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  1. Hey maybe it was premature to say that the days of Julio putting up monster yardage are over.
  2. I only needed about 5 points from Alshon...
  3. I think the Ravens/Chiefs game next week is going to break all the fantasy app servers.
  4. I dropped Jaylen Samuels for Gio... Looking good this week, but staring down the barrel of starting Latavius Murray at RB2 next week if Conner misses time.
  5. The offense hasn’t been great *with* Ben. That PI call in the end zone is the only reason we got any points from Conner before the injury. I’m scurred.
  6. The consensus was that Gordon learned the playbook much quicker than expected, which is why it took only three games for him to become a full-time player. It certainly shouldn’t surprise anyone if AB has similar prodigious talents in learning a brand new playbook after playing in the same system for years. He’s one of the best receivers in football. I still think it would be wrong to assume he could learn the playbook three times as fast as Gordon. I think it’s more likely he plays a limited number of snaps for several weeks. AB only needs one snap to post a fantasy relevant line, but it’s risky until we see him out there on a majority of two-wide plays.
  7. Even if he comes back after missing exactly 8 games, and even if he immediately resumes the unquestioned lead role in Week 11 with AP returning to healthy scratch status, how can you ever trust that he won't just get injured again after playing a few snaps? Some players just can't stay healthy after facing NFL action.
  8. Wow. You guys realize Evans has played with Winston for his entire career (except his rookie year when I think it was some McCown/Glennon clown show), right? He balls out no matter who’s behind center, this Bradberry guy just has his number.
  9. Winston has always been bad but he’s usually not this boring to watch.
  10. Not just that, but I'm seeing that Lamar Miller and Juju both had an ADP in the fourth round. Juju was a solid waiver guy in 2017, when he somewhat surprisingly put up a 58-917-7 after thoroughly outplaying Martavis Bryant. But in 2018? He was drafted as a WR2. Among players who realistically could have gone undrafted and/or been on the waiver wires at some point in 2018, I'm seeing: QB None technically -- all QB1s had an ADP in the drafted range. Goff, Cousins and Dak were the most likely to have been available at some point in the season. Baker Mayfield was a waiver guy, but because he didn't win the starting job until a few weeks in, and got off to a slow start, he only finished as the QB16. RB Derek Henry is an interesting case because he was drafted in the 4th round on average, but was dropped in many leagues after he didn't do anything until the stretch run. Finished as the RB12. Philip Lindsday (RB13) Nick Chubb (RB14) -- also had an ADP of drafted, but was dropped early in the season in most leagues Aaron Jones (RB23) -- Same deal as Henry and Chubb Matt Breida (RB24) - Interesting takeaway with the RBs is that Linsday was really the only season-long top-24 guy who wasn't drafted at all and outperformed expectations. Most of the other "waiver gems" were originally drafted, were dropped due to underperformance, and then picked up by somebody else after their situation changed. WR Tyler Lockett (WR11), was drafted in the 11th round, but dropped in many leagues Tyler Boyd (WR16), ADP of undrafted Calvin Ridley (WR17), ADP in the 10th round, but was widely dropped after a Week 1 goose egg on 2 targets Kenny Golladay (WR20) doesn't really count in my opinion. His ADP in the 11th round should have meant he was drafted in most leagues, and he performed consistently throughout the season, so there was little reason to drop him. Mike Williams (WR21) ADP of undrafted Chris Godwin (WR24) ADP in 12th round, may have been available in shallow leagues TE This one is a bit of a waiver bonanza, where Kittle, Ebron, Cook, Burton, Hooper, Howard, Rudolph, and McDonald may have all been available on your waiver wire at some point. There are usually a handful of waiver guys you've never heard of who give you top-12 numbers at the end of the season -- but the most likely league winners are late-round sleepers whose owners get antsy and drop them for guys like Hollywood Brown and Dion Lewis after a big Week 1. Also, there are a lot more weekly fill-ins who are fantasy useful as opposed to emerging every-week starters.
  11. GB didn't look *beastly*, but they were able to shut down the run -- Montgomery and Davis did very little on the ground, and in the second half they leaned on quick passes to Cohen out of the backfield (which padded his PPR numbers, but didn't add up to all that much yardage). I don't think the Vikings will be able to roll out the same game plan and have Cousins dial up fewer than a dozen passes again if they want to stay on the field. We know that Diggs is locked into a 20-30% target share, we just need a non-leather-helmet-era game plan to get his numbers back up. If the issue was just his hammy, Thielen would have gotten more than 3 looks.
  12. Usually in this situation the bridge quarterback doesn't lose his job until after the team is out of playoff contention, or if he's just playing awful embarrassing football. The Redskins now have a recent history of staying in the hunt much later than they should due to being in a relatively weak conference (and one that keeps getting wrecked by injuries to star players midway through the season). Haskins may not get a start until after Week 12 or so if Keenum keeps it up. And Denver hasn't had more than a game or two of good quarterback play since Peyton Manning was healthy. Osweiler, Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Chad Kelly... I think a Keenum who looks somewhere between his Vikings career year, and the mediocre QB he's been everywhere else, can keep his job for long enough of the season that we don't have to worry about Terry's outlook for some time. He's my WR6 and I'll feel okay starting him when the bye weeks and injuries hit.
  13. I’m not making that assumption — the Pats did let a murderer play a full season... There is a scenario where AB is released, Gordon fails another drug test, Edelman suffers another injury, and Gronk doesn’t un-retire. It’s interesting how fragile this stacked-on-paper offense is, Dorsett’s path to being a major part of the offense only requires four things that are individually likely to happen all at once.
  14. Ingram disappeared for long stretches last year too. We didn’t see much Murray because the Saints have never been up multiple scores in this game.
  15. I'm buying low on Diggs/Thielen. Yeah, they want to be a running team. That requires Cook and/or Mattison to stay healthy all season.