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  1. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    i think trout wants to go to the phillies itmay be why the phillies arent signing a ton of big contracts this offseason
  2. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    ya thats why i started the thread. his babip was low, but taobball has me thinking his infield popups are a concern ( up to 13% from about 10%). everything else is similar, slight increase in FlyBall% and HR/FB but i think thats just natural maturation./getting bigger stronger im wondering if he was just fatigued or maybe had nagging injuries. his overall numbers is Roto tho are awesome, and i think if his babip comes back to the norm he can be a close to 300 hitter. edit: so i said the infield popups concern me....but grey also points to his home run avg. unless they move the fences out this doesnt concern me too much. maybe he doesnt hit 39, but i think 30 is legit. his 252 babip last year was a huge drop form 319 and 333 the prior two years. he also increased his bb% from 8% to 15% which i love. and his Ks stayed basically the same.
  3. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    him or lindor, ya
  4. Adalberto Mondesi 2019 Outlook

    just checked, hes gone 33, 44 and 55 in our 3 mocks. im willing to take one risk in the top 5 or so. he might be my risk in several leagues. unless i get a 25+sb guy in the 1st or 2nd
  5. Adalberto Mondesi 2019 Outlook

    i took him 34 in mock 1, and i dont regret it
  6. Stud year even with the slow down in the 2nd half. Grey from Razzball has him at 12 overall!!! Here is his logic... " However, Chief Wahoo isn’t the only thing problematic, Jose Ramirez’s 2nd half is too. He hit 10 HRs and .218 in the 2nd half. Could the league have finally figured him out? His strikeouts were identical in the 2nd half, and his walks actually went up. His SLG, OBP, hard contact and line drives went way down. His BABIP bottomed out, but I can’t write off everything on luck. Looks like he was biting on opposite field strikes (and balls) a lot more. Okay, so bad 2nd half, can we just write it off? Let’s take a step further back to the full season. His infield fly balls were terrible. That says bad contact. It’s not everything, but he was 26th worst in the league, and no one worst than him is above him in the rankings. His fly ball rate was 45.9%, easily a career high. He was 8th in the league for fly balls. Above him, you see home run hitters and guys who regularly hit .250 or lower. He had a 18.8 degree launch angle, that’s 7th highest in the league (sorted by 300 batted ball events). In conclusion, he hits a lot of balls in the air. Fine for a home run hitter, but is he? His home run distance on average was 388, easily the worst for a guy who hit 39 homers last year. He’s either going to continue to hit fly balls at a 46% rate and hit under .250 or he’s going to curb his fly balls and hit 27 or fewer home runs. He cannot do both. Right now, the nearest comp I can think of is Ian Kinsler in his prime, that was 30/30/.255, but I’m not convinced Ramirez’s 2nd half was just a blip. I was all about Jose Ramirez last year, I had him ranked higher than anyone else, but this year, he seems to be going way before this, and I won’t be in again. 2019 Projections: 104/25/82/.288/24 in 582 ABs" anyone buying this?!?!?? @taobball - please say you dont agree that our 2016 sleeper extraordinaire is outside the top 5!
  7. Marcell Ozuna 2019 Outlook

    i just know that 1 or more of my teams this year is gonna be an outfield of Pham, Ozuna, Conforto, Peralta or something...and im starting to be more and more OK with that @brockpapersizer - were you the one that put that idea in my head? unless of course i have a top 2 pick then trout or betts are the obvious choices
  8. Gleyber Torres 2019 Outlook

    yep. and lets be realistic, the chances he even makes it through spring without an injury is about 10% we, and the yanks, will probably get a good look at gleyber at SS this year. this could determine DiDi's future as well
  9. tex was good for 3 years. wrist screwed him over, then had a come back year on pace for 40+ homers and broke his leg if he didnt need wrist surgery he would have been worth it. and you dont know if the yanks would have taken trout.
  10. Sonny Gray 2019 Outlook

    he might be worth a late round draft because i think hell have a good year if yanks trade him to NL. cinci would be solid, i think padres even better. even the brewers or cubs could be a destination? maybe cards? i think hed fit in well with a lot of those teams. rockies always seem to need pitching too. that said, yanks might be keeping him as CC insurance which basically makes him worthless even trading him back to oakland with some money for a good prospect. well see i guess
  11. Gleyber Torres 2019 Outlook

    even if tulo is healthy, if hes hitting like 240 with not much power they might just release him if and when Didi comes back This signing doesnt hurt Torres in the least to be honest.
  12. i wouldnt blame the players either. i feel they need to argue that minors count as your rookie years. so the clock starts the first year you are drafted, even if you are 17. that way, teams like toronto cant just keep vlad jr down an extra year or 2
  13. Miguel Andujar 2019 Outlook

    i have no idea tbh. ya id imagine indians would want another big name like Florial and probably a young arm like Acevedo, abreu, medina,perez etc since they got rid of EE tho, i think this is a pipe dream
  14. look at his former teammate tim lincecum. he was done at a young age with less innings. i realize they are different pitchers but some just lose their stuff early and it doesnt come back... i just want madbum to show hes 2014-2016 madbum before i give up the farm for him. dont think thats at all unreasonable. i just think it would be stupid to give up 3 top 100 guys for him right now.