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  1. Yeah it wasn't my favorite deal I sent out. In generally in my league it's really hard to trade depth for Top end talent. Given his target and yard share I figured Evans had some room for positive regression even as the #9 ranked WR already. The fact that the only change to my starting lineup was Evans replacing Lockett and Henry replacing Waller made me feel OK about it. Plus as you said a guy like Evans or Tyreek are much butter trade chips for a RB than Lockett or Waller.
  2. 12 team non-PPR, keep 3 at original round draft price with yearly escalation. I wanted to trade away some depth (especially at TE and WR) for an elite player and someone bit. I gave: Tyler Lockett, Darren Waller, and John Brown I got: Mike Evans, Chase Edmonds, Chris Herndon Not sure about Herndon/Edmonds but I'll keep both around for at least a week or so (although I did put in a late claim for Edmonds this week). The big get obviously is Evans. I was hoping to get an upgrade at RB but no one was biting so this is the best I could find to get an elite player. Thoughts? My Team (4-2): QB: Russel Wilson RB: Leonard Fournette RB: James Conner WR: Tyreek Hill WR: Mike Evans WR: TY Hilton TE: Hunter Henry FLEX: Sony Michel BN: Terry McLaurin, Jamison Crowder, Carson Wentz, Chase Edmonds, Chris Herndon
  3. Pretty straightforward question, who do I go with this weekend: John Brown, Mecole Hardman, or Terry McLaurin for my WR3 spot. Non PPR.
  4. 12 team non-PPR league. Latavius Murray was dropped and I think I may want to take a shot on him. Who should I drop? QB Carson Wentz RB Leonard Fournette RB James Conner WR Tyler Lockett WR TY Hilton WR John Brown TE Hunter Henry FLEX Sony Michel BN: Rashad Penny, Russel Wilson, Darren Waller, Terry McLaurin, Mecole Hardman IR Tyreek Hill
  5. Yordan Alvarez, will you marry me?
  6. I'm super high on him this year but that might be a stretch. They face some pretty tough defenses in the Vikings, Bears, Pats, Bills, Cowboys. The good news is that both he and Doug showed the ability to adjust when the game-plan wasn't working. Plus the receiving corp is deeeeeeeppp. In the second half they beat the Redskins in several different ways, including passing in the run game.
  7. He was unlucky not to have a 4th TD there to Jeffery who was just behind the line of scrimmage when he caught the pass. He also showed of some solid mobility in the pocket which could translate into a big runs later on. Add in that the Redskins have a decent D and the whole offense started off super slow and yeah I think it's safe to say he has plenty of room to improve on an already great performance.
  8. Washington's defense is pretty solid. First half was rough but he made some great throws in the second (first TD to Jeffery in particular). He was able to recognize blitzes and schemes and change the play accordingly a few times with great results. Really encouraging start from him. Also turns out Alshon and Desean might be OK receivers after all.
  9. I understand why he's being projected where he is right now, but I think Trea Turner will be a good value where he's likely to go. He's not a 30 HR or 60 SB guy but I do think the early injury derailed him a bit. Even so he's still on got a 17/40 pace prorated to 550 AB. Just a guess but personally I'll take the over on both those next year with a high average and a boatload of runs.
  10. Love your RBs (I wouldn't take Gordon without Eckler so I like that move). Also like going cheap at QB in general, although I worry about his weapons and Sea being run-heavy team. No issue with playing the wire there if need be though as solid QBs crop up fairly regularly. Your WRs could be hit or miss. Will Hilton work without Luck? Are there too many mouths to feed for Cooks to be consistently relevant in LA? Same question for Jeffery. Will Gordon get suspended for the 473rd time? When will Green come back? I don't dislike any individual player but my point is I would feel a bit better about the group if you had a steadying presence there. The issue with Reed is you NEED a backup plan for him given his history. I think this is his 7th documented concussion or something ridiculous like that. Overall you're solid and went heavy on RB which is absolutely priority #1 IMO. Your WRs I think will be fine but there's a lot of risk there. I think you need to find a backup for Reed.
  11. I wouldn't at this point. Yeah Freeman disappointed last year with the emergence of Lindsay, but he is still talented and could develop the lion's-share of that split albeit with less pass catching upside. Hill would be my #2 given his talent level as a potential complement to Ingram, but that's not a given yet and he has Edwards to compete with as well. Could easily see him emerging as a great PPR play but he has a bit more risk. Jackson I see the appeal of but think he's firmly second fiddle to Eckler right now and definitely second in the pass-catching game. Not a great group. I could see someone making the argument for upside here with a guy like Hill but personally I'd go Freeman.
  12. I'd hold off if those are your options. I'm not a big Murray fan but NO has relied heavily on the run game in recent years as Brees ages and he could be solid in the Ingram role. Singletary I agree has a very good chance to claim the lead back role early on in the season. Jackson I think is pretty solidly behind Eckler and has a chance to be irrelevant if Gordon comes back halfway through the season to try and accumulate a year of service. He could be in for a big role if Eckler falls off or gets hurt so I get the appeal and would definitely pick him up if you had better drop options. I just like Murray and Singletary better.
  13. In a PPR I would take that in a heartbeat. Yeah Cohen may take a step back with Montgomery there but he's still an elite pass catching back. Plus I'm not sure how much I buy the "we're going to get Carson more involved in the pass game" coach-speak going on. End of the day in smaller league formats I value elite talent over depth in deals and Julio certainly qualifies.
  14. Both seem to be entering the end of their career. Honestly I think people assume Cobb will be better than Beasley because of his performance long ago but I'm not as convinced. NE is a complete crapshoot but they have made fantasy relevant players out of guys once written off (Hogan come to mind). It's all about chemistry with Brady which is always a bit hard to predict. I'd roll the dice on Thomas personally.
  15. I like the team overall. You're right you need another WR but having Westbrook on your bench makes that a little less urgent IMO. Hunt is definitely the drop if need-be, especially if you're essentially stashing Green for months as well. Depends on who is available but in a 10 teamer I would aim for high-upside WR plays. Young guys poised to make a second year leap, guys with new teams that could turn into a #1 target, that type. John Brown comes to mind. I wouldn't overthink the QB too much. Roll with Ryan. Keep an eye Winston and maybe swap him in for one of your QBs if he seems like he's taking off. I would not carry 3 QBs in a non-superflex format.
  16. I would swap Westbrook for Robinson. This early in the season it's going to be hard to predict how much of a timeshare there is in KC, and who Foles' top-target will be in Jacksonville so both are wildcards. I would still roll the dice on Williams given how productive Andy Reid RBs tend to be. Robinson is a bit higher floor as I think he'll get a fair number of targets, but I just like Westbrook's upside with a QB upgrade in Jax. I think he has a decent shot of being the most targeted WR and I think he has a much better shot of doing more with those targets.