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  1. Michael Conforto 2017 Outlook

    Conforto faces 5 LHPs this week. I don't expect him to get back to hitting until next week.
  2. Jason Vargas 2017 Outlook

    I keep waiting for him to turn back into a pumpkin, and starting turds like Lance Lynn & Danny Duffy over him. I guess it's time to believe in Vargas.
  3. Yasmany Tomas 2017 Outlook

    He's been about what I expected, an OF3. I'm gonna sit him this week & ride out the cold streak, but he'll heat up again soon.
  4. Travis Shaw 2017 Outlook

    I sat him this week due to the hand injury. Ooops Batting behind Thames & Braun, he seems like a lock for 100+ RBIs if healthy.
  5. Jonathan Lucroy 2017 Outlook

    I'd happily sell, but I really doubt anybody is interested. What a complete turd this guy has been. I'm sure there'll be some positive regression, but I no longer have the confidence I had on draft day.
  6. Travis Shaw 2017 Outlook

    I just picked him up. His numbers vs LHP so far this year are ridiculous, which is a nice surprise. Then he sits vs a lefty the first time I start him. Obviously he won't keep destroying lefties, but if he can be adequate in that regard, he can be a top-75 hitter in that park & lineup. I do think he'll be streaky, he always has. I plan to start him only when he has most of his games at home.
  7. Kyle Hendricks 2017 Outlook

    No way this week. I need to see a solid start before putting him back in.
  8. Eric Hosmer 2017 Outlook

    I have a player coming off the DL next week, and Hosmer is my first in line to cut. He's just not that good, and although ranked around 1B #10, his production is WW-caliber. A first basement who hits almost all ground balls has no upside.
  9. Drop Yasmany Tomas for Dahl?

    As a Tomas owner, I wouldn't. Tomas is batting 5th on possibly the most potent lineup in the league, and will hit 30+ dingers. Dahl is a bit of an unknown right now.
  10. Robbie Ray 2017 Outlook

    All 4 walks were in the first 3 innings, he seemed to settle down in the 4th. He was at 92 pitches after 5, then only had to throw 7 pitches in the 6th inning.Overall, I'm encouraged by the start and I think Ray will be much closer to his potential than he was last year. I'd like to see a 7-inning start with <3 walks from him before I call him more than a SP5.
  11. Robbie Ray 2017 Outlook

    I'm starting him. Both starts this week are vs the Dodgers who are terrible vs lefties. I foresee a QS for Ray in both games.
  12. Lance Lynn 2017 Outlook

    I need to see another start before pulling the trigger. He's a 2-starter next week, so barring an implosion tonight, he'll start for me then.
  13. Carlos Carrasco 2017 Outlook

    I just got him as the 18th SP off the board.
  14. Tyler Skaggs 2017 Outlook

    I grabbed him in the 20th round of a 12-teamer as my SP8. Hoping for potential SP5 numbers.