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  1. Dalvin Cook 2017 Season Outlook

  2. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Added him weeks ago. Where there's smoke there's fire the saying goes. It doesn't make sense to me why owners are so quick to stash handcuffs that are worthless and wide receivers that do not get Target's to be of value. Just pick him up and see if he's a thing and then drop him in a few weeks if he's not. If he is a thing you have a top-five talent. It's super simple.
  3. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    He's the best back on the team period. He fits Peyton's offense perfectly. If you're in a ppr if grab him pronto.
  4. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    I absolutely love this guy. I'm sure you could grab him in many leagues right now. In a PPR I would in a heartbeat. As weeks go by he's going to be a major factor. He's already more of a full whole point than Peterson work Ingram. He fits breeze. I not only think he is the best running back on the team right now I think he's going to be the primary back at one point.
  5. Alvin Kamara 2017 Season Outlook

    What? This is ridiculous. Analysis is tough and not for everyone.
  6. Dion Lewis 2017 Season Outlook

    Mike Hart @jumbohart Was on Sirius football today talking to John Hansen. John asked him besides Gillislee who is the running back two ohm tonight. He said Dion Lewis. Second best running back on the team.
  7. 2017 DST Sleeper Thread

    Took the chargers in every league. They'll be the top DST. Every year a new defense comes out of nowhere. They seem to be primed. They are great in all three levels of the D.
  8. Dalvin Cook 2017 Season Outlook

    Yeah makes him a handcuff
  9. Dalvin Cook 2017 Season Outlook

    Murray WILL be involved. Possibly grinding the game away as a hammer in the fourth quarter. Possibly some goal-line work. If you think he's going to be running from the 20 to the 20 you're crazy. At this point cook has shown to handle first and second downs and we sure as hell know he can do third-down work. They didn't think cook would fall to them so they played their cards signing Murray.
  10. Dalvin Cook 2017 Season Outlook

  11. Dalvin Cook 2017 Season Outlook

    Are people really arguing from Murray? Cook has ran away with this thing. The only question is goal-line and cook will have his fair share of touchdown receptions out of the flat. At this point in the PPR cook is a must-have. He has a floor of about five or six receptions a game at the very least. Giving him a 5 to 6 to 7 point floor to start. Everything on top of that is icing.
  12. Ian Happ 2017 Outlook

    Happ isn't going down guys. He's hitting and they are squeezing him in anywhere they can. Don't complicate things, Cubs arent.
  13. Keon Broxton 2017 Outlook

    Super smart. Wait until he's claimed by someone else in your league.
  14. Jason Kipnis 2017 Outlook

    Felt sooooo good to get rid of him