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  1. He wasn't standard league eligible anyway.
  2. In his statline the biggest question is: games played. Certainly he is TOP8 pick by his other numbers, but will he play at least 70 games? I predict 60-65.
  3. The question is, can he produce better stats (or play more minutes) than starting center Willie Cauley Stein? Warriors have often used a center who had not played much minutes like Bogut or Pachulia. When I did a prerank I ranked WCS higher than Looney, but maybe I am wrong?
  4. Just these topics where people don't have consensus are more interesting.
  5. Again I don't know, maybe you are talking about Roto, but in H2H nothing happens if your FG% is 47 instead of 48. If you have luck, team 47 can even have the same number of wins in FG% category as team 48. But if everything is going normal way then team 48 get 3-4 wins more than team 47 in this cat. That means you don't lose much but you can maybe gain these wins in other cats. Just my opinion is that in H2H it is not must to have 48% FG.
  6. Yes, again people talking about other things here, but I also think that Towns thread is by now (before preseason) completed because everyone agree he is a TOP3 pick. There is nothing to debate.
  7. I expected this kind of prediction from you long ago.
  8. In his first season at Minnesota he finished as a 56th ranked player and mostly due to his higher steals and FT%. If I need some point guard stats (assists, probably 1+ steals and near 85% FT) at 8th-9th round then Teague is quite good option. Only question is can he nearly repeat 2017/18 performance in steals (1,5) and FT% (84,5).
  9. In earlier post you said third round is not probable as I understood? I put here this question because I already know I have picks 34 and 39 in standard league. The most important is for me: is he still available at pick 39?
  10. Before injury Porzingis was quite sure 2nd round pick. How much it is changed? Of course, team is changed but level? Risky pick in 3rd, but could be valuable starting from 4th round.
  11. Because I live in Europe and have seen NBA matches only occasionally, then I just ask: how good basketball player is Mitch Robinson in real life, not fantasy? Will he overplay Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson? Because it also affects to his fantasy impact.
  12. The weirdest thing is that many people here said: Westbrook is DND. And if 12 such kind of fantasy managers play in the same league then Westbrook remains undrafted? Of course not, because somebody has to pick him. There can't be any DND in TOP100, these players will be picked anyway, earlier or later. Of course, if you do your prerank and place some players 1-2 rounds lower than their usual draft position, then these players are basically DND for you, because somebody pick them earlier. But if everbody has the same rank then inevitably all lower ranked players will be drafted, but just later. Believe me, Westbrook is also useful for any team.
  13. The most important what I noticed from his game log, that his stats were not consistent. He had some fantastic spells and then poor games. Mostly it depended on how much he succeeded behind 3-point line. In H2H it meant about 5-6 weeks Lopez was very valuable, but the same number he had almost empty weeks. Usually I draft players who have too much "empty games" 1-2 round later than their ADP. It means Brook Lopez not before 5th round.
  14. Capela is by far first then comes JJJ and next all others.
  15. Because usually teams have cautious approach I expect he doesn't return earlier as end of November. If he misses almost 20 games, I don't draft him at 1st or 2nd round. That is not "some games" as IcemanIL said.