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  1. Your pitching is pretty weak to be honest.
  2. Easy choices: Porcello, Betances, Walker, Anibal, Peacock, Gio
  3. Posey for Murphy makes sense, Votto for Vogelbach not so much.
  4. Glad to help and glad you accepted, it’s definitely a win for you. The other owner definitely made a rash decision with the Giolito trade.
  5. You’re giving up a lot, but it’s Trout so I think I’d do it. Yelich for Altuve/Giolito is a steal for the one getting Yelich.
  6. Yes easily. Snell is an ace, JD can’t be trusted health wise or age wise and will almost certainly decline next year. Brantley is a poster child of injury prone and won’t repeat this year.
  7. Go for Betts and go down from there, as I assume you’re not playing for a title anymore.