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  1. Keeper Advice Por Favor

    u cant keep mccullers over EE
  2. Keeper Advice Por Favor

    bolded my 9 edit: nm just deleted the non keepers
  3. Off-season buy low/sell high

    hanram hurt me last year too but hes only 34 i think and a 280/28/100 year is not out of the question IMO...especially if they get JD Mart
  4. Off-season buy low/sell high

    some buy lows i like miggy cabrera robinson cano nick castellanos HanRam Greg Polanco Michael Conforto Yoenis Cespedes greg bird kyleSeager Evan Longoria and a bunch of pitchers @sngehl01 already named
  5. Miguel Cabrera 2018 Outlook

    same, def targeting him. and i know he doesnt exactly have the most "athletic" body type...but niether did ortiz. and miggy is still "only" 34 i dont think a 300/30/100 is that ridiculous
  6. Kyle Seager or Gerrit Cole in Dynasty?

    this is my sentiment OP i think kyle seager can bounce back too....but Cole has the potential to be a very solid SP2 so i think id roll the dice with Cole also, ignore RUSH
  7. Mookie or Harper for keeper?

    harper not close
  8. well if anyone is bored and wants to do a quick mock draft on fantrax....im in one tonight at 9pm eastern...currently 6/12 full https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/4q6jhxv7jcdul2gv/home
  9. Keeper help...which SP?

  10. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    good article i think the next time players negotiate, they are absolutely going to try and cut a year or 2 off of their rookie deals
  11. Should I make this trade?

    no keep goldie and acuna
  12. Dynasty league trade offer

    doesnt matter...do the jose ramirez deal ASAP and then do the stroman/rodon deal to bolster SP