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  1. Anyone know if his velo is still sitting around 97?
  2. Any news on Jansen and his heart? Can we draft him safely knowing he is fully recovered?
  3. Muncy Shaw Moustakas Such good values. Roster flexibility they offer is a plus.
  4. To get quality information and reasonable conjectures. Not to hear people complain about Black/Rockies management system or people saying he HAS to win the job since McMahon already flopped after a great spring last year. -Hampson owner with no McMahon share
  5. Nice. Roberts say anything about him sitting out vs LHP?
  6. Kike will be playing 2B. Whats happening to this guy then?
  7. He has great speed and all but McMahon can hit too and he has power. Speed isn't valued in real life as much as in fantasy unfortunately.
  8. Shaw and Mous. They are both underrated as hell.
  9. Looking at the numbers, he's the real deal. But Dave Roberts seem to be one of those guy that loves platooning and changing around batting order on a daily basis. So Yes, for me there is a concern that he doesn't get full 600 AB irrespective of that fact that he looks great at the plate.
  10. He's also a 2-pitch pitcher so won't be pitching deep into the games. I think that's how it worked out in '17 as well.
  11. Pretty much what I think. Although he didn't get as much 'boost' as we expected last year since arriving at Mil but since he's there from the start now for full-time and season, I hope he can take advantage of the better environment.
  12. Is Mejia a better play over Hedges? Rosterresource has Hedge as their primary guy.
  13. Is Robertson the closer? Or is he in a committee with Dominguez?
  14. He has a decent statcast profile from my memory. He sure can crushed the ball but he's got a rather weak discipline and I get the feeling that Jays hate him for some reason.
  15. You may be right or you may not but Im curious where you are getting this idea from? Anything to back it up or you just like his swing mechanic?