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  1. I don't dislike the strategy inherently and I'd still go SP heavy early, but the way the board looks this year I'd rather go SP/bat then SP/bat mostly as I see a pretty big difference in those tiers of bat compared to the difference in those tiers of arms. As an example to my Bregman/deGrom/Rizzo/Bauer is a better start to a draft than Sale/deGrom/Rizzo/Blackmon
  2. As far as players that could be available at the end of drafts or as free agents in standard leagues, it's not a ridiculous statement at all.
  3. This close to the season opening and with several IL related questions popping up in the BC forum I feel as if this thread deserves a bump. Recap of some of the names already brought up: Carlos Martinez, Brandon Morrow, Didi Gregorius, Jimmy Nelson, Gregory Polanco, Sean Manaea, Taijuan Walker, Yoenis Cespedes.
  4. I've got my eye on both absolutely but if I had to choose I'd go Senzel. I think he's going to be a really good hitter once he gets the s--- and with Scooter it I think we see him sooner rather than later.
  5. I'd go Hampson but McMahon could easily be the better grab end of the day. Pay close attention to how they divide the labor and who's hitting where in Col in the beginning of the year.
  6. All are fairly comparable. I'd be between Bour, Alonso, and Bauers. Gun to my head I'll go Bour but honestly none of them would surprise me. I'd drop Gomes but I could also make an argument for Olson himself. That injury could sap power for awhile going forward.
  7. 12 team 5x5 OBP league. Keep 3 at original round price with yearly escalation. Payouts for h2h tournament winner as well as year long roto winner. Once I can place Kershaw and Morrow on the DL I'll have 2 available slots. Who should I grab? ---------------------------- C Wilson Ramos 1B: Freddie Freeman 2B: Jose Altuve 3B: Brian Anderson SS: Trea Turner IF: Luke Voit OF: Juan Soto OF: Yasiel Puig OF: Michael Brantley UTIL: Austin Meadows BN: Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Nick Senzel SP: Aaron Nola, Chris Archer, J.A. Happ, Ross Stripling, Reynaldo Lopez, Jesus Luzardo RP: Jose Leclerc, Pedro Strop IL: Brandon Morrow, Clayon Kershaw ---------------------------- Bats: Ramon Laureano, Garret Hampson, Marwin Gonzalez, Jake Bauers SP: Colin McHugh, Jhoulys Chacin, Marcus Stroman, Gio Gonzalez, Julio Urias, Brandon Woodruff, Corbin Burnes, Caleb Smith
  8. If you got one sure. But if you don't I'm just saying I can see an argument for, in very particular situations, keeping him in a BN spot even outside of the dynasty format. I'm probably wrong here though. Fully admit that I drank the Luzardo Kool-Aid and then went back for seconds. I got a weak spot for exciting young LHP prospects.
  9. The more I'm thinking on it the more I'm considering keeping him stashed. Muscle injury only. 4-6 weeks shut down then (hopefully) 4-6 weeks pitching and stretching back out. He was going to be on an inning limit anyway. So you burn a bench spot on a LHP prospect with ace potential, but you have to wait till late June to July to get him. Depends on your team and situation sure but in general there are worse uses of a bench spot in deeper redraft and shallower keeper leagues.
  10. As much as I like to bust Rush' balls he's not totally wrong here. Minor stuff whatever, but I don't particularly trust pitchers just making their way back from TJS, significant shoulder surgery etc mid season. Shouldn't be used as a strict rule, but just something I keep in mind when I'm stashing players early on.
  11. Yeah I will drop Luzardo and hopefully IL Morrow to give me 2 picks. I'm thinking 1-2 of Smith/Strahm/Laureano. I'm not happy about Anderson either but I decided to play it safe with a decent BB guy who isn't going to kill me anywhere. If Kang shows he can stop striking out 50% of the time I may make that swap. Thanks for the help.
  12. Yeah saw the title now my bad. Comments still stand given the 5 OF and extra IF spots.
  13. 10 team leagues can be tough to gauge because a lot of teams tend to be good but the rosters seem deep. What after the point totals for the top SP and RP and batters last year just for reference? Your OF and SPs are insanely good. Really stellar job. Your RPs are weak but in points leagues I'm not sure how that matters in a points leave. If they produce big points I'd probably grab Hicks there. If not it's tough. I like Voit the most there, although he'd be kind of buried on your depth chat. I also like Senzel a lot and he'd be a great compliment to your line up to spell an OF when they rest and maybe take over for Simmons at MI, but you also have to wait a bit on him. Gun to my head given your team I'd roll the dice on Senzel but I can see an argument for the others too.
  14. Yeah big ol pass for me as well. And I like Bregman and Muncy.
  15. I wouldn't stress about the extra 7 at the end. You'd have been happy to have it if anyone had tried to outbid you for May, Luzardo, or Hampson at the end. How many teams are in the league? Unless it's super shallow I really really like it. Grandal for $2 is a steal. Your IF isn't spectacular but all the guys you have are starter worthy and appropriately priced and I like the upside of Hampson for a bench stash. Bregman for 29 was very solid value and a great anchor in a league with a lot of IF positions. I like your first 3 OF a lot in general if you weren't going to get one of the top-tier guys and once again the value was great for all of them. You hit the SP out of the park. Your first 4 selections are fantastic and then you went heavy on upside late which is a strategy I like a lot. The Luzardo injury sucks a lot but you'll be just fine. RP needs a little help but that is easy enough to address through the year. Overall great job.
  16. Love all the players you mentioned there to varying degrees. Would any qualify for the NA spot in lieu of Alonso? I'd rather have Senzel and to a less degree Hampson/McMahon over him right now. But I do like him as a stash so no worries if you can't. I also would say Voit is your top priority there. A bit of murkiness in the playing time but the guy was so good and I don't have faith in the Bird. McMahon is your most droppable without touching your pitching depth. I'd drop him for Voit and potentially Alonso for Senzel if possible.
  17. I double dipped on Strop/Morrow in my draft yesterday. Using up 2 spots is annoying but if you find yourself behind on closers it seemed like a solid pairing late in the draft. Hoping I can slide Morrow to the IL at some point.
  18. Unfortunately with the Luzardo injury I have a spot open. I'm also thinking I'll clear another spot if Morrow gets put on the IL (we have 2 spots there). So we'll see. Thanks.
  19. That's fair, give it a bit and see how they do. I'd say if any of em start off hot I wouldn't hesitate to activate a few. Especially Profar since he'd be a very nice bench bat to have with all his eligibility to plug in for injuries/days off etc.
  20. Looks good. 10 team league most teams should look solid but I think you structured your team really well and hit on a few guys I like a lot (Ramos, Suarez, Judge, Beni, Shaw) Also love the plan of taking a shot on some high upside prospects when you have a well flushed out hitting team like this so kudos on the McMahon, Jimenez, and Alonso picks. I also completely agree on going hitting heavy in a 10x7 as long as you don't completely punt a category or pitching which you didn't. The pitching could be a concern in a 10 teamer, but I do like the guys you got there and they definitely do have some upside in Flaherty, Marquez, Skaggs, Paddack. Unfortunately Luzardo got hurt so you'll need to replace him. I don't hate your RPs. LOVE Alvarado and I like May a lot as a flyer in the end. Viz is a big ol' question mark but is definitely a decent gamble. Just stay vigilant on Waivers. In a 10 teamer there will be closers that pop up through the year. Count on it.
  21. Massive bummer. Was looking for a way I could possibly keep him through the injury but considering he's unlikely to be IL eligible it seems as if he's a drop outside of deep keepers/dynasties. Glad we should still see him this summer though (knock on wood).