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  1. I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. Juice has been awesome in my .5 PBB league.
  2. To your first point, it’s tough to count on virtually any WR on any team for consistent fantasy production. To your second point, If Davis and Sharpe have proven anything, it’s that they aren’t what Tennessee hoped they would be. Every team has other WRs, and that’s really all Davis and Sharpe are. If AJ Brown is legit, Davis and Sharpe will soon be afterthoughts. Your third point has merit. Obviously, Brown would have a greater chance at fantasy stardom on a pass-first team, but perhaps the lack of a legit WR1 has been part of the problem. Again, if Brown can be a legit go-to guy for Mariota we may see the run-pass ratio become more fantasy friendly in Tennessee. From what I saw week one, Brown looked the part of the prototypical WR1 Mariota has needed for years.
  3. I really hope OJ plays well tonight so all you week one whiners and “told you so’s” will shut the hell up.
  4. Solid point, but AJ Brown may be exactly what the Titans passing game has been lacking.
  5. Time will tell I suppose. If Brown is legit he’ll command red zone looks. Brown could become an issue for Walker owners. No reason they can’t both be great red zone options.
  6. AJ Brown sure passed the eyeball test week one. Big, strong, physical, and tough to bring down. Very impressive debut. Watch his “every target” if you haven’t already. A guy like Brown could be just what the Titans passing game needs- a go-to guy for Mariota and a great red zone option. Massive upside here. I’m on board. edited to add- Corey who?
  7. Hopefully you also convinced everyone to steer clear of Mike Evans, George Kittle, James Conner, Baker Mayfield, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Devante Adams, Jared Goff, Kerryon Johnson, Sony Michel, Zach Ertz, Stefon Diggs, Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley, and any other player who had a subpar week 1. Using your logic, all of these players are doomed for the season.
  8. What I love about LJ’s huge day is that he did it all through the air. As someone mentioned above, this legitimizes the Ravens passing game which will really open things up for this offense. Hollywood now commands significant attention downfield, which will provide plenty of space for Ingram/LJ to run wild. Should be a very difficult offense to defend. While we obviously can’t expect 5 passing TDs every week, we can expect LJ to do significant damage on the ground most weeks. Thus, the high floor/high ceiling we all want from our QB. Couldn’t have asked for a better week 1 from LJ.
  9. I have to imagine Rosenhaus made it crystal clear that if AB doesn’t cut it in NE his playing days are over. I doubt another team will take a chance on him if NE can’t keep him under control.
  10. Tap the up arrow, share via, copy link, paste in thread.
  11. Weird, I don’t get that at all. In fact, I thought the exact opposite. I got the impression that “no more games” means he’s ready to focus on football again. Let’s not forget, if he’s done with football he’d be walking away from at least $30 million.