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  1. i mean it was Trouts until he went down. and it seems like the voters dont want to give it to Trout whenever they can find a reason to not. You think Verlander or Cole could steal it?
  2. im seeing 4.8 WAR. has he regressed? hes 10th in the AL
  3. clevinger and bieber are a great 1/2. carrasco will be back in the rotation you have to guess now that he beat Leukemia. Kluber should be back and even if hes at 85% of what he was thats a great staff
  4. gonna look good in yankee pinstripes
  5. anyone taking him over trout 1.1??? i think i will if i get that pick
  6. i love him as a yankee fan. but i think a lot of people are turned off by the lack of steals 2nd base is VERY deep. hes the 5th ranked 2b as of right now in 5x5. he was 7th last night but leap frogged whit and albies. also Javy baez and muncy have been out too
  7. not really fantasy relevant but Delin Betances is out for season with Achilles tear
  8. yea. he is like yordan to me(obviously not as good of a freshman year). i like them both going forward but if they are going 2nd/3rd i dont think ill own. especially if you have a later half pick in the first. you can go Arenado or Rendon for 3b. and then possibly target a Turner or Al. Mondesi to make up steals.