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  1. Grab mudiay while you can
  2. Geronimo Allison 2018 Outlook

    More like high-end WR3 or low-end WR2. People are getting waaaayyy too ahead of themselves
  3. Cooper Kupp 2018 Outlook

    LOL that should be my name too haha
  4. Hyun-Jin Ryu 2018 Outlook

    Ofc.. its the padres
  5. Andrew Heaney 2018 Outlook

    Losing in my h2h final. No other choice :/ plus the above post.. ?
  6. Yasiel Puig 2018 Outlook

    Def gon be benched soon and won't move up the lineup. Also 5 bombs in 2 games is too much. He can't still be hot rest of the year can he? (gamblers fallacy lol)
  7. Johan Camargo 2018 Outlook

    I'm still holding him. He's getting 7 day homestand next week and he rakes at home
  8. Johan Camargo 2018 Outlook

    Any news on his status? Think he'll be back by next week?
  9. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    At least we can ride him til end of the coors series. Also finally a SB
  10. Kyle Gibson 2018 Outlook

    I am. Yankees havent been as scary on the road recently. Maybe it’s the absence of Judge/Stanton struggling.. Nonetheless, ?
  11. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options

    Beiber by a mile, but Im forced to go Urena :/
  12. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    For me who's in the PO semi, I'm ready to cut him for any hot bat. Only reason I'm holding him is b/c his home split is better than his away. Next week he's getting 7 games at home against CWS and MIN. They aren't as bad as BAL pitching but I still think they're bad..
  13. Waiver Wire - Streaming Options

    I like Barria and Urena next week. Musgrove is there too if available. He goes against Cards and Brew so could be riskier BUT its not like the other two arent risk free either lol. Just gon hit or miss.. Good luck to all of us in PO!!
  14. Luis Severino 2018 Outlook

    I dont even know what to do anymore.. Guys straight busting PO for us I havent heard anything really.. is it an injury, mechanical issue or just fatigue of some sort..