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  1. I say only one thing: I don't think first pick has too much impact who has winning team or not. I mean there is impact, but it is less than you think.
  2. You argue here what rank is better, Yahoo or BBM, but I say in this season Shamet can finish inside TOP150. He is more experienced now and can improve some stats.
  3. Yes, basically you are right. If schedule is not as heavy as previous years, then finding so-called Thursday-teams gives less effect. But I hope you understood my point - if during three days (W-Th-F) my team has 10-4-10 games I get 24 games, but if 12-0-12 then I get 20 games from my players.
  4. Yes, to win categories. But how? In regular season in H2H the number of all category wins during all season is important. As you know you just have to get certain amount of wins and make it play-offs. It is not important that you are all the time best in some special category (like MitchRob gives blocks). Only total number of cat wins is important and then at PO you have just to win one category more than opponent. I don't think that winning blocks every week brings me closer to overall victory. But versatility and being good in most categories will do it. I already said it, but I say one more time: Mitch Rob is NOT my man.
  5. That is exactly why he is not valuable. One category wonders - no, thanks! Versatility is a value.
  6. Maybe it sounds freakish, but I look every year how much games every team plays on Thursday. Because in NBA the most matches are played on Wednesday/Friday and if I draft more players from so-called Thursday-teams, then I don't have overload of games on W and F. In my standard league I have 10 active and 4 bench spots and I don't want to have too much days when more than 10 of my team players will play. Then I have to decide who will stay on bench and often I have let on bench a player who did very good stats on this day. If I don't have overload then this problem is missing.
  7. Now you all come to the conclusion what apatas said already at 21st August.
  8. Chriss gets by far less minutes than Looney (if healthy).
  9. During last 6-7 seasons I have drafted almost everyone in this list and I play only in two leagues. But I don't play roto, only H2H.
  10. This is true of course, but it is also very difficult to create the same fantasy game based on Euroleague because there are the same amount of games in every week and they play only in certain days. NBA schedule gives the opportunity to create much better fantasy game.
  11. Chris Paul is not a future in any team, but at the same time he is still valuable piece in any team. Therefore I can't see difference why he can't continue in Thunder if in all other teams he also have the same role.
  12. Not like here. There is only a game where every player has initial value and later this changes according to his actual score. In this fantasy game everybody can participate, but there is no draft - you can choose players for your team (and allowed 3 changes after every round) as you want and that is not like leagues where all have different teams and compete against each other. Just one big league and who scores the most points during season is winner. We also played against each other and counted points, but many teams were very similar 6-7 same players from 10.
  13. I just remind to all Americans that in Euroleague where also fantasy game exists, but mostly points league, there starting lineup in many teams are usually not the same even every consecutive games. They change it all the time and player A can play 30 minutes in one game and 10 in next. Here NBA is by far more consistent and I call you not to be angry at the coach who rotate some players. Again: all coaches are smarter than any fantasy manager. that is clear.
  14. After today's line I changed his rank and now Howard is 120th in my prerank.
  15. Satoransky statline could be something like 10/4/6 and 1 three, 1 steal, 28-30 minutes and almost 85% FT, but hard is to predict FG%.
  16. Only Ayton available maybe. KAT is 3rd to 5th pick and 2nd round pick (20 to 22) Butler and Vucevic are certainly drafted.
  17. I agree that it is completely irrelevant what I said now, because anyway everything will be clear when season starts. After 5-10 games we can see how many minutes somebody get.
  18. I don't believe Pop plays Forbes+Mills only 25 minutes (15 + 10). Absolutely not! My prediction is 25 to Forbes and 17-18 for Mills. Every season Mills have played the same amount of minutes.
  19. OK, I wanted to say no more minutes - in earlier post I predicted 20 minutes. That is my guess.
  20. Who is your first pick? I can't see here any probable to pick at TOP14.
  21. I have not drafted yet. Just I put here remarks and want to get know: is it reasonable to rank Favors not anymore as TOP60 player but rather near 100?