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  1. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Maybe Fournette feels largely responsible for the teams struggles and feels compelled to take it upon himself to get the team back on track. Could see a very motivated Fournette upon his return.
  2. 10/14/2018 Steelers @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    He looks awesome, averaging 8 ypc. Unfortunately, he has just 5 carries. And for some reason they refuse to let him on the field on 3rd downs. Must be terrible in pass pro because he can obviously catch.
  3. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    It’s a mistake to assume the owners putting Kamara on the block are “panicking” at all. Some may be, but others may be trying to capitalize on the idea that people think they are panicking when in reality they’re just trying to upgrade their team. Some owners will approach the Kamara owner in hopes of taking advantage of their “panic”, and a crafty Kamara owner can work that angle making the other owner think they’re taking advantage of “panic”. Kamara’s still a fantasy RB1, but he won’t be putting up the numbers he did when he had the backfield to himself the first 4 weeks. If Kamara owner can trade him for a workhorse RB1 like Hunt, plus upgrade at another position I’d call that a win.
  4. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    No offense, but yeah, I’d trust a professional scouting report before you. And your assumption that I “skimmed” only one scouting report is wrong. Let’s agree to disagree.
  5. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    Ok. Despite professional NFL scouts saying he’s a good receiver, I’ll take miasma16’s word that he isn’t. Thanks for your help.
  6. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    GB at home should easily handle SF, right? So one would assume GB takes an early lead and never looks back. Wouldn’t that set up perfectly for Jones to get a lot of work in the second half?
  7. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    NFL reacts to Aaron Jones seeing limited action McCarthy may be a stubborn buffoon when it comes to RB usage, but you gotta think that at some point he has to answer to the growing number of critics.
  8. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    Part of my post said that Ito Smith “excels as a receiver”. You bolded that one particular statement, and replied with, “He has 9 targets. The rest of this (the rest of my post) is valid though”. In other words, you implied the part about excelling as a receiver was not valid based on only having 9 targets. So I provided Ito’s targets per snap statistic along with another good receiving RB’s same stat for reference. So where exuactly did I “over exaggerate Ito’s efficiency in the passing game”? I didn’t exaggerate anything at all. The bottom line is, Ito Smith is a good receiving back. This is taken directly from his scouting profile on Leaned on as a pass-catching option Averaged 10.5 yards per catch over the last three years Hands are natural Runs mostly angle routes and flats, but usually gets good separation out of his breaks
  9. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    And a pass-catching RB with a 50% timeshare on one of the best offenses in football, who may also be the preferred weapon near the goal line, certainly seems worth speculating on in most leagues.
  10. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    Beautiful voice on that woman, though probably not much of a jump-cut.
  11. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    I said Ito Smith excelled as a receiver, based mainly on his scouting report, not necessarily on his first 5 games as an NFL rookie. You tried to invalidate that by pointing out Smiths 9 targets thus far in 2018. That said, so far in 2018... Ito Smith- has 9 targets (8 receptions) in 71 snaps, which equates to 1 target per every 7.8 snaps played. Todd Gurley has 25 targets (19 receptions) in 291 snaps, which equates to 1 target per every 11.6 snaps played. This obviously isn’t to compare Ito to Gurley, but simply to point out that pointing to Ito’s 9 targets thus far clearly doesn’t invalidate the claim that he excels as a receiver.
  12. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook
  13. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    I know, I know, college highlight reels always look great. But...this guy looks really good. Incredible balance, runs through and away from tackles, spin move, jump cuts, etc. Plus he can catch.
  14. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook

    I picked him up based on the Freeman news, and what we know about “The Judge”. 1. He has a cool nickname. 2. He was drafted in the 4th round. 3. He plays in a very explosive offense with a bad defense. 4. He’s had a TD in each of the last two weeks, trusted as the RB of choice near the goal line, despite two veterans ahead of him on the depth chart. 5. He also excels as a receiver 6. One of the two RBs ahead of him on the depth chart may now be out for a while. 7. He has an opportunity to become a big part of said explosive offense. 8. Unknown upside. 9. One Coleman injury away from potentially being the lead RB
  15. Ito Smith 2018 Outlook