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  1. Have you meet the Players union? They won't allow that kind of stuff to happen to their guys, he will get paid his money.
  2. Rays promoted him per Real Ken.
  3. Need 2 to start Hyde Dave Williams Jalen Richard Lativius Murray Mike Davis Blount Keith Ford
  4. I mean why wouldn't you grab him if you can?
  5. Did you even read any posts in this thread?
  6. Lol no way was that a forward pass.
  7. Yeah you'd have to had massive balls to start the Eagles in that game. I guess maybe if for some reason INT's are more negative points than Fumbles Lost then it could impact Goff.
  8. I know a lot of people think Chubb should be corrected down to 99 yards from 100, so if your league gives any bonus for hitting 100 that could come into play.
  9. McCoy and Ivory should be back or at least 1 of them.
  10. Getting his knee examined this week. Wonder if they will be more cautious after what happened with Kupp.