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  1. I’m trading FOR him this is how buy lows work
  2. Cam is Bortles levels trash, CMC will have stack boxes going forward
  3. The Cardinals threw the ball almost 60 times. It was up-tempo. The lions were forced to play that way. Whoever plays the Cardinals every week are going to be in these fast tempo games. Try to play anyone against the Cardinals. More snaps and more plays.
  4. Nice good sign, people selling. Long season
  5. I think Monty is more like hints rookie year.
  6. Maybe the starting rb on the best offensive team? Opposing teams will be in sub packages (dimes, etc) with any rb on the chiefs with massive lanes. id imagine you’d need to go big to get McCoy
  7. I Yes exactly. he knows the system, won’t be long till he’s up to full speed. i think he will be the primary with Williams taking 3rd down and hurry ups. i can see a 60/40 split
  8. On the bright side Williams is much better at this point in his career then McCoy. So if you still have drafts Williams ADP well dropped big time.
  9. Don’t love the idea of Carson as my RB1
  10. I had this dude in every league last year. I have the first pick overall in a 10 team superflex league. so tempted to grab him. anyone take him high like that and how did your teams turn out?
  11. I’m not sure what forum to put this in Hi I was wondering from those with experience if you could help me. It’s the first time using this for our league. The owners in the Super Bowl asked how the payouts work. Hypothetically if the winner is allotted their pay out by me how soon typically will he see the winnings? How is it distributed? I see that there is an E check? How do you go about cashing this. I told them I would look into it. Thank you guys
  12. I need you tonight Curtis.Up by seven PPR and my opponent has Ingram.Only two players left to decide who moves on.