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  1. Friggen Mookie...Starling...Baez...and now the child rapist Vazquez. Yay playoffs!! Oh yeah...and Boyd being a little bi*** too. Who’s next??
  2. An MRI taken Monday on Mookie Betts' ailing left foot showed only inflammation. That's great news, but Betts is not in the Red Sox starting lineup on Tuesday night against the Giants and it's unclear whether he will play again this season. The reigning AL MVP is sitting on a .918 OPS with 28 home runs, 78 RBI, 15 stolen bases, and 131 runs scored over 144 games. Mother f
  3. $200 entry fee...$5 every add...Winner take all...Runner up gets free entry into next season. Pots are approx. $2800 or so.
  4. Phantom IL stint. Brains of the operation wanted to limit his innings for the home stretch. He’s ready to rock!!
  5. Best Picks: Woodruff(rd 19)..Caleb Smith(rd 21)..Domingo German(rd 24) Worst Pick: Corey Knebel(rd 13) Best Add: Matt Boyd(March 28)..Yordan(May 1)..Hansel Robles(May 14) Worst Drop: Sonny Gray(April 3) Best Trade: na Worst Trade: Sent Trevor Story..Got Pauly Goldschit(Feb 23) **12 team..keep15**Round#1 is actually Round #16 after keepers are set.
  6. 90mph middle-middle. Nice pitch moron. What was the exit velocity on Acuna’s lead off beach ball??
  7. 2-2 with 2 walks and a dinger....ho hum.
  8. Not in the lineup today vs DeSclafani. He’s hitting .500 vs this scrub for career and can’t crack the starting 9. Boo!!
  9. Where’s Acuna? If Mookie is ahead of him in your league...the scoring format may need to be looked at in the offseason.
  10. 11th overall. Just after Mookie...before Baez.
  11. Hitting outta the 7 hole tonight...yikes!!!!
  12. Throughout my baseball career...we’ve always taken BP all the way back by the backstop. That made it 70+ feet from the mound. It was a blast throwing sliders and slurves that broke 3+ feet from that distance. It really helped once we saw live game action from 60’6” as pitchers. The catchers glove looked soooo close and accuracy came with ease. Not sure what 2’ will do. I do know if Randy Johnson threw his slider from 62’ away...there would’ve been guys jumping over the plate to get away.
  13. We all run like we’re 40 when all we have to do is trot around the bases.
  14. 1- Acuna 2- Yelich 3- Trout 4- Tatis Jr. 5- Lindor 6- Bellinger 7- Arenado 8- Bell 9- Story 10- Mookie 11- Yordan 12- Baez 13- Bregman 14- Freeman 15- Bryant