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  1. That is very easy: coach decides how many minutes every player plays. You think there is written somewhere that Satoransky should play 30+ minutes. No. We have to take it without any annoyance because minutes of the players are not decided by fantasy managers. If you would have been played for example Euroleague fantasy game then your headache would have been real. There you never know who belongs to starting lineup and how many minutes somebody plays. In NBA all ´have here used to tradition that in every game certain player will be substituted two minutes before end of the first quarter and then he come back 6 minutes before the half. It not should be in this way at real life basketball. One and only real basketball is that coach decides who plays and don't care who is starter and who is not.
  2. This trade is almost any time beneficial, but if you are fighting for place for play-off, then it depends how long AD will remain sidelined. If two weeks, then you have to do this trade
  3. I drafted Fox in 9th round! This was really success.
  4. I agree. It is standard league (12 teams). In deep league this trade is quite good. I think it is almost fair also in standard league, but rather Fox side wins.
  5. Lou Williams and Ingram were offered for DeAaron Fox. Is trade possible to do or keep Fox?
  6. You just can't understand what "unique" means. In Estonia "unique" is usually used if person is really good in his job. Like was Bob Cousy or Pete Maravich. They were unique. Dejounte Murray can't be compared to these greats!!!!!
  7. Why it is difficult to "built around" Wall? I drafted him on Sunday and after draft was completed stats showed to me season average 47,5% FG and 79,3% FT. Difficult? Of course I mean whole team average.
  8. OK, rare and atypical. Here it is going: Jason Kidd (OK, he is retired), Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Emmanuel Mudiay (haha!), Ricky Rubio etc. Compared to mentioned point guards Dejounte Murray is by far more typical.
  9. I never understand why some players here get more love than others who are basically very near them in fantasy rankings. I am used to that usually people are talking about efficiency, but Kemba is not by any means more efficient than Irving or Holiday and only slightly better than Lowry. Of course Wall is inefficient, but he is the best in stocks and assists. I don't know what stats others look but if we are talking about early round PG-s, then I usually take into account three things (in order of importance): 1) AST+STL 2) out of position rebounds 3) FT%. In point one only Irving is worse than Kemba, in point two nobody is worse than Kemba and only in point three Kemba is one of the best.
  10. OMG, super unique!! Are you talking about AD or Durant or Giannis?
  11. Of course you can draft Kemba at second half of the 2nd round, but you can pair with one of studs (like was said: KAT, Jokic, Giannis, Durant, LBJ) also some other point guards like Lowry, Irving, Wall, Holiday or Bledsoe. I don't think mentioned players are worse than Kemba. Yesterday I had 20th pick and I preferred Wall (CP3 was already taken). Kemba is not my favourite second tier PG.
  12. Our league had draft after midnight in European time (afternoon at America) and one unlucky manager drafted Murray in 6th round. News of injury were already spread but he didn't know how serious it is. But in last round one clever manager managed to pick Derrick White. Although this pick could not be worth if White is not fantasy relevant for 12 team league as it was said.
  13. If you read some ESPN basketball writers columns, watch their mock drafts and rankings, then you don't draft Allen before 8th round.
  14. Believe me, LBJ convinces coach to start Rondo. He is proven player, NBA champion, why he has to come from bench? Hart can earn more minutes, but he is not starting.
  15. Lamb is not a deep sleeper, he can be taken at late-middle rounds.
  16. I still think I am not drafting Jaren Jackson in middle rounds like Jonas Nader did. Because he plays behind really good player (M. Gasol), some others like Marvin Bagley or Wendell Carter have not as good players ahead of them. Of course dynasty leagues are something else, but I am talking about redraft H2H this season.
  17. In Lakers all positions are open, that's true. We can predict that also Ingram and McGee will start, but minutes are question mark. I try to predict: LBJ 34-36, Ingram 30-32, Rondo and Kuzma 28-30, KCP and Lonzo 24-26, McGee 20-22, Hart and Lance 16-18, Beasley 10-12. That is together 240, but maybe in certain matchups Zubac gets 10-15 minutes.
  18. Collison or Beverley are the best options, but I can't say who you have to drop, Crabbe or Ariza.
  19. Maybe only you don't have mass of rebounds because your bigs are not good rebounders, but generally you did a miracle if you got Al Horford as 54th and Otto Porter as 67th pick. Especially strong is your team in threes and steals.
  20. I cant imagine anything else than TO punt with this team. Because all counting stats are basically quite high with these three players.
  21. New article from Jonas Nader - he picked Cousins in 8th round in competitive league (not mock draft!).
  22. If we talk about similar players then I put Beal ahead of Klay Thompson and McCollum. I hope more rebs/ast than 3/3, probably 4/4 is more realistic.
  23. Rotoworld experts say he is still not draftable in standard leagues. Of course in deep league is the question when to pick him. I think at 20-team league maybe in 10th-11th round.