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  1. ok invite
  2. Owner here

    same here almost exact same except draft must be today or tomorrow
  3. Can you explain the 2 closer rule more. How is it enforced?
  4. Requirements: -ESPN -Between $20 and $50 buyin -Must use leaguesafe -Snake draft -Redraft (non-keeper)
  5. Potentially just filled but not saying it's full until all are in and paid. So taking reserves for now.
  6. PAYOUTS $700 - First place $300 - Second place $100 - Third place $100 - Regular season winner Would you like an invite?
  7. Bump! 12 man league and all 11 have paid and are ready. We just need that last person!
  8. I notice you guys are quite a ways from filling up. If you decide to postpone, would any of you be interested in joining my league? It is similar and we have 1 empty slot. Draft is today at 3pm.
  9. How about one today? (1 slot left so don't blame me for asking!!!)