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  1. Why is Yahoo listing this guy as questionable?! Screws those of us with him in an IR slot over. He has 0 chance of playing this week.
  2. Yahoo is giving Holland and Taillon both CGs with 5 innings pitched?
  3. Bump! Only got a spot or maybe 2 left and dispersal will be up and running this week.
  4. Looking for a couple strong owners to take over for some of our weak links in this league. Lots of talent available in our 5 team dispersal! Mahomes, Kamara, CMC, Tua & a couple of Gurleys to name a few. Drop your email if you have any questions or interest! Player pool: League page: Bylaws: or
  5. If Gurley sits I plan on playing John Kelly over Sony Michel and Lamar Miller. Not really thinking twice about it.
  6. Sony has had trouble staying healthy this year. New England gets Miami week 14 and Buffalo week 16. You can likely stash Rex in an IR slot for the time being, minimizing any risk associated with picking him up. I think it's an ignorant move to turn your nose up at Rex right now, especially if you are a Sony owner.
  7. Should I deal Larry Fitzgerald and Randall Cobb for Joe Mixon and Robert Woods? Pretty bullish on Mixon this year. Full PPR we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 Flex. Here’s my roster... WHIR QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Marcus Mariota RB: David Johnson, Rex Burkhead, Derrick Henry, Jamaal Williams, Alfred Morris WR: T.Y. Hilton, Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Hogan, Randall Cobb, John Brown TE: Kyle Rudolph, Jordan Reed
  8. Hey guys, so I've used Sportsguys Fantasy Football Draft app the past couple of years. I really love how customizable it is and I use it a lot for mock drafts, but my issue is that I cannot enter my own cheat sheet and draft off of that. I have to go off of the apps recommended picks based on my league settings. I'd like to use an app on draft night that lets me customize my own cheat sheet. Looking around the app store, it seems like this is a common issue with all of these apps, because they are all selling you on their own rankings systems. So I guess I am looking for any recommendations before I buy all of these $5 apps and none of them let me put in my own modified cheat sheet. Thanks in advance.
  9. This might sound stupid, but he is listed as UTIL on Yahoo. Does this mean I can play him anywhere? Or ONLY in my UTIL slot?
  11. Changed my team name to Hall of's fitting Here is my logo if anyone wants to use it!
  12. When is yahoo going to add the player portraits for rookie players? I am one of the few that actually likes having that in the app, except it bothers me having all these gray portraits. Can't be that hard to do, right?