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  1. Gus Varland SP Oakland

    Disclaimer: I haven't seen him. Great results across brief stints in Rk, low-A, and A ball after getting drafted. But he was pitching roughly on-level, age-wise by the time he reached a full-season league. Definitely a guy to watch in 2019 - the full season in pro ball will help tell a better story, especially if they decide to promote him to high-A at some point during the season. Given his lack of college innings, I wonder if that'll keep him in A ball all season - unless, of course, he just stymies everyone and forces the next challenge. Having success in cold weather bodes well for him but his lack of a refined repertoire makes him an easy relief risk with the FB as his only real out pitch right now. If he can develop the cutter to give him a fourth pitch, he might be able to mix them all enough to keep guys off-balance and stick in the rotation. I'm not one to get too excited over someone dominating levels that he should, to be considered a legit prospect. But his first full season - 2019 - combined with similar results will definitely have my attention going into 2020.
  2. 2019 "Deep" Sleepers

    To each his own, no doubt. The only guys I'd make an argument for ahead of Nunez are Luciano and Alcantara, but I believe both are significantly higher ranked than Nunez. I like Marte, too, but he's only 7 months younger than Nunez and hasn't played any competitive ball other than against other academies. I like scouting reports and projection as much as the next guy - but I'll still take the kid that actually crushed in competitive ball at league-average age and should make his stateside debut soon over the 7-month-younger kid who may not even play US rookie ball until 2020. If the Cards send Nunez back to the DSL, that'll be an indicator something's not right with him. If the Mariners send Marte stateside after (or maybe even instead of) DSL ball in 2019, that'll be an indicator that the kid's more special than I thought. Either way, too early for me to hang my hat on either. But given Nunez's lack of publicity/hype, eye-popping DSL numbers, and relatively on-track progression towards stateside ball - I'm drafting Nunez ahead of Marte, Luciano, or Alcantara. Of course, this could easily change come July when we know more about where these kids will play and how well. I'm making my case for today, though.
  3. 2019 "Deep" Sleepers

    Malcom Nunez, 3B, STL. Kid's a beast. Was a touch old for the DSL (typical high-ranked J2 signees closer to 16-years old) but played a full slate in his signing year which actually puts him on pace with typical 16-year-old J2 signees who don't play until the following year in DSL/VSL leagues. You can look up his stats but this wouldn't be a tout without quoting a few, all from baseball-reference.com. In 199 PAs, Nunez walked AND struck out about 15% of the time - good-to-great on both fronts. He also hit 13 homers - mind you, double-digit homers in foreign summer leagues are somewhat rare. I know, 'but his bat-to-ball skills are probably suspect', well he hit .415 with 127 total bases. He signed with a reputation for an advanced plate approach and proved it all summer long. He's got the arm to stick at third but glovework unknown. Here's one of the few, good write-ups I've found on him: https://www.vivaelbirdos.com/2018/7/22/17585228/system-sundays-a-quick-look-at-malcom-nunez I tried to trade up to nab this kid but as he was dropping, I thought I might get him - he got picked 2 spots ahead of me. Don't be me - he should be your #1 IFA target.
  4. Andrew Knizner C STL

    Nice. I didn't even realize he didn't have his own thread. I've rostered him for over 2 years in one of my leagues. My anecdotal evidence for why I think he's a top-150, maybe top-100, prospect is that he seems to have a plus hit tool for a catcher (base hits + great plate discipline) with power potential (25 homers in just under 1000 minor-league ABs). I also recall reading multiple articles indicating he's an average to above-average defender; his caught-stealing rate has declined as he advances, indicating his arm may be capable but he has to make up for it through pop time and/or footwork. His bat is as consistent as prospect catchers get - way more consistent than Carson Kelly. But Kelly is the better defender by most accounts. Offensively, I feel like he's the realization of what Keibert Ruiz could do with a touch less power. But I'd rather bet that Knizner hits more consistently.
  5. Need one replacement owner for a free Fantrax dynasty league - and it's not horrible! This team is anchored by Crosby (yes, Sidney) and Holtby. Saavy owners could easily trade their way into being a contender now. Roster here: https://goo.gl/Vge6Cq League basics: Free 18 teams Full dynasty with 3-round annual AMAT draft H2H each cat 9x4 cats with double-weighted Goals scored and goalie Wins 20 active, 7 reserve, 15 minors, plus 5 IR non-roster League Rules Summary for all details: https://goo.gl/r8mV7C PM, if interested. And if you're a baseball fan too, we've got an opening in our Fantrax Baseball dynasty too (more work needed in baseball though).
  6. SP Jesus Luzardo, OAK

    I'd guess late-June to early-July, assuming he's still on a tear. The A's are highly cost-conscious, so I think they'd wait until the super-two cutoff has clearly passed. They're not going to want to pay for 4 years of arbitration if he's ready in middle of another ho-hum, typical-A's season. Now, if they somehow manage to be the hottest team in baseball and Beane's feeling like they're just a starter away from solidifying a shot at the postseason, I wouldn't put it past them to bring him up in May. It just seems highly unlikely that they'll be in that position AND willing to bring him up before the super-two cutoff. Another scenario could be that they call him up this September to give him some exposure and give him a chance to acclimate to the MLB environment, then push his 2019 debut back into late-July/early-August to still save themselves that extra year of arbitration. Ultimately, it all depends on how highly the front office values him as building block versus a trade chip. We would assume they'd see him as a building block but nothing the A's do surprise me. Remember Beane trading away then-elite prospect Addison Russell and decent-prospect Billy McKinney for rentals in 2014?
  7. SP Jesus Luzardo, OAK

    Luzardo was actually projected to be a first-rounder by scouts until the injury, so he was a known commodity - just maybe not to the general fantasy community since he didn't make a pro pitch before TJS like Paddack did. Not quite an apples to apples comparisons.
  8. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    Great deal. Remember when Rougned Odor was gonna become a superstar? I'm not saying Albies falls flat completely - just that I'd take the established stud over a hot name that wasn't known for power and an aging closer.
  9. Forrest Whitley - RHP HOU

    Keuchel is also inconsistent and prone to getting lit up, repped by Boras so likely to be elsewhere next season. Lance is not a pillar of health. Morton - while pitching like an ace mostly - COULD, not will, fall apart. It may be the best staff but it's not infallible either. And Kopech still needs to consistently locate while refining his command of pitches that don't hit triple digits. I think Whitley, by far, is the better fantasy investment.
  10. I'd drop Luplow for Knizner. Luplow has the least trade value of your 10. I've got a ton of prospect ideas but the MiLB forum is a better resource to find other gems not owned already in your league. I'm not a believer, or fan, of trading away tier-1 talent for quality depth. If you can get Arenado/Soto for Harper/JBJ (or something similar) then that would be a win - you get another established tier-1 talent plus a potential tier-1 talent. Moving a tier-2 or tier-3 talent for depth isn't a bad idea if your talent pool is that thin. Generally speaking, though, mining for high-upside prospect talent is better long-term than acquiring fringe MLB talent. I can't see Acuna bringing a top-15 talent but if you can get the right kind of top-30/40 talent, seems like the right move.
  11. Absolutely consider moving Harper for a good deal. Deal 1, don't do it - Ozuna is fluky and taunted us for years before finally breaking out last year, then what's he done this season? Deal 2, considerable - but you already have strong pitching and adding an aging and increasingly inconsistent Carrasco is not as valuable as it was 2 years ago; Hays and Bauers aren't long term solutions. I don't believe Acuna to be the fantasy savior many believe him to be, so I would deal him for an established young stud in a heartbeat; Arenado, Machado, Bryant, etc. if you can finds ways to swing a deal for those guys by dangling Acuna + something decent but not irreplaceable. As for your season's direction, given the league size and that you're already struggling, it seems like a rebuild/retool is in order. You didn't give enough for me to make a good recommendation but I can tell you your starting pitching is your strength with your outfield a close secondary strength (is that right, yall play 1 CF and 4 OF?). You can usually find stronger outfield options via ww/fa than infielders and you already know infield is your weakest area. Segura is underrated, fantasy-wise, unless someone offers a younger version of him, expect to keep him. The rest of your infield is expendable. I'd also make any of your bottom 7 prospects available to swing deals for young (or young-ish) stars. Trammell and Lewis are great long-term prospects to keep. And while I think trading Acuna for high value makes a lot of sense, if you can't get a stud player then it's not worth the risk of trading him for an aging star. I'd be really interested to know what type of prospect talent is available. At catcher, look for Danny Jansen or Andrew Knizner. Jansen will play soon, Knizner is the slightly higher upside play for later.
  12. Goldy Or Kris Bryant ROS?

    I think their ROS performance will be relatively similar, so if it's roto, I'd stand pat since acquiring KB will likely take a little something extra to go with Goldy. If H2H, and consistency is of value to you, I would make the play for KB.
  13. I appreciate the background info given but like @Jrick45 alluded, there's still a lot of pertinent info missing for the narrow answers you want. Regarding the two prospects you mentioned, Paddack could actually be up next season - he's absolutely demolishing high-A hitters right now and probably should've been promoted to double-A a couple weeks ago. Robert could be a future stud but I don't see him as more of a standout outfielder than I do Paddack as a standout starter. If I only had one pick between the two and didn't have a glaring need at either pitcher or hitter - I would definitely lean Paddack.
  14. Absolutely - Nola/Realmuto over Shaw/5th any day. Shaw's discounted keeper price shouldn't weigh heavily here, if that causes you hesitation. And Nola likely guarantees you the best rotation in your league. Then you get your catcher upgrade. Don't think twice.
  15. Trade Help: Tatis Jr for Thor

    Question: Are you playing to win now (this season)? Your Answer = Your Answer Obviously, other factors can play into it but assuming Thor would actually improve your staff and you don't already have a Sale-Scherzer-Kershaw type of rotation, he can help you win now. I don't think anyone believes Tatis Jr will help a fantasy team to a championship this season.