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  1. Who you think has better value next season, Myles or Collins?
  2. also include the passing of his sister during the playoffs, really amazed and respect how he's been able to keep it together. Definitely pulling for him to revive his career this season and get that Brinks truck next year
  3. Unless the Hawks flip Schroder, wouldn't be surprised to see a Trae/Lin backcourt, atleast for the first half of the season
  4. I hear ya. I just hope he's healthy enough to play upwards of 70+ games. His athleticism is crazy but he's sometimes very reckless. From the Mavs games I caught last season, I feel like he's a one dunk landing away from injury.
  5. Agreed. Perfect player for this current "small ball" style in NBA. If we're talking Fantasy, JJJ, as of right now, would be the best of the bunch for this season. 1/1/1 guy with possible C-eligibility that can probably be scooped up in the later rounds is fascinating
  6. JC is posting some really strong numbers so far this Summer League and seems like he's worked hard on his game this offseason. SL stats as of Jul 9: 24PPG/48% FG/8.5 RPG/1 BPG/1 SPG in 28MPG His post all star stats from last season in 28MPG: 11.3PPG/56%FG /8.1RPG/0.7SPG/0.8BPG/1.0TO What are some projections with Pierce as the new head coach and where are you targeting him this season? Top 50 value?