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  1. Sorry if this was discussed recently ITT, but is there any consensus on the LAA closer situation? Is Norris expected to retain the closer role when Bedrosian returns?
  2. Isn't that the very definition of a break-out? At some point you have to accept a guy in his prime years isn't going to regress to his old numbers and has rebuilt himself entirely.
  3. He's ranked #2 in my league with SLG
  4. Top 1 SS ROS
  5. Just look at his home/road splits. He has a FIP of 2.5 at home or something ridiculous, 6.5+ on the road. It's really that simple.
  6. How many players with an avg 2nd round value have had an OBP south of 0.300? Ever?
  7. His home road splits are like nothing i've ever seen. Complete BEAST at Safeco.
  8. Cozart has been better than Turner in almost all facets. It's amazing I can have a roster of guys like Goldy/Sano/Conforto and get crushed in OBP because of my 2nd round pick
  9. When 60% of your PAs end in one of the 3 true outcomes youre bound to go on little streaks like that
  10. Out for 2nd day in a row. Is he hurt?
  11. This is all armchair analysis - i'm not a sports scientist... but I guess my point is that if he isn't well conditioned and his muscles are tight, I would think hamstring pulls like that one aren't going to be rare events. I would expect them to happen frequently through the season for someone who isn't in good enough shape to play a full MLB season.
  12. He needs to build his leg strength up. If he goes to the DL and comes back I think legs are going to be killing him again in a couple of weeks. I still think it's an overall stamina/endurance issue not an explicit injury issue. I said this over 2 weeks ago in this thread but no one was buying it. Looks like I could have had it right, as that's exactly what the Brewer's commentators were calling it yesterday on their broadcast. Poorer conditioning preparation in Korea, less teams and less travelling - less strain on the legs and the body in general. I don't know what the solution is. It takes a while to build up your endurance and stamina. Think of it like training for a marathon.
  13. anyone starting Lackey 2nite
  14. Looks like he will get a QS but there wasn't anything quality about this start
  15. He's infuriating to watch. Close to the top in all of MLB in full counts.