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  1. Something cheap like $10-$30.. Seeing how many are interested.
  2. Haugabrook, join the draft. You are the only one not there
  3. Awesome. see you guys in there!
  4. Joined the league and paid.
  5. stevosmail@gmail.com I can pay immediately
  6. How many are you looking for? 12:30am confirmed time?
  7. Any Yahoo Auctions tonight?

    My payment will come over in less than 1 minute if we get 2 more people to join. I am not the problem. ha
  8. Any Yahoo Auctions tonight?

    How? I'm ready to pay...just don't want to go through the refund process
  9. Any Yahoo Auctions tonight?

    This is why I'm holding off on sending payment. I've been through the whole refund process from leaguesafe and it's a pain in the butt.