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  1. I am going without a TE this week due to a bye week, because OJ Howard is the best available & I can't justify cutting a bench player for his 4-5 points. That's how bad he is.
  2. I really think having Duke Williams instead of Zay Jones will help Allen's TD #s & completion %. Zay was completely useless this year, dropping passes, not fighting for contested balls, and not getting open enough- he caught only 7 of 18 targets this year. Replacing that with a red zone threat & a guy who can win jump balls is a boon.
  3. Nope. Zay had 7 catches in 5 games with Buffalo this year. Beasley is phenomenal at getting open from the slot, but he rarely gets anything over the top. He also gets caught from behind more than I'd like. I think he'll get 5 TDs or so.
  4. Brown is on-pace for 90 catches & 1250 yards, and is yet to catch a deep ball. You aren't finding that in a WW replacement.
  5. Well the Raiders needed a warm body at WR2, and Zay is much better than what they had. That said, he's struggled to get open, had issues with poor routes, and drop issues. He fell out of favor in Buffalo at first due to the drops, his catch % last year was worst in the league. This year, he's still had dropsies & a low catch %, but his unwillingness to go after & fight for contested balls was the last straw that got him replaced by Duke Williams. I think a change of scenery will be good for him, but I doubt he'll be anything but a potential bye week filler as the 3rd option in Oakland.
  6. After the bye, I think we'll probably see another game where he's the change-of-pace RB. But it is against Miami, so he could get a lot of work in the 2nd half. He'll take over as the workhorse soon after.
  7. Knox got hurt early in camp, so he missed most of it & ALL of the preseason. He is rounding into form early in the season. As a rookie who had 0 touchdowns in his college career & was severly under-utilized due to AJ Brown & DK Metcalf drawing most of the targets, he was drafted in the 3rd round based on his amazing atheltic profile, and that's starting to show. He's also a very good blocker, which keeps him on the field, and should make Kroft irrelevent (if he's ever healthy). I think by midseason, he'll be really rolling.
  8. My main concern is that Carr sucks balls on the road. His bad passes & INTs constantly kill drives, forcing a game script that doesn't allow the Raiders to feature Jacobs. I'm still leaning toward starting him, but only because my other options aren't too good either.
  9. He has been thrown zero deep balls this year. That was his thing when he played for the Cardinals & Ravens, but the Bills are using him for the whole route tree. If anything, his value will go way up once they start targeting him deep.
  10. Brown had a great first half. Buffalo couldn't sustain drives in the 2nd half, due to some idiotic playcalling at times, & a fumble. The emergence of Knox, who missed virtually all of camp, is eating into the target distribution. Brian Daboll, Bills OC, is from the Patriots line, and he likes to spread the ball all over. Brown isn't a true #1 WR in their offense, but he's by far the best Buffalo guy to have in fantasy. He'll remain a solid WR3, with some weeks more like a WR2.
  11. I don't think I've even seen a rookie QB who was not highly drafted look this good. He has a chance to be the best QB from the 2019 class.
  12. Houston has to get a goal line rushing TD at some point, right? I can see Hyde having a couple 2 TD games, but it's gonna be really hard to predict when that'll be.
  13. Cincy has a bottom-5 O-line, and they face a top-5 D in Buffalo. I'd stay away.
  14. Bills message board is speculating it was just a cramp.
  15. I still have hope for the season, but no way can you start him on a short week after that. His 3rd INT was the worst decision I've seen a QB make in years, just horrendous. If you have any viable backup, you have to start him this week. I'm deciding between Rivers & Allen.