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  1. This is all armchair analysis - i'm not a sports scientist... but I guess my point is that if he isn't well conditioned and his muscles are tight, I would think hamstring pulls like that one aren't going to be rare events. I would expect them to happen frequently through the season for someone who isn't in good enough shape to play a full MLB season.
  2. He needs to build his leg strength up. If he goes to the DL and comes back I think legs are going to be killing him again in a couple of weeks. I still think it's an overall stamina/endurance issue not an explicit injury issue. I said this over 2 weeks ago in this thread but no one was buying it. Looks like I could have had it right, as that's exactly what the Brewer's commentators were calling it yesterday on their broadcast. Poorer conditioning preparation in Korea, less teams and less travelling - less strain on the legs and the body in general. I don't know what the solution is. It takes a while to build up your endurance and stamina. Think of it like training for a marathon.
  3. anyone starting Lackey 2nite
  4. Looks like he will get a QS but there wasn't anything quality about this start
  5. He's infuriating to watch. Close to the top in all of MLB in full counts.
  6. Yu "at least 5 full counts a game" Darvish
  7. Full slate of games. Let us baseball.
  8. I must be in the best possible league format for this dude. Roto with IP as a category, and a GS limit instead of an IP limit. Rosters have 2 P, 2RP, and 2SP slots. I have 4 closers and I put Devenski in an SP slot for the ratio boost + IP boost. I drafted him and Phelps in like the 18th/19th rounds just because of how good they are in that format
  9. I wanna like this guy but after he walked someone today that was the last straw for me. Totally unacceptable - I want my SPs to go full months without walking anyone.
  10. Awful command by Hill in that inning but an even worse strike zone. Like holy s--- there had to be over 5 missed strikes, maybe 10 - in that INNING
  11. I'm dead last in QS and this is my first time starting Berrios - so don't expect a QS.
  12. did dis dude just did dis?
  13. Not pleased at all - reason I went for Trea in Roto was he could get me a large amount of steals without tanking my AVG/OBP like players like Billy Hamilton, Jarrod Dtson, etc are said to do. That's why he was worth the high price tag for me and looks like I was duped so far. It's really hard to win or even compete in the OBP/AVG category when you have someone you are starting everyday with an OBP of 0.265, 8th worst in baseball of all qualified hitters.
  14. I'm in a roto league with a GS limit that also has IP as a category. He's absolute money there because he has SP eligibility and doesn't make starts.
  15. is he going to get sent down to AAA? This is pretty bad