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  1. Yes, any time you are dealing with a foot injury you have the possibility of it not healing right. You see it more in the NBA, so hopefully he won't have a problem.
  2. Don't normally save good news for late Friday afternoon.
  3. If only there was something to test blood alcohol level.
  4. Rumor is he got his 4th DUI. Dude is not playing again.
  5. Yeah I just heard second opinion, not second MRI. I think if they wanted another MRI they would have just done it right away when they were reviewing the results.
  6. It's not a second MRI right, just a second opinion, or is that the same thing? I just thought it meant another doctor looked at MRI results from 1st MRI.
  7. Pulled from today's game after falling. Limping badly, looks like Ankle Injury.
  8. Susan Slusser‏Verified account @susanslusser 6m6 minutes ago More Sonny Gray shut down for three weeks with lat strain. Won't pitch for A's until likely late April.
  9. Yeah already looks like Reyes may be out for the year.
  10. They said if it was not September they would have DL'd him right away, so he is done for the season.
  11. Wow, reading this thread I thought he got rocked. Wasn't expecting to see a quality start from his stat line.
  12. Any chance for SS eligibility next year?
  13. If Teddy's injury is as bad as it sounds, they are probably more concerned with a QB than a RB in the top 10 tbh.
  14. The Vikings are too good to get a top five pick.
  15. They don't need to turn into I told you so threads if people don't come into them saying how terrible a player is and how they are droppable because they are useless. Someone starts on one extreme, then the other side feels like they need to go to the other extreme to balance it out. There have been many comments about how terrible of a year it's been for prospects, but as a Dahl, Sanchez, and Bregman owner, I couldn't be happier with what they've given me these past few weeks.