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  1. I like it. Hill is out another month at least, who knows if he's right when he gets back. I'd take the sure thing in Cooper and make that trade. Thanks
  2. Love this sell high. Since your backup QB is a worthy starter (Wentz) this trade makes a ton of sense. Hope it gets accepted.
  3. Moore is definitely the best player of those three. I'd take him and sort out your RB issues later. Maybe try to flip Woods + Samuels/Jackson for an RB upgrade? Here's mine:
  4. Brees owner. Trade Mixon (1yr/$40) for Goff (2yr/$9) and Breida (2yr/$3)? 14 team keeper league, $300 cap. My Team: QB: Brees RB: Mixon, Aaron Jones, Cohen, CThompson, Hyde, Malcolm Brown WR: Mike Williams, Samuel, Metcalf, Robby TE: Howard DEF: Bears
  5. Thanks, this is great feedback. I was offered OJ Howard (2/$2) Robbie Anderson (3/$24) and Metcalf (3/$21) for my Kelce (3/$88). Should I take that? Would give me a ton of cap space to play the wire.
  6. As a big Lockett fan I think I'd prefer keeping the Kittle/Lockett side. Your WR situation would be pretty dismal without Lockett. If it's AJ Green you move, then I think I'd be good with it.
  7. Anyone else think I should take Mixon (1/$40) over Metcalf (3/$21) and Mike Williams (2/$4)?
  8. Three offers on the table now: 1. Diggs (3/$71) for Hill (3/$82) 2. Mixon (1/$40) for Hill 3. Metcalf (3/$21) and Mike Williams (2/$4) for Hill
  9. Got another offer: Mike Williams (2/$4) and Metcalf (3/$21) for Hill (3/$82) and Corey Davis (2/$8) thoughts? Better than the diggs offer?
  10. Drop McDonald for Hockenson (easily) Drop Ben for Hollywood Brown.
  11. I'd honestly drop Mclaren, but from that list, Washington. Don't drop Kyler.