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  1. Luis Castillo 2019 Outlook

    I'm having a hard time finding up to date ADPs on mobile right now, but best I can tell on ESPN and Yahoo there seems to be a decent discrepancy in price. ESPN he's listed as rising at 110 a pretty crowded cluster of guys like Wheeler, Marquez, Tanaka, Ray, and Mikolas which makes for an interesting decision. Yahoo seems to have him closer to 140 near guys like Happ, Hill, Darvish and Pivetta which would make him a fantastic target IMO.
  2. 2019 Fantasy Strategy Thread

    I'm no roto expert but I've been making the transition a bit recently. What I've noticed is in roto you really CAN'T ignore a category or position. Being near the bottom of any category makes winning the league very difficult. In general the easiest method to win is aim to be in the top third in every category, which means you #1) have to have a plan for every category and #2) safe mediocrity won't cut it. As far as pitchers, I wouldn't say it universally makes them more valuable overall but it changes the outlook especially if you have any type of innings limit. Typically I aim for 1-2 top level guys, 1-2 mid level "poised to take the next step", then really go heavy on high upside late round guys. In roto I really try to avoid the inning-eater low-mediocre k/9 type of pitchers. I like having a few guys to stabilize my staff and smooth over any bumps incurred by those late round gambles, but overall what wins you in roto is "hitting" on a mid level guy like Nola last year or a late round crapshoot like Snell. High K upside young guys and people transitioning from relief to starter are my typical favorite targets late. More than one way to skin a cat, but that's my personal strategy. Good luck.
  3. Aaron Nola 2019 Outlook

    Trout? He'd be 2021. But yeah that would be incredible, especially if they nail down Harper as well. Maybe I'm making this up but I thought I read somewhere that they don't have a ton of money tied up beyond the next few years so they have a ton of flexibility going forward, which happens to coincide with some stellar FA classes. Could be fun.
  4. To be fair Trout has a big following in the Philadelphia/Jersey area since he goes to all the pro games locally and grew up there. It's not a national "brand" but that didn't really seem to be a priority for him. I think he's embraced more of the local legend vibe. Harper seems to be more actively trying to culture a brand.
  5. Philadelphia Phillies 2019 Outlook

    Sirius/XM was just talking about the deal and gushing over the return for Miami. The Sixto stuff I'd heard before but they also pegged Alfaro as an eventual 25-30 HR batter and Will Stewart as a "Chris Sale clone" as far as body type. Maybe I'm just not fully caffeinated yet but that seems like a bit much.
  6. Aaron Nola 2019 Outlook

    Yeah I'd agree I'm not sure if things improve. I'm not sure he's going to be a 250K+ guy like some of the guys above him for example. I just think, even though he's a guy who became an elite starter just last year, these moves make him a bit safer of an SP1 draft pick than he was in my mind.
  7. Philadelphia Phillies 2019 Outlook

    I'm not sure what to think about the Braves. Could be great offensively but for as much incredible minor league pitching talent as they have, their starters are volatile as hell.
  8. Aaron Nola 2019 Outlook

    I'm not sure if he's capable of another step or not, but his surrounding cast has improved from both a run producing and defensive stand point with getting Hoskins out of the outfield and the additions of Segura and Realmuto. I'm a fan this year.
  9. Philadelphia Phillies 2019 Outlook

    Who do you have in the NL East? I wouldn't be completely surprised with anyone (outside the fish of course). Always more fun when the division is competitive.
  10. Philadelphia Phillies 2019 Outlook

    It would be a lot prettier with Harper in that 3 spot, but so far hard to complain.
  11. 2019 Draft Strategy

    So I've never been one to take closers or catchers early in drafts. However this year more than ever the difference between the top few and the rest of the pack seems to be exceptionally wide. I'm thinking I almost have to reach a little bit of I'll be playing catch-up all year.
  12. https://twitter.com/JeffPassan/status/1093592987475603456 Sixto Sanchez, Jorge Alfaro, Will Stewart, and an international bonus slot.
  13. https://twitter.com/JimBowdenGM/status/1093591467384360961
  14. Good point. IF this trade goes through and say the get Harper, that's a pretty solid bump in the ADP.
  15. I think they'd be in the discussion. They'd have to have a few things break right for them but they'd be a pretty well rounded team. Harper/Segura/Hoskins/Realmuto/McCutcheon/Herrera/Hernandez/Franco would be a pretty impressive lineup They have a deep, talented, albeit inconsistent BP. They have a top end SP in Nola (which IMO is the biggest hurdle in forming a rotation), and a solid vet in Arrieta with a few talented guys who could make the next step. I'd still take the Dodgers personally. But it puts the Phillies within striking distance. Maybe a deadline trade for an SP2 type pitcher and Pivetta taking the next step forward (and their BP not pooping the bed again this year).