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  1. Byron Buxton 2018 Outlook

    I don’t think it’ll happen at all. He’s a bust plain and simple.
  2. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    He’s 20 years old, don’t overreact. He was rated higher than Vlad as a prospect and has already proved that he can hit in the Majors, even if not at an all-star level so far. Vlad is unproven, no matter how high a prospect is rated he’s still a prospect until he proves he can play at the ML level.
  3. Acuna for vlad jr swap

    You’d rather have an unproven player over one who proved that he can play at the ML level and is expected to be better?
  4. Other owner wants Bryce...what should I ask for? WHIR

    This. Whit/Carp together for Bryce isn’t enough and he won’t move them. It’s clear that you’re dealing with someone who isn’t very reasonable and is trying to buy low. Hold.
  5. Deadline deal

    This is a horrible trade for you. The difference between Torres and Yelich’s home run power and Pollock and Springer’s is not that big. It’s certainly not enough to downgrade from Scherzer to Thor.
  6. Would you trade Acuna and for who? WHIR

    That’s true, I’m doing that already.

    Neither one. Maybe Calhoun as he has more potential at this point. Sano is a low average power hitter with nothing else to offer, which is basically a waiver wire player.
  8. Y. Gurriel for Pham

    No, he’s trying to buy low for a reason.
  9. Hoskins is a waiver wire player masquerading as something better. He’s no different than Mark Trumbo or Chris Davis really. This is a steal for you. I have no idea why some people rate Hoskins so highly, he was never a top prospect, is a low average hitter, doesn’t steal bases, and only offers power. He’s literally less valuable than each of the players in the deal by themselves.
  10. Torres or Rendon? WHIR

  11. Which Pitcher to trade for? WHIR

    I own both Folty and Skaggs and would go for Folty. I really believe that he’s a legit ace. Carrasco is too streaky. Thanks for the help in my thread.
  12. Would you trade Acuna and for who? WHIR

    Thanks guys. I didn’t mean that I was dropping Acuna for Hamilton, it was supposed to be separate but anyway I think I’ll just hold for now.
  13. Would you trade Acuna and for who? WHIR

    It‘s a regular Roto just for one year. You’re right it’s hard to figure out what his value is.
  14. Trade for Altuve? (WHIR!)

    This. It’s worth a shot.
  15. Trout

    You could offer but I wouldn’t trade Trout for either package. Rizzo/Albies/Kershaw would be the start.