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  1. Cedi Osman 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Ingles is also 31 and only broke out a few years ago, Cedi is 23. I agree that for this year, that's probably a fair summary of his potential. But the fantasy ceiling for those in dynasty and keeper leagues is higher than Ingles you'd have to imagine. Really like what I've seen from him so far.
  2. Danny Green 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    That's 4th round value and you can currently get him in the last round...
  3. 9/26 Game Day Thread

    Jesus Christ, German Marquez is balling out for anyone whose season is still alive. 10 K's through 4.
  4. Conner for J. Howard WHIR

    Unless something completely unprecedented happens and Bell holds out the whole season, in all likelihood Conner won't be starting by the time fantasy playoffs roll around. Even if Conner is better than Howard while starting, that could be a death sentence to your team. I'd absolutely take that deal in a heartbeat. Fantasy is about minimizing risk.
  5. He's someone I'm thrilled to get in dynasty, I think his ceiling is enormous. Don't think he'll have any value in redrafts however.
  6. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    *raises hand*
  7. Has looked great representing his country and has been working out with guys like KD and LeBron over the Summer. Reports state that he has a good shot to win the starting SF job in Cleveland and he's only 23 years old, so I really like him as a dynasty target. Is anyone planning to target him in redrafts? How do you all feel about him going into the 2018-19 season?
  8. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Having by far the top offense on the league hit under .200 for all of last week to get me eliminated for playoffs, only to dominate for my 5th place game, is really cruel.
  9. German Marquez 2018 Outlook

    He is a strikeout monster
  10. 2018 Draft Strategy

    In my 12 team 0.5 PPR (I was picking 8), I did exactly what you outlined and went with Hopkins and CMC (Barkley and Kamara were already off the board). It does kind of force you into taking a long look at McKinnon/Collins/Drake/Ajayi at your next pick, so I guess it depends on whether you think the difference between a Hopkins and a 3rd round WR is bigger than the difference between say, a Melvin Gordon and a 3rd round RB. Personally, in a 0.5 PPR I'd go with the former.
  11. Marvin Jones 2018 Outlook

    I think he was targeted on only 700 yards through the air (including incomplete passes). Jones was targeted on close to 1600. Tate put up incredible YAC numbers and is a walking injury risk. They're both great WR2 options, but I take Jones even in PPR if they're both on board.
  12. Tyler Skaggs 2018 Outlook
  13. Yasmani Grandal 2018 Outlook

    And a combo meal today. Hitting .311 with 9 homers and a steal over the past month. Those are great numbers at any position, let alone the wasteland known as catcher.
  14. Carlos Rodon 2018 Outlook

    His .212 BABIP, a XFIP and FIP in the mid 4s and less than 8ks/9 for starters. I agree with you that his stuff is filthy. That slider should be illegal. It's why despite the advanced numbers, that I'm not looking to sell any shares I have of him. Sometimes, the good old fashioned eye test is worth more than the advanced numbers.
  15. Carlos Rodon 2018 Outlook

    All the advanced metrics say he's going to come crashing back to earth. But based on the pedigree and the fact he was returning from serious injury while working his way into form, I've been willing to roll the dice on him on all the leagues he's been available in.