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  1. Trout for Lindor

    No way. Why would you even consider this? Trout is worth a LOT more.
  2. Keeper Pickup Help

    I expect Happ to resign and Sheffield is unproven. I’d go with Alcantara.
  3. Trout Trade WHIR

    No. This is too little for Trout.
  4. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    Acuna. He’s proven in the Majors and Vlad is not.
  5. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    I know what you mean, he’s an elite prospect and yes he could be great, but we don’t know. With Acuna we at least know that he can hit Major League pitching at an elite level for his age.
  6. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    His batting line at 20 years old is far from mediocre. Most players his age can’t hit at all in the Majors at that age. He showed power and an ability to hit. No offense but the second paragraph is written by someone who is an amateur. There’s really no other way to say it. Are you really telling me his Minor league stats as proof that he’s going to do well in the Majors? Are you really claiming that Buxton wasn’t seen as a can’t miss prospect? Are you seriously comparing Vlad to Trout? Here’s the thing, how any player does against Minor League pitching is not in any way evidence of what he’ll do against Major League pitching. Look at it this way if you play with Little Leaguers and hit a home run each at bat, it’s not evidence that you’re going to play just as good against AA Minor Leaguers. There’s a reason why they’re called “prospects”. Let‘s look at a dictionary: pros·pect 1. the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring. 2. a person regarded as likely to succeed or as a potential customer, client, etc. A person who is “likely” to succeed. The higher rated the prospect, the more likely he is to succeed, but notice how it’s notva guarantee. Vlad could be a total bust, he could also be an annual MVP, or be somewhere in the middle. No one knows how he’ll do. We can assume that he’ll be good, but we still don’t know. In what bizarro world does someone think that it’s hard to decide whether a 20 year old who hits Major League pitching extremely well for his age is not automatically better than a player who has never even played in the Majors?
  7. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    And how many hits does Vlad have in the Majors? How about can’t miss hitting prospects like “the next Miguel Cabrera” Jesus Montero? Is Byron Buxton a superstar? Delmon Young was a 5 Tool annual MVP as projected right? Until Vlad proves that he can hit in the Majors, he’s not even in the same ballpark as Acuna or Soto. I don’t understand why people assume that a top prospect is guaranteed to work out.
  8. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    Acuna proved that he can play in the Majors, Vlad did not. End of story. No such thing as a cant miss prospect.
  9. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    Vlad has 0 games. We don’t know how he’ll do in the Majors. There is no such thing as a can‘t miss prospect.
  10. Trea Turner 4 Gleyber/Edwin keeper WHIR

    Don’t do it.

    Definitely starting pitching.
  12. Byron Buxton 2018 Outlook

    I don’t think it’ll happen at all. He’s a bust plain and simple.
  13. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    He’s 20 years old, don’t overreact. He was rated higher than Vlad as a prospect and has already proved that he can hit in the Majors, even if not at an all-star level so far. Vlad is unproven, no matter how high a prospect is rated he’s still a prospect until he proves he can play at the ML level.
  14. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    You’d rather have an unproven player over one who proved that he can play at the ML level and is expected to be better?
  15. Other owner wants Bryce...what should I ask for? WHIR

    This. Whit/Carp together for Bryce isn’t enough and he won’t move them. It’s clear that you’re dealing with someone who isn’t very reasonable and is trying to buy low. Hold.