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  1. Anyone know why Charlie Blackmon was pulled from today’s game?
  2. Last season, in the last week of September, Dahl hit 6 HR in 7 days as all the games were at Coors and all the SPs the Rockies faced were RHP. Just giving people some context on why he went on a heater in Sept. When the Rockies play in Coors with a RHP on the mound Dahl should be started on every fantasy team. All other match ups for Dahl can be looked at and decided by the fantasy manager if they want to start him or put in another OF.
  3. Voit is basically a Khris Davis who was drafted in double digit rounds. .240 Avg, 35 HR, 100 RBI, .380 OBP Thats gold for a 15th round pick.
  4. I can see why CBS says he’s a must start player. He’s gonna play almost everyday, in Colorado, batting 5th in a good line up. Even though he hasn’t played much, it looks like his spring training numbers are gonna carry over into the season. He could easily be a top 100 player. He should be owned and started as of right now.
  5. Hi All, 14 Team, redraft H2H, (9x9 cats, extra: H,2B, 3B, OBP, L,CG,BB,HLDS) I have an offer of his Trout and Judge for my Blackmon, E. Suarez, E. Rosario, Dahl, Bieber, Musgrove,Straham, Treinen, and G. Holland. Should I make the trade? There are some decent players on the wire to fill out my roster. My my current team is C- Grandal 1B - Hoskins 2B - Moustakas 3B - Suarez SS - Bregman OF - Blackmon, Rosario, Dahl Util - Chapman, Voit BN- McMahon, J. Polanco, McNeil SP- Bieber, Musgrove, Lucchesi, Peacock, C. Smith RPs- Hader, Treinen , Seranthony, G. Holland, Buttrey
  6. Starting 1B opening day, probably batting 7th. Do we pick him up and see where the chips fall when Hicks gets back, or is it gonna be the same story for him the last 3 years?
  7. My ranking would be Bieber, Straham, Urias. Urias is the better pitcher than Straham but I don’t think he will pitch a lot of innings, maybe 100 max. Straham might pitch 150-160 innings. Please Help
  8. I think your offense is solid. A lot of top of the order hitters. Like you said you could use 1 another power bat to go with Judge, but I believe Voit will hit 35 homers. My Opinion, your SPs need an upgrade. I don’t trust Strausberg, so maybe trade for a more reliable SP2.
  9. I’d trade for Segura. Should be one the league leaders in runs this season. please help
  10. Hi All, 14 Team, H2H, 9 x 9 cats (extra cats: H,2B,3B,OBP, L, BB, HLDS, CG), YAHOO C- Grandal 1B- Hoskins 2B - Moustakas 3B - Suarez SS - Bregman OFs - Blackman, Rosario, Dahl Utli - Chapman, Voit Bench- McMahon, McNeil, J. Polanco SPs - Bieber, Musgrove, Lucchesi, Straham, Peacock, C. Smith RPs - Hader, Holland, Seranthony, T. May How’s the offense? Does anyone think I need to upgrade pitching ASAP or can I wait to see if any of these pitchers break out? WHIR!
  11. He may be getting more ABs now, but the A’s have to make up the power they lost, I believe Chad Pinder can do that. Maybe Pinder won’t play first everyday, but he should get everyday playing time now.
  12. Haven’t heard of a player that came back from hamate surgery and immediately regain their power. I know Giancarlo has hamate surgery in 2015, but he had the surgery at the end of June 2015, and didn’t play for the rest of the season. He essentially had 10 months to recover to the 2016 season. Maybe someone knows of a player to get their power back right away?
  13. Is Chad Pinder going to be the everyday first baseman now with Matt Olson out for 2 months? Pinder batted 5th in the A’s opening series line up. He could be a sneaky player to hit 25+ Home runs and drive in 90 in that Oakland line up and cement himself as an everyday player for the season. Plus he has 2B, 3B and OF eligibility in YAHOO.
  14. Sucks. Even when he comes back, Hamate injuries zap power, so you won’t even get the power number you were expecting from him this season.