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  1. I will take the Providence Grays in League C, mikeredsox67@gmail.com. Thanks Mike
  2. I am interested in the Rays, mikeredsox67@gmail.com
  3. Jmdyanks92 has this team been taken? At least 5 people have said they are interested. If not I am interested, MikeRedSox67@gmail.com. More than 20 years of fantasy baseball. Thanks Mike
  4. Looking for an ESPN Auction league that will draft Monday night. Michael.Shaunessy@gmail.com
  5. If its ESPN based then please send me a link so I can view team. Thanks Michael.Shaunessy@gmail.com
  6. Try this link? http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/standings?leagueId=194541
  7. Try this link? http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/standings?leagueId=194541
  8. Free ESPN Auction League in its 5th year looking for owners. We will draft next weekend Fri, Sat or Sunday. You can keep players from last year but their price goes up $5 as long as you stay within the $260 budget. Teams available are Tulsa Drillers, New Hampshire Fishercats, Portland Seadogs and Norfolk Tides. Here is the link to the league so you can check out the rosters: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=194541 Here is the link to last year's draft: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/draftrecap?leagueId=194541 Email me at michael.shaunessy@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks M
  9. Looking for an ESPN Auction league. Would prefer a keeper league and money league but will play in any league. Michael.shaunessy@gmail.com
  10. Looking for auction leagues, slow draft and money leagues preferred but I will consider anything
  11. I might be interested, snake or auction draft? Can I ask why you have divisions why not just take the top teams? Michael.Shaunessy@gmail.com
  12. Looking for auction leagues, slow draft and money leagues preferred but I will consider anything if its on ESPN. Thanks Mike michael.shaunessy@gmail.com
  13. Experienced and active owner looking for ESPN auction league. I would prefer a slow auction and money league but will consider any league. Michael.shaunessy@gmail.com
  14. I am looking for ESPN Auction leagues. Money leagues with Slow Auctions preferred but I will play anything. Michael.shaunessy@gmail.com