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  1. Happ isn't going down guys. He's hitting and they are squeezing him in anywhere they can. Don't complicate things, Cubs arent.
  2. Super smart. Wait until he's claimed by someone else in your league.
  3. Felt sooooo good to get rid of him
  4. I just dropped him for Keon Broxton who is hot. He's literally a ratio killer right now. I'd much rather have the underrated Cesar Hernandez who has some pop speed and great obp.
  5. Totally sold. I just offered Correa in my keeper for him. This dude is going to hit 50. It's not warm yet, he's in a great ball park with terrible starting pitchers in the division. Oh yeah and he's a giant.
  6. Some fantasy players tell you never to punk categories but I feel like one everybody is floating Downstream trying two snag the same fish I'd like to dig and try a different approach. I hope nobody from my home league is reading haha.
  7. I should add that each year April is pretty Rocky for me. It takes me a few weeks to acclimate to the new middle relief Kings of ratio boosting. Once I load up on them in free agency it's smooth sailing. For instance someone just dropped Andrew Miller in my league. I am salivating right now.
  8. I've been filling my available spots with these kind of middle relief pitchers year after year. Pretty much giving up a chance to win strikeouts but I win all other ratios categories. At times I even win strikeouts. I'd rather load up on hitting. With this strategy you pretty much always win era and whip. Clearly you must adopt this philosophy prior to drafting so you could load up on bats. With the idea you will hopefully dominate in hitting and pick up era and whip.
  9. Talking holds . and I'm not saying he won't get saves but putting him in the class of Betances and Miller is extremely faulty logic.
  10. Betances and Miller are on teams that will be in ball games. They get the ball more often. I'm not saying he's not valuable. He'll help and ratios if he's middle relief or pick up a safe here and there but don't count on 40 saves. Believe me I am picking him up myself I just think he's different than those guys. If he was on a contender he would be an absolute no-brainer.
  11. Except he's on a terrible team
  12. Starting over Martin in ppr. He's good for at least 4 to 5+ rec and 40 to 50 receiving. Plus any work on the ground.
  13. I didn't see the game yesterday. How hurt is he?
  14. Exactly. That's my point. Why not take a lottery ticket. That's what it is a lottery. Who knows what will happen. What if a team trades for him? A team could have him play out wide and run a very limited route tree and I would throw him out there almost over anybody. I'll take the chance. Again it's not a big deal. I'll drop him next week if nothing comes of this. I'll then pick up another scrub that will sit on my bench.
  15. I'm pretty sure will know by the end of this week how will play out. I'd rather have him for free right now then have to pay everything left in my budget. Even if Sammy comes back his foot won't be the same. Same thing that happened to Julio and Dez. So if you want Sammy limping around in your playoffs go ahead.