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  1. Anyone else concerned about Neris? His ERA is over 4 and he has allowed runs 3/4 appearances...including 2 blown saves
  2. I mean Jimenez they didn’t but didn’t the White Sox call up Moncada or Giolito sooner than we expected. I remember Moncada was a late season addition not April
  3. He is faster than Billy Hamilton...that type of potential is must-stash even in redraft IMO
  4. I mean he played catch weeks after, while was shut down from all baseball activities immediately after. So yeah pretty sure it wasn’t that lol
  5. Well he is playing catch so if it was truly that bad and he truly had no shot then he wouldn’t be out there. IMO he returns to a true throwing program sometime end of July. And come on guys let’s not act like he is a 6 year old and doctors are just saying things to make his feelings better. He must know what’s up.
  6. Loved what I saw, starting him with full confidence next start
  7. At least he stole a base, I'm not going to complain too much for a 4/5 2 runs/1rbi and SB night....
  8. I would go Floor: Gallen Upside: Cease Per Inning: McKay Overall: ???
  9. Solid start, plenty of great breaking balls and a high velocity fastball touching 100 in his 1st start but settling mid to upper 90s. Just needs better control of it Between McKay Gallen and Cease, I would say Cease has the highest upside
  10. Just 1 guy, probably missed on cease in waivers and now is rooting against him
  11. That’s what you call “embarrassing” for a starter making his 1st career start? Mitch Keller should just kill himself then
  12. I mean I think there are some overreactions here. Yes his "pitch values" are lower, but thats because of luck not actual drop in skill. K% 2018: 24.1 2019: 23.4 BB% 2018: 6.1 2019: 6.2 XWOBA (Basically expected stats combining Hitting + Walks) 2018: .268 2019: .272 He is actually the #9 SP this year in terms of XWOBA, guys above include Scherzer, Cole, Strasburg, Sale, Morton, Verlander, Snell, and Ryu. SPs all having pretty great seasons (except for Snell but you know he is going to turn it around too). And out of the Top 40 SPs in XWOBA him and Blake Snell are regarded as the 2 unluckiest. So in short, this is a buy-low still. After Snell he is the 2nd most big name unlucky SPs and his ratios aren't as bad as Snells are either. His WHIP is still what it was last year and his K and BB rates are as well. With all that said, I get his slider isn't back but I think that is what prevents him from being a Top 5 SP. He can still be a good Top 10-15 SP. I actually envision him what he did last year, a 3-3.30 ERA, 1.10-1.20 WHIP, and 9k/9 SP. Again, nothing as great as the potential we saw in him few years back. But still a borderline SP1. Verdict: If you think Snell was a big buy-low, this guy is #2 behind him. He won't be elite without his slider, but he still should be borderline SP1.
  13. I'm excited about this guy. People say well its a small sample size, but he has shown a different approach and level all year in AAA than he ever had before as well. So really he's been been hitting like this all year. In a full season I'd put him at like 80/15/80/8/.290 (.360 OBP) type player, plenty good
  14. Did you just get him in waivers?