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  1. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    My guess is if you got fired at work for doing the same thing as a coworker you may say why did John not got in trouble but I did? Not saying this is the same thing others did but that's why people say it.
  2. Andy Dalton 2018 Outlook

    Out for year.
  3. Justus Sheffield - SP NYY

    Rumor is he has been sent to Seattle in the Paxton deal.
  4. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    You spelled hours wrong.
  5. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    I feel like we say this every year, I saw the Kansas City game and the Bears game. I don't care about the division game against Buffalo in Buffalo, those games are weird. Brady may not be at his top but they still will probably walk to the #2 seed or possibly #1 seed just due to their terrible division.
  6. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    In New England? Yes, I don't think Pitt will win in New England in the playoffs.
  7. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I'd say don't plan to celebrate anything until after Tuesday.
  8. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    Did she play that night in her football game?
  9. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    I'm sure some of the baseball threads have a lot of posts in them, those guys don't play football.
  10. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    That was posted pages back, at a gym playing basketball.
  11. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    So as a Conner owner I should take any viable trade offer that is made for Bell at this point?
  12. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    Worried he won't play today since they clinched best record.
  13. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    Scherzer is 34, I think most of us are talking about Dynasty leagues and Snell is 25. Give me 5-7 years of Snell over a handful of Scherzer at this point.