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  1. I figured this guy would have a bounty on his head with other players in the league based on his deplorable actions but man, that didn't take long did it.
  2. Going Cowboys now that Zeke is back in the fold and Cooper sounds healthy for Week 1.
  3. My prediction: 190 carries 950 yards (5.0 YPC) 6 TD, 45 receptions 400 yards 2 TD. Comes to 205.5 points in 1/2 PPR on just under 15 touches per game.
  4. I personally think they'll run Pollard hard week 1 in hopes that he puts on a show. It would be a message to Zeke that while he's one of the best backs in the league that they can get by with what they have. Leverage move. Could blow up though if Pollard gets 20 carries for 40 yards and looks like crap doing it....
  5. He was RB 6 overall last year in only 13 games. With AB84 gone I think he gets more volume per game than he did last year, even with Samuels in the mix. Would you guys take Conner over Nuk or Adams if they are available at 6 or am I way out in right field?
  6. There are generally more WRs on the field than RB so the 3WR/2RB setup kind of fits supply and demand a little better. Another option would be to do 2 WRTs instead of 3/2/1 to give managers their choice of roster construction.
  7. Fork inserted into this guy. Squarely on my bench until he shows some sort of life.
  8. I was watching the game on ESPN last night when he got absolutely blasted in the chin with that 98mph two-hopper off Choo's bat. Got him so square. Hinch mentioned he got 4 stitches and that they'd find out more soon. With the way he was grabbing at his jaw near his ear it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he has a fracture in there somewhere which would absolutely blow. I hope he only has to take a day or two and is back in our lineups soon.
  9. On pace for over 100 XBH, which hasn't been done since 2001 (Bonds, Helton, Sosa, L. Gonzalez). Wow!!!
  10. What are the thoughts on Danny Salazar when he comes back? Will he pitch out of the pen or does CLE plan to start him again?
  11. Out again today against another trash RHP. Has to be an injury. They've got two more days off before the London series so it can't be a rest issue.
  12. I'm not worried about it. That lineup is so deep he'll still be picking up the counting stats as long as he keeps hitting.
  13. I believe he's eligible to be activated tomorrow. http://www.startribune.com/twins-byron-buxton-waiting-for-activation-from-injured-list/511712212/ Sounds like tomorrow is a possibility but not for sure. This week though.