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  1. Any one know about this injury and how it may impact his power ROS?
  2. He's putting up numbers we expected from JD Martinez (Top 5 pick)
  3. And isn’t Arizona amongst the leagues best in defense too? I think that tilts this to being a win for Gallen
  4. Summary: The good: - Better hitting team to help Ws - Pitching in better road parks - Better defense The bad: - Pitching in worse home park - Tougher schedule I think the plusses outweigh the minuses
  5. Used the rest of my FAAB budget for this guy. Fully sold.
  6. What do you guys think about Nick Anderson in TB? Shot at closer or drop
  7. Value upgrade or downgrade or no change ?
  8. Behind JRam and Santana? Sounds good
  9. Martinez hasn't blown a save opportunity yet either if I'm not mistaken
  10. Hey didn't he finish last year with a stretch of great starts? Thats why we were so excited about him this year. So he has shown prolonged success before and I think he maybe in for another run today. Also, this entire year his velocity has never looked this good consistently from start to start and no coincidence he has pitched this well. IMO Top 50 SP right now and potentially Top 25 ceiling
  11. Anyone else concerned about Neris? His ERA is over 4 and he has allowed runs 3/4 appearances...including 2 blown saves
  12. I mean Jimenez they didn’t but didn’t the White Sox call up Moncada or Giolito sooner than we expected. I remember Moncada was a late season addition not April