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  1. I'd happily sell, but I really doubt anybody is interested. What a complete turd this guy has been. I'm sure there'll be some positive regression, but I no longer have the confidence I had on draft day.
  2. I just picked him up. His numbers vs LHP so far this year are ridiculous, which is a nice surprise. Then he sits vs a lefty the first time I start him. Obviously he won't keep destroying lefties, but if he can be adequate in that regard, he can be a top-75 hitter in that park & lineup. I do think he'll be streaky, he always has. I plan to start him only when he has most of his games at home.
  3. No way this week. I need to see a solid start before putting him back in.
  4. I have a player coming off the DL next week, and Hosmer is my first in line to cut. He's just not that good, and although ranked around 1B #10, his production is WW-caliber. A first basement who hits almost all ground balls has no upside.
  5. As a Tomas owner, I wouldn't. Tomas is batting 5th on possibly the most potent lineup in the league, and will hit 30+ dingers. Dahl is a bit of an unknown right now.
  6. All 4 walks were in the first 3 innings, he seemed to settle down in the 4th. He was at 92 pitches after 5, then only had to throw 7 pitches in the 6th inning.Overall, I'm encouraged by the start and I think Ray will be much closer to his potential than he was last year. I'd like to see a 7-inning start with <3 walks from him before I call him more than a SP5.
  7. I'm starting him. Both starts this week are vs the Dodgers who are terrible vs lefties. I foresee a QS for Ray in both games.
  8. I need to see another start before pulling the trigger. He's a 2-starter next week, so barring an implosion tonight, he'll start for me then.
  9. I just got him as the 18th SP off the board.
  10. I grabbed him in the 20th round of a 12-teamer as my SP8. Hoping for potential SP5 numbers.
  11. He's the #9 1B in my league right now. He's started putting up numbers on the road too.
  12. Arrieta hit a double and tried to score on a single by LaStella. He was called safe at the plate, giving the Cubs a 2-1 lead. But replay review showed he was out, and you know what happened from there...
  13. Decimated by injuries, much of my main team is WW guys. I've been lucky to nab all these guys, who've all been top-10 WW pickups. Story Napoli Duvall Danny Duffy AJ Ramos Castellanos Justin Turner Kendrys
  14. Well that was fast...
  15. Rookie record at the break is 21, by Pujols. I have a feeling Story will tie it.