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  1. I hope Mariota is out of the league in a few years. Absolute trash.
  2. I don't know what's more upsetting. The fact that I own the Titans D, Fournette and Henry in various leagues and started them all. Or the fact that I'm watching this game.
  3. 23 years old, 14 points and 9 boards per game last year in just under 25 minutes. More importantly, he has been confirmed as a starter by Nate McMillan this season. In double double leagues, he could be as high as a top 20 type player.
  4. Same snaps as Gus in week 2 and sees more snaps in positive game flow situations. Ingram had more snaps than Gus and Hill combined last week, but he also looked quite pedestrian. Most of my leagues are too shallow to use a bench spot to hold Hill, but you could do far worse in terms of bench stash options.
  5. Off to the ship in one league (thanks to Anibal Sanchez and Wade Miley streams), 1st seed for semi finals in another league and 2nd seed for semi finals in a 3rd. Have the chance to sweep all three of my leagues which is something that I've never done before!
  6. Almost cost me a matchup too! Looks like a locked and loaded RB1 though. Hope Melvin Gordon stays far, far away from the Chargers this season.
  7. How many of them were within 5 feet of Moore do you reckon?
  8. Thanks for bending me over this week CMC, appreciate it
  9. Imagine not blocking the best MLB of his generation on a run play.
  10. Hate when my job gets in the way of my fantasy sports