 2 pick on a young WR who quickly outperforms expectations and puts up better stats than a 32-year-old Brown? Suddenly AB might not be where he wants to be, and may not feel he's playing on a contract he deserves.
  2. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    The general consensus is that Bell played his situation poorly and almost certainly left money on the table. The Steelers didn't give him an inch and they're still threatening to use the transition tag on him. Meanwhile he gave up $15 million he can't get back, and probably still won't get the megadeal he wanted after Conner stepped up and did a pretty good Bell impression for way less money. Brown is in an even worse position given that he's under contract for the next few years and can't hold out without facing fines. If the Steelers don't get the kind of compensation they're looking for from trade partners, Brown's options are to play out his contract or pay the Steelers millions of dollars in fines for years until the contract runs out. After the inflexibility they've already shown with Bell, I don't think the Steelers will just release AB and let him sign with the Browns or whatever. They'll just squeeze him until he's 34 and nobody wants him.
  3. AAF Football ... CBS 8:00pm EST

    It’s a good thing for the players. There are a lot of fringe NFL level players who wash out quickly and don’t really have anywhere to go. Instead of bouncing around 90-man rosters and getting cut every two weeks, Bishop Sankey gets to play real football games and collect a steady paycheck. I’m sure every once in a while an AAF player will put something good on tape and earn a second shot in the NFL.
  4. Jared Goff 2019 Outlook

    I don't think he does either, but lots of useful fantasy QBs have similar home/road, pressure/non-pressure, clutch/non-clutch splits. In real life, he looks like a guy who can never carry the team on his back, but may yet get carried to a ring on the strength of his defense and a healthy Gurley in the near future. For fantasy purposes, it doesn't matter if the greatest coach in NFL history has his number and is able to expose him on the world's biggest stage. He doesn't play against that caliber of talent most weeks. He's got two games each against the Cards and 49ers next season, for starters. I like him paired with a high-floor guy you can roll out for tough matchups.
  5. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    AB isn't holding out. He has a different issue than Bell -- AB isn't mad that he isn't getting enough money (I think he's the #2 highest paid WR in the league), he's mad that the Steelers drafted his replacement and Big Ben, his teammates, and the front office aren't giving him enough "respect." This standoff is about fee-fees and not money. Bell's holdout was intended to get the team to give him a more generous contract, and failing that preserve his body so that he could land a big contract with another team. But here, the Steelers could give AB another couple million per year, and he'd still be mad that JuJu is getting too many targets and messing up his counting stats, and that Big Ben gives him pointers on route-running and things like that. Holding out does nothing to fix those problems, it just costs him lots of money for no reason. He'll report to the team if they can't work out a trade.
  6. Pats/Chiefs

    Yes and in the 90’s that mindset made sense. This is now a league where you can’t breathe on WRs or the QB without a flag coming out. None of the elite defenses made it out of wildcard weekend. These overtime rules are an issue in that context.
  7. Pats/Chiefs

    I think the context of the game matters here. A 9-9 tie after regulation indicates that both offenses are having difficulty moving the ball. This was a game with something like four lead changes in the fourth quarter. Neither defense was stopping anything in the second half. Whichever team won the OT coin toss in this game was going to the Super Bowl, regardless of league-wide win percentages in overtime. There are player safety issues with guaranteeeing each team one possession, but my issue is specifically with a random coin toss determining the outcome. Maybe the team that scored last automatically gets the ball, or had most yards from scrimmage, or something like that would be more fair even if it wouldn’t change the outcome of this game.
  8. Pats/Chiefs

    By “you” I meant the NFL. The coin flip at the start of the game doesn’t give the winning team much of an advantage, but the coin flip in overtime gives the winning team a huge advantage in a pass-happy league where it’s very difficult to play defense.
  9. Pats/Chiefs

    Yeah and these rules suck because the team that wins the coin toss has a massive unearned advantage.
  10. Pats/Chiefs

    There was very little defense in the second half — I agree with the idea that if the Chiefs had won the coin toss, Mahomes would have been this year’s Super Bowl MVP. I don’t know how you correct that issue but it doesn’t seem fair that Mahomes never got to touch the ball again after leading the team to OT with 39 seconds left on the clock.
  11. Pats/Chiefs

    I know they’re going to tell us but when’s the last time both title games went to OT?
  12. Pats/Chiefs

    They left way too much time on the clock there.
  13. Pats/Chiefs

    Still some hope that this game ends with Brady crying.
  14. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Eh it was a bad call but the Saints repeatedly missed opportunities to put the game away. They should never have been in a position where a missed pass interference call set up an OT loss.
  15. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    I’d put Conner at #6 on that list, after CMC and ahead of DJ. There’s some risk the Steelers offense goes off the rails if/when AB gets dealt. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think if Bell goes to a team like the Jets or Raiders he’s going to wind up putting up 2018-Crowell tier numbers. Just as Conner, Damien Williams and CJA proved that any RB can post huge numbers in the right offense, I suspect we’re going to learn that Bell’s prior success was mostly a product of that system and it won’t transfer over to whichever team unloads the big bucks.