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  1. He needed 1 more OF start to be OF-eligible in CBS, and he played 3B yesterday... Oh well, next week it is.
  2. Guys go on the 7-day Concussion DL all the time, and come back right where they left off. I see no reason to think Conforto will have lasting effects from this.
  3. No link, but a few days ago I read from some Seattle sports writer that this week, both starts would be regular starts (5/13 & 5/19). I'd assume his next start after that is in jeopardt of being a short one.
  4. He's still hitting/throwing daily & facing live pitching. You guys act like he has a new injury now. The only thing we're waiting on is a return timeline.
  5. Bell is now the #6 scoring hitter in my league, not bad for a guy you probably grabbed off the WW. Don't like his matchups this week, but he's way too hot to sit.
  6. Only 5 games this week & 3 of them are vs Lefties. I still really like Dahl but benching is a no-brainer this week.
  7. Anybody else worried about starting him vs Washington next start? He got lit up by them twice early this season.
  8. He K'd 13x this past week, that's absurd. It seems his most common statline is 0-4 with a BB & 2 Ks. I'm holding & benching, don't want to miss out if he repeats last year. I dropped him about this time last year, and luckily was able to get him back a few weeks later.
  9. You would honestly question somebody cutting Shaw for Chavis or K Marte? Sure, Shaw will evnetually come around to a degree, but I don't see any way he has a shot at being a top 10-12 2B. I struggled with the decicision, but cut him for Chavis in a 12-team with very small bench. If there's a stud in the making available, you can't wait & lose out on him by hanging on to a guy that's falling off a cliff.
  10. I dropped him 2 weeks ago in a competitive 12-teamer, still sitting there. CBS oddly has him projected as the #9 scoring 1B this week. There is zero reason to hang on.
  11. I can't see how you could hang on to him over guys you could replace him with like Dozier, Walker, J Bell, or heck even Smoak at this point. I cut him last week, I felt if I wated any longer, there wouldn't be any alternatives left on the WW.
  12. Mancini is a candidate for pick-up of the year so far, and is showing no signs of slowing down. 3rd in MLB in hits thru 15% of the season is nothing to scoff at. The RBI & Runs opportunities are limited by the supporting cast, but he's a top-40 bat. I'm also surprised he's not getting much mention.
  13. He's an easy bench this week with only 5 games & vs tough SPs, but the arrow is pointing up. A guy with 35HR upside in a good offense is something to hang on to.
  14. Subpar week, but I think he's still a (barely) top-10 SS. That offense is so potent, he has tons of opportunities to produce.
  15. I would've like to see him pitch the 7th, came out at only 89 pitches. Hopefully he'll go deeper as the season goes on.