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  1. Mid-game hot take, but he is entering drop territory...if he wasn't already.
  2. Very fair. That's why I said a "package" though.
  3. Because he's shown throughout his career to be a boom or bust. If I can get a top end RB in a package for him I'd do it in a heartbeat (as I am weak at RB).
  4. He was dropped Wednesday and sat on the waiver wire all week. I decided to give it a whirl around 12:30 Sunday morning. Thank god I did. Hopefully he continues against the Chiefs, Colts, and Oakland then I can sell majorly high.
  5. I know I know. Just trying to have a conversation about JJJ. I think he will light it up in this fast paced offense.
  6. Ahh, yes. Sorry I misunderstood. So would you keep JJJ over Pascal?
  7. Is JJJ worthy of a keeper in a three keeper league? I have Jrue Holiday and Bradley Beal that I know I will keep. The last spot is between JJJ, Lauri Markkanen, and Pascal Siakim.
  8. Horrible trade IMO. Waller is seeing an elite level of targets. Have a higher demand for him than Coleman.
  9. Tevin Coleman? I'm not sure how to value him lol.
  10. Are we debating sitting him? I have Hardman and Metcalf on my bench and I am debating starting them over Godwin in this tough matchup.
  11. Yeah, I was debating sitting him for Alshon Jeffery tonight. Stuck with Thielen.
  12. Anyone debating sitting him this week vs this Bears defense?