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  1. Anyone buying low on Verlander?
  2. Diaz owners take heed:
  3. M's just optioned Mike Freeman to AAA, so looks like Segura will be activated tomorrow.
  4. Chris Welsh on the Reds broadcast just said Barnes is the closer for MIL. Lol speculate away!
  5. Anyone want to set a line for whether or not Thames gets popped for PEDs this season? Wonder what type of action I could get. 10 to 1? If it's such a sure thing...
  6. Honest Q's (haven't seen many of his HRs): 1. How many of his homers are off of the fastball; and 2. Has anyone tried throwing him nothing but fastballs
  7. As long as the Brewers keep playing the Reds, i'm sure Thames will hit 80 homeruns
  8. He wasn't going to pitch 200 innings this year anyway. If this just means he missed one or two more starts during the year than at the end, so be it.
  9. all aboard
  10. 4 rehab appearances for Capps now. Any updates on when he rejoins the team?
  12. Thinking he meant to put Thames and Souza in sell high category
  13. What's his best-case position in the batting order? Can he make his way up to 5th?
  14. He gets Phil Hughes tomorrow... I'm picking him up fully expecting a big game