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  1. How many mgrs do you have signed up so far?
  2. Looking for a cheap league $10-25 buyin must be H2H (no points or roto) Draft in the next hour..?
  3. were you able to process the refund?
  4. @JJ15ASUBSU you need to submit a refund request before the payment deadline. So this needs to be done quickly. https://leaguesafe.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/217102206-How-do-I-request-a-refund-
  5. Can you refund me on league safe?
  6. sent payment through leaguesafe as well
  7. stevosmail@gmail.com Can pay immediately
  8. well I would make it 13 teams...you'd have to wait for one more
  9. interested do you want to make it 14 team?