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  1. Probably needs a day off this weekend.
  2. Yikes
  3. Kept him in one inning too long, bye QS.
  4. Too many people have a fantasy football mindset when it comes to fantasy baseball, and it is dumb. Those are the people that you can rip off in trades pretty easily.
  5. Lefty on lefty for Saunders is encouraging.
  6. Both had their second hits against Romero.
  7. That's a moving back in with your parents injury. Just looks like a Hammy.
  8. Fantasy baseball probably isn't the game for you if you get worried after one game.
  9. Almost 11 pages already on this guy, I can see it is going to be one of THOSE threads.
  10. Yes, any time you are dealing with a foot injury you have the possibility of it not healing right. You see it more in the NBA, so hopefully he won't have a problem.
  11. Don't normally save good news for late Friday afternoon.
  12. If only there was something to test blood alcohol level.
  13. Rumor is he got his 4th DUI. Dude is not playing again.
  14. Yeah I just heard second opinion, not second MRI. I think if they wanted another MRI they would have just done it right away when they were reviewing the results.
  15. It's not a second MRI right, just a second opinion, or is that the same thing? I just thought it meant another doctor looked at MRI results from 1st MRI.