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  1. Your columns have been valuable and I like them, but I never ever believe Wendell Carter to finish at TOP 75. He is a rookie! In my pre-draft rank he is 129th. I never draft rookies in first half of the draft, I don't trust them. Rookie is never safe option.
  2. Say me, you really hope he will finish in predicted rank 50-75?
  3. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I think Jokic can't be higher than 7th. TOP5 is locked for me: AD, Durant, Giannis, Harden and KAT. Also Curry likely ahead and some of the next picks belongs to Jokic.
  4. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I don't understand why Jokic and Cousins can't be compared!? Of course they are different players, but in BBM rankings they placed side by side, one was 12th and other 13th fantasy player. Why we compare only shooting % and AST/TO rating? We then compare one player's (Jokic) best and other's (Cousins) worst qualities. I compare all 9 cats and in summary Cousins wins 5:4. And that is not only so-called popcorn stats - if Jokic is 1/1/1 player, then Cousins is 1,5/1,5/1,5 player. And finally: punt TO and Cousins is clearly better (BBM averages 1,10 and 0,78).
  5. That is the biggest problem. It is quite risky to draft player in TOP10 if he changes team. He must get used to new team, new system, new partners. I just see more safe options in the end of TOP10 like LeBron (he adapts to any new team), Oladipo and Lillard.
  6. Kevin Durant 2018-19 Season Outlook

    If to assume that all players complete 82 games, then Durant is for me clear No2 after AD. And if it is repeat of the last season (Durant 68, Harden 72 and Giannis 75 games) even then I draft him ahead of mentioned players.
  7. Frank Ntilikina 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Where to draft him, this is the question. Because I play in deep league he will be certainly drafted, but I was confused to see Yahoo ranked him 341. and Trey Burke 166. Is Burke going to start?
  8. Efficiency

    What concerns efficiency there is always two principles which I follow: 1) There is only 3 efficiency, but 6 counting stats 2) Draft is by far easier, if you focus on counting stats, then your ranking list have only very few DND players. That said, I usually finish with team which is strong at least on one efficiency cat (FT or FG%). My opinion is, if you draft normally, just tries to get best players, then automatically your shooting percents are near average or one above and other below average.
  9. If he plays 25+ minutes he is worth drafting last rounds of standard league. In deep league he was one of my favourites for last rounds, but this season he can be considered higher.
  10. The biggest question is where to draft him? He was taken in 2nd round at RW early mock draft and also here RW users H2H mock (17th pick). We have seen sometimes that second year player is not going always better and therefore I think TOP 20 is a little bit risky, there are more safe options (Draymond, Butler, Wall etc). He finished 52nd - can he really jump into TOP20?
  11. Punting points strategy

    What concerns of the first post there is many good names of punting points strategy. But I can't understand how Gary Harris qualifies into this list. Points are his third best cat after steals and threes. It is easy to check his rank: it is 34th and if we punt points then he is 36th. He can be only valuable if you punt assists.
  12. This topic is even "unnecessary" this season because it seems nobody doubts about AD being No1. And I am the last person who doubts, because he was before last season my rank No2 (after Durant) and I would have been drafted him before KAT and Giannis.
  13. Actually I have made POs in 80%, but I have played 6 years in only one and the same deep league and two last years in two leagues. It is 10 attempts and 8 of them successful, but I never managed to won championship. My safe draft strategy is usually enough to make playoffs but not win.
  14. Punting points strategy

    If I read Rotoworld forum members posts I came to the conclusion that here the most overvalued stat is FG%. But what concerns the topic - though I usually avoid any punting, I think that punting points is one of the best strategies. I like it considerably more than punt assists which is also very popular among RW forum users.
  15. Wow! I never had and will be sure that I make play-offs. Not only draft but injuries and some bad luck (especially in H2H) is also a factor. I think you can't be sure in advance, but it is just my opinion.