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  1. 9 cats silent assasins

    Yes, you are right. I now understand - silent assassin can't be some stud.
  2. 9 cats silent assasins

    I maybe don't understand everything here, but IMO the best examples of 9-cat assassin are multi-cat players like Kawhi, Durant, Horford etc. Of course here are mentioned not TOP-players, but I still don't think Adams is a 9-cat assassin. He is in my team and he is good, but actually he does only REB, STL, BLK and FG%. That is four cats. What are the numbers of good multi-cat? 50/80, at least 15/5/3 and 1/1/1 st3cks, 1TO. If your player have at least 6 positive of these numbers he can be 9-cat assassin. Example: Marc Gasol - over these numbers FT%, PTS, REB, AST, threes, blocks.
  3. Players That Have Exceeded Expectations

    Victor Oladipo certainly. Maybe somebody imagined that he will be near TOP10, but not me.
  4. Richaun Holmes 17-18 Season outlook

    I specially came back to this thread which have been empty two weeks. Where is Mr. Handcuff? I don't think he is even that, because Amir Johnson is ahead of him. This season have the record number of totally useless players which were ranked in TOP 150 by RW: Noel, Holmes, Marjanovic, W. Hernangomez. I know where it all came - stats from post-ASB period. And it happened also before that people too much trust the post-ASB numbers...
  5. Of course the most mystical is Snell high rank. I own him in deep 20-team league, there he is definitely worth owning, but in standard league hardly.
  6. Why you think it is good deal? Jackson looks better than Ball.
  7. No need to buy low, he is available as a free agent.
  8. Derrick Favors 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    OK, I try to justify my predicted numbers 14/7/2,5. It looks like Favors will play 15-17 minutes at PF (like before Gobert's return) and 15/17 minutes at C (without Gobert). It means that during playing time at PF he averages 5/3/0,7 and during time at C 9/4,5/1,5. And that is 14/7/2,5 approximately. I just divided by two his average number during games with Gobert and without. Reality can be something else, but yesterday Favors had 9/8/2 in 25 minutes (blowout game), which projected to 32-34 minutes is 11,5/10/2,6. 2,5 points less and 3 rebounds more than my prediction.
  9. Derrick Favors 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Why 28 from two big men is not possible? Ingles and Rubio are not a scorers, other scorers are only Mitchell and Hood/Burks (if Hood is back, then Burks get less playing time).
  10. Derrick Favors 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Actually his last two weeks (before Gobert's return) stats were 17/9/3/1,2/1. My predicted numbers were lower.
  11. Derrick Favors 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    When Gobert back, I still predict something like 14/7/2,5, 1stl 1 blk, 52% FG.
  12. You can't give so much good players for Cousins&Lillard.
  13. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    I traded him for Marcus Smart at standard 12-team league.
  14. Lou Williams 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    You can't get a TOP50 guy. Last season Lou was even better at Lakers some weeks, but nobody responded positively on my trade offer.