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  1. i really want to see him do well. always liked him not sure his body can make it a full year tho
  2. yea i was thinking that too...prob the earlier of my range. he and bieber are prob in that 150 range. ive seen bieber go earlier.
  3. hes looking so good you may have to reach for him to make sure. before 200 for sure. like 150-180?
  4. "who needs two pitches" -Mariano Rivera he had a 3.45 xfip and a k/9 of 10 only 15 pitchers did that....all are top 15 pitchers except Pivetta. i also think his HR rate was way too high for petco, as someone already stated in this thread.
  5. good deal for cards. maybe he drops off that last year but i still think hell be great for the first 4
  6. ya, his value is just too good. dont have him in my keeper...but i have him in 3/4 of my redrafts or something
  7. with Cinci now after 6 years in Washington in 2016 he posted a 2.8 era (3.7 FIP) and 1.17 whip to go with his 16 wins last 2 years he was over 4 someone mentioned his slider wasnt as good in washington as it was in other places. something to do with humidity or something? his home away era/ops splits seem to back this the last 2 years anyone taking a late round flyer on him, hoping he can pitch to a mid 3 era with 15 wins?
  8. very high on him. i thought loisiga was the one for the yanks but german (and cessa) have been much better. german has excellent swing and miss stuff.
  9. you know i didnt believe it, but its starting to look that way. not sure what they do when hicks comes back...
  10. would 1 include exit velo? because ya, i agree with you. he just hits the ball harder than everyone else
  11. just got him in my keeper to play some MI. mets lineup is substantially better and it looks like hell be hitting 2nd if hes playing well. thanks to all ITT
  12. the guy was so good from like 2013 to 2016. i cant seen him being done at 33 years old
  13. funny closer monkey has MM as closer tho. plus hes making a ton of money, looks like will smith will be traded ASAP. maybe boston?
  14. anyone think Melancon wins SF job over will smith? sorry if discussed already