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  1. Smells fishy to me. Can’t veto...but watch these 2 owners in the future. Hopefully the entry fee wasn’t too steep. Just remember....karma comes around for shady folks like that.
  2. I'd keep Yelich/Nola aka 2019 NL MVP/NL Cy Young winners. Any chance of a counter offer? Attempt Machado+Altuve for Trout?
  3. Ask if he’s related to Chuck for us.
  4. I see. Strange he would be on it seeing as though he wasn’t keeper worthy until recently in a non dynasty situation. Especially 10 teamer.
  5. Who are the keepers on the team that had no room for Bregman?
  6. Been trying to unload this cheater in my dynasty ever since he got nailed for PED’s. I’m forced to start him as my #3 OF. (que violin) For some reason...he always seems to have a knack for a great week when my team is taking a dump.
  7. I’d trade back to #3 and grab Acuna. Demand someone’s 3rd rounder as compensation for the #1 pick. At’ll end up with Mookie and two 3rd round picks.
  8. Sent Trevor Story...Received Paul Goldschmidt. I lost sleep over this decision. I haven’t had a decent 1st baseman on my dynasty team since good ol Prince Fielder.
  9. Pretty sure he played 7 years in each park.
  10. Being afraid of pain in the left shoulder during the follow through handicaps the power stroke.
  11. They should just start their own league at this point. Lure all the talent away from these multi billionaire owners and re-create a “new” professional baseball spectacle. Baseball needs a re-boot. Leave the MLB to drown in it’s ridiculous rules and inability to move towards the future. Kinda reminds me of old oil tycoons. They know the earth is suffering from their behaviors....they just don’t give a f**k with the billions rolling in.
  12. If the price of a god damn hot dog and beer or...pretzel and a soda or...nachos with a friggen water for christ sakes, can decrease by 90%...then screw the players and their quarter billion dollar contracts. I remember the day, Kirby Puckett, signed a 3yr 9mil. The very next day, concessions went up alllll around the ballpark. My $1 cotton candy...was now $2.50. Someone should start a thread on how much things cost at different stadiums across the MLB. It is sooo out of control that I can’t even enjoy a live game anymore. Vendors going up and down the aisles yelling “ Cold beer...cold beer here”...for a split second my mouth waters and I think to myself...I want a beer. Then, I look at the stupid f’n button attached to the guys shirt, that’s making minimum wage, working harder than half the scrubs on the diamond, and it says “$11.50”. One stinkin watered down, lite, 16oz, little stronger than Aquafina, beer. PASS!!! These contracts are ruining the live experience. The higher they go...the more “we” have to pay. I know I have the option to not attend...but I really don’t. Baseball is ingrained into my way of life. When Puck made that catch in the top on the 9th against the plexiglass....then hit the walkoff homer in the bottom half to send it to #7. I was hooked. Good ol days. Now, a dad to 3 kids...we can’t get outta a game for less than $150. When I want to give them a “real ballpark experience”...close to the railing (up top)...all get our ‘own’ food...and drinks...Dad gets that $12 beer (.50 cent tip to the sweaty vendor)....$500. Half my mortgage for 1 stinkin game. Not even vs what they call a “premium home game” nowadays either. Joke.
  13. It would be more impressive if he wasn’t a switch hitter.
  14. I didn’t draft him. I traded for him week 5. Still won the chip with him as my RB2 behind Barkley.
  15. Need 2.1pts from Jared Cook in a half point ppr. Thank you Mahomes and Baldwin for coming through tonight. C'mon Santa...I need this.