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  1. anyone starting Ryu vs NYM today? o/u is only 7.5 but mets favored with most of vegas betting on the Dodgers as of now.
  2. So I've been researching the predicted rankings for points leagues and there is a ton of discrepancy on where each player should be drafted inside the top 50. Here are some links that provide "expert" insight on who should be drafted where. Anybody have personal rankings they'd like to contribute to this thread? Are there players that you feel should be drafted top 50 that these threads don't include in their predictions? https://www.fantraxhq.com/2019-20-top-150-fantasy-basketball-points-league-rankings/ https://hashtagbasketball.com/fantasy-basketball-points-league-rankings https://www.espn.com/fantasy/basketball/story/_/id/26701339/way-too-early-2019-20-fantasy-hoops-points-ranks-no-1 https://www.fb-ninja.com/Ranking/
  3. Cant see this guy being left in any leagues FA pool after today. If he wasnt waivered for he should be rostered for free everywhere just based on Mixons injury. Even if Mixon plays this week whos to say his injury doesnt get worse? Bernard would instantly become an RB2 in basically all leagues. 99% of teams should have at least 1 bench guy who holds less value at this point. In my case Justice Hill seemed to be the most logical drop.
  4. anyone reading that he might get big repercussions for video taping Gruden without his consent? https://www.tmz.com/2019/09/09/antonio-brown-phone-recording-jon-gruden-oakland-raiders/
  5. hmm. i like it. is he expected to pitch sunday as well?
  6. is anyone actually confident that greene runs away with the job? or do we believe Melancon gets the next crack?
  7. Ya I feel you. I'm thinking of offering Alshon Jeffery. Having a hard time pulling the trigger.
  8. I'm not sure why you're regretting that trade. I actually really like it for you. A lot.
  9. You really dont see how trading for AB could potentially do great things for your team? Im assuming the back up TE comment was sarcasm?
  10. Just curious as to what roster moves were made around the leagues involving AB in the past 2 days. As an AB owner in one league I'm curious as to who I can get for him as of today. In my other league, I'm oddly thinking of buying. The risk/reward situation here is huge. Anyways - who did you give up/get in return in your recent AB trades?