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  1. id like them to trade for kluber,carrasco, degrom or scherzer more. but if they do their due diligence and sign machado to 8 years im ok with that. i dont want a 12 or 13 year deal as some have suggested
  2. ya in a real draft i think i might go greinke there...or maybe take a bat that fell and grab a flahrety or folty a round or 2 or 3 later
  3. how do people feel about Taillon as an SP2 at pick 5.10 it was between him, Greinke and Flaherty for my SP2. im wondering if i was a round too early on my sp2/ like im wondering if i shoulda just waited for Folty in the 8th like @Brooklyn Dude did and then maybe snagged Tanaka or Ray in the 10th or 11th as an sp3. 2nd question. thoughts on Robbie Ray in the 10th?
  4. 100% agree on the OF in 5 of leagues. its why i attacked early with judge/hoskins. i also like dahl, nimmo and eaton as my 3/4/5 because i think they can really turn in good value if healthy.
  5. Anthony Rendon 2019 Outlook

    4th is ok. would love to snag him in the 5th if hes there
  6. Whit Merrifield 2019 Outlook

    yea i read that too boston would be a great fit for him. he can leadoff and they can hit mookie 2nd or 3rd
  7. Whit Merrifield 2019 Outlook

    i agree. KC should trade him. his value is at his highest right now. KC wont compete for another 2 or 3 years...get a good prospect while u can.
  8. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    where have you heard this?? hey man im on board with kluber or carrasco....id still sign corbin if possible tho. at the very least Happ. any speculation on who the first player is?
  9. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    i know. but he made it seem a deal was close. its prelim talks
  10. Alex Bregman 2019 Outlook

    agree with this 100% and im throwing yelich in that bregman/machado range too
  11. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    i mean hes 32 and has 2 years on his contract at a VERY reasonable price. he threw 215 innings this year and has 5 straight years of 200 innings. its a chance you take... this attitude is why we dont have verlander. we shouldnt miss out on kluber if we have the chance to grab him
  12. as a yankee fan, with didi out....id much rather trade for Segura and paxton and not sign machado id take segura any day
  13. what is it? 5 years 70 mi?u are nuts if you dont think segura is worth 14 mi per