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  1. Surely you can't be serious...
  2. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    Is Tyreek Hill a sell high in PPR leagues? His 19 targets put him at 37th overall in that category. Not sure he's going to get the volume to put him ahead of target hogs like Landry and Thielen (again, in PPR). Thoughts?
  3. Lindsay is the play. Thanks for your help with mine.
  4. Hang on to Hogan. Cut Taylor instead. Things will improve for NE.
  5. Which Trade Option to Take?? WHIR!!

    Peterson won't keep this up. no way. Take Thompson in that deal, especially with 0.5 PPR.
  6. Start/sit help WHIR

    Hmmm tough call. I'm inclined to stick with Stafford, but between the streaming options I prefer Keenum. That KC defense gives up a lot.
  7. Start Agholor or Marvin Jones JR WHIR

    Marvin Jones. I think he'll have a good week.
  8. Start or Sit Dalvin Cook tonight? whir

    Sit him for Collins, who I like this week.
  9. Smallwood.
  10. I don't think he'll take it, but it's worth a try. TE is shallow and Ertz is one of the very best. If you can get Ertz for Baldwin, definitely do that too.
  11. Hi Guys I've been offered Cam Newton and Tyreek Hill for my Watson, Landry, and OJ Howard. 0.5 PPR. Should I take this? Why/Why not? My team: QB: Watson, Bortles RB: Gordon, Breida, Crowell, Penny WR: Theilen, Landry, Kupp, DJ Moore TE: Gronk, OJ Howard K: Lutz DST: Bears
  12. IDP Rankings/Talk

    Very consistent high volume tackler, but not one for BIG plays like you might see from a Keuchley or Lavonte David type. I'd say Martinez is borderline elite.
  13. You don't think teams adjust their strategy based on player performance? Doesn't Breida get at least slightly more of a workload based on performance so far? He is leading the league in rushing yards for god's sake lol
  14. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    Sitting at a 50% timeshare now, but the Niners know what they have in Breida and the usage is bound to go up. Not sure if he'll ever be the bellcow given his smaller frame, but he will make the most of his carries and should be a nice RB2 ROS. Congrats to those who drafted him.
  15. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    I sold Bell last week in a 14 team 0.5 PPR for Ertz/Crowell. Happy to be rid of the headache.