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  1. His low TD rate is also somewhat affected by having AP leading the league in rushing TDs in 2015, and Bridgewater's own 3 rushing TDs. It's not as if he lead the least productive offense in recent history. For fantasy purposes I doubt Teddy will have much interest outside of 2 QB leagues though, I can agree with that.
  2. My point is in reference to Kamara's fantasy success, not overall team success. For fantasy purposes I could care less what the Saints' record is over the next few weeks. Vikings also had a top 5 rushing offense with Bridgwater at QB. Vikings had a solid o-line and Bridgewater was able to keep teams honest enough that AP could go to work. That's really all this is about - should AK owners panic that Bridgewater will be so bad AK's value in fantasy will tank? History would tell us no, and that if Payton can focus more on the run this could still be a top rushing offense.
  3. I'm not going to argue that Bridgewater is a good QB, but I think he's definitely a wild card. He's for sure a down grade, but how much of one we'll find out over the next couple weeks. Like where does this stat come from about him being 33/36 worst TD to pass ratio? That's a bit of an obscure one. Why is it based on 36 QB's? And over what time frame? If he is 33rd in the league then that still makes him pretty much tops among backup QB's. He's also not your typical "career backup". He was a starter as a rookie in 2014, and then started again in 2015, and led the Vikings to an 11-5 record in 2015. Then in 2016 his leg pretty much broke clean in half, and after a lengthy recovery he landed in New Orleans as Brees' backup. Where Payton seems to like him enough that he's paying him $7 million a year to be the backup. Like I said, I don't think Bridgewater will be great. But I also think your view of him is a little off - we're not talking about Nathan Peterman here. Bridgewater in 2015 was a game manager who had some legs, but mostly deferred to AP and the ground game. That's all he needs to be again in 2019.
  4. Do you think it will take Payton a whole off-season worth of time to decide he has to call more running plays and fewer passing plays with his backup QB? I'm guessing there's plenty of plays already in the playbook to call Kamara's number on. He already has a whole set of gimmick plays for Hill that they run sporadically, now he might just have to try it more rapid-fire. I'd also think an NFL coaching staff is pretty poor if they haven't at least somewhat prepared ahead of time for "what if our star QB and the player this whole offense is built around gets hurt?". Do we think if Barkley got hurt that his team (who spent the whole off season planning to feature him) would then need to give Wayne Gallman 30 touches a game and require months of planning to re-jig their game plan? New Orleans still has a top-3 OL in the NFL, and they still have a top-3 RB in Kamara. That's a lot more than most NFL offenses have - I think a 'genius' like Sean Payton can do the math on this one.
  5. Titans' WR snap rates: Corey Davis - 74% Week 1, 83% Week 2 Adam Humphries - 36% Week 1, 57% Week 2 Tajae Sharpe - 49% Week 1, 53% Week 2 AJ Brown - 43% Week 1, 45% Week 2
  6. Some positives and negatives coming out of the game yesterday, but I think the good outweighs the bad in this case. 99 yards on 12 carries is very good. You can say "yeah but without the 51 yard run it was a bad day," but that's what people said about Barkley most of last year too. This game was also one boneheaded Derek Carr pass in the redzone away from possibly being a big one for Jacobs. If he hadn't have thrown that INT at the goal line, and instead say it was just incomplete, Jacobs could have easily walked out of there with a TD to add to his stat line, and it would have been an 11 point game in the 3rd quarter, which would have at least theoretically kept the Raiders and Jacobs in the game. The lack of targets is troubling for sure, but hopefully after seeing Richard and Washington do very little with what they were given, Gruden will smarten up and start using his most talented RB. This game also exposed again how crummy of a QB Carr is, and will hopefully reinforce to Gruden that he needs to make this a run-first ground and pound offense. This was also their worst matchup of the year, aside from when they play KC one more time (at least worst game script for Jacobs). There will be some tough D's in the schedule, but if the games stay close then Jacobs will get his fair share of work. Minnesota got torched by Aaron Jones this week, and if the Raiders are smart they will feed Jacobs early and often.
  7. I've seen the "4 turnovers" hyped up a lot from Week 1, but what most sources don't report is that the 2 INT's were both off receivers' hands. Pretty hard to fault a QB if it hits a WR in the hands. Also what is a "forbidding" matchup? Do they mean foreboding? Do they have Ricky from Trailer Park Boys writing there now? I'm all in for that Week 4 matchup vs the Pats, they are going to have to let Allen really toss it to try and keep up.
  8. He definitely seems to pass the eye test. Albeit against a pretty weak D, but he looks very composed and confident out there. He's not just flinging jump-balls or taking off running at the drop of a hat. He's going through his reads and finding open receivers, and making all the throws. When he sees a big hole or things completely break down he can scramble for lots of positive yardage. Very dangerous with his legs around the goal line. At the start of the year I thought he would be someone that looks like a young and inexperienced QB, but has the arm strength and legs to gain some ugly fantasy points. What I've seen though is much better than expected, an actual decent QB. If anything there were a couple big plays that his WR/TE's should have had, as the passes were great, but just so hard that the ball went right through their hands.
  9. Targets this week were split pretty evenly between Davis, Walker, and Brown (and Brown did the least of the three with his targets). With a three-way split in targets on a pretty low volume passing attack, could be difficult to put up meaningful numbers. Also Week 3 is TNF vs. the Jaguars, who just did a good job of shutting down DeShaun Watson. Short term outlook is not great.
  10. Not to mention the Rams' defense is a pretty tough one to come in against to get your feet wet. Should be easier sledding for sure with a week of practice and preparing, against a bit of an easier defense.
  11. Agreed, Payton will have to go back to the drawing board a little and figure out how to get Kamara much more involved. I know they were playing from behind a lot, but Kamara only being targeted 3 times is criminal. With Bridgewater coming into the game only down 3 points, you would think the easiest way to get him in the groove is have him feed some easy, short passes to Kamara and let him do the rest. I think Payton is too intelligent to not have this resurrected for next week. Especially with Teddy struggling, emphasizing the ground game and short passes will be key. This is true, but it also doesn't seem to have much of a negative effect on someone like Barkley. He's arguably the most obvious offensive focal point in the league, with next to no offensive weapons around him, and he still puts up numbers. Kamara is plenty talented enough, Payton is a good enough game planner, and the OL and rest of the offense around him is good enough, that I don't foresee teams being able to just stop him at will because he's expected to get the ball more. Efficiency will probably drop, but touches should increase to offset that in fantasy.
  12. What is this "too hyped" non-sense? Some sort of personal reverse-psychology? Or you think Josh Allen is listening to fantasy blogs and getting too self confident in how he's going to tear up the Giants? No need to overthink it - the matchup is good. Unless you have a stud QB, then you should be starting him.
  13. He didn't do that this week, but I would say Rivera in general has been a very good thing for CMC. Not many coaches that will ride any player for 320+ touches, or play a RB every snap in this RBBC landscape. Even with last night's turd, CMC is still on pace for 376 touches this year! Which clearly isn't even a realistic number. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would be worried about a coaching change. It would be very hard to see any other coach feeding CMC the volume he currently gets (especially if it turned into a lost season).
  14. Positives: - Samuel got 13 targets, which was only 1 less than Moore - He had great routes and separation all night - Connected on one long one Negatives: - It took 51 Newton pass attempts to get those 13 targets, which isn't going to happen often. TB D did a great job of taking away the run game / CMC, forcing Newton to air it out and try to make throws. - Only caught 5 of them, which was almost completely due to Cam's inability to get the ball to Samuel anywhere in a catchable radius - Samuel's big play ability looked extremely hampered by Cam not being able to accurately throw a deep ball. Had one long 44 yard play, and the rest of the completions were much shorter routes where Newton could only be somewhat inaccurate. Overall I think what others have said is accurate - Samuel could be a WR1/2 right now, but he won't reach that ceiling with Newton's limitations and inaccuracy. I think Cam throwing 50+ times is an outlier, and I also think CMC's lack of involvement / effectiveness is an outlier. Most weeks you're likely to see 35-40 pass attempts, with 10-12 of those going to CMC. That likely leaves Samuel with 7-8 targets a game average (barring injuries to others), and if Cam can only hit him on 40-50% of those, the upside will really be capped, unfortunately.