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  1. bumpity bump bump
  2. Looking for an active owner for this team. Has some good pieces for the size of the league. League includes MiLB players on roster. We are doing 10 MLB keepers, and UP to 10 MiLB keepers, but there is a caveat that the player had to have been drafted in either drafts. There is a list on the message board about who is allowed to be kept. Rosters will be expanding with more bench spots and potentially more pitching spots. Here is a link to the team: Please email me at with interest.
  3. Looking for owner

    JB, I'm sad you didn't even ask me lol
  4. Christian Villanueva 2018 Outlook

    You've been whining about how garbage he is throughout the entire thing. If you have even watched his games when he has hit the ball, he's hit it hard and right at someone most times. He was more of a .250-260 hitter at best anyways...
  5. Don't message this owner, he just quit our league last night then dropped his entire 40 man roster onto FA. I can provide photo proof
  6. Some bold league ideas

    Nice I like that one too. The switch divisions idea would be great for bottom teams the final week of the regular season lol. I can see them moving a ton lol.
  7. I've had a few league ideas and want to gauge interest for me to possibly make one, or maybe more. Here are the three main ideas I have had. Idea 1: How to make a league with a two round draft :D: Ok so the idea here is that you have two rounds of draft. During the first round you select a team. When you select a team, you get EVERY batter on their 40 man roster to your main roster, and also get to select 10 prospects off their bats to protect in case they trade them away. This fills out your entire offense. Second round is reverse of the first and you select another team to be your pitchers. Same idea as the bats. Only teams selected can have players rostered unless one of your protected prospects gets traded. You also have to keep a set number of batters or hitters for the teams you select year to year. This would be a dynasty league. Idea 2: 2 teams for every owner! This idea is unique in that you'd have a bigger league (say 20 teams), but a smaller ownerbase (10 owners for 20 teams) that could lead to some massive activity with the right owners. Each owner gets an NL and an AL team. Each team ONLY gets to use NL or AL players. So for the draft you'd have one team that can only draft NL players and one team that can only draft AL players. If a trade happens in real life and you now have an NL player on the AL team, you wouldn't drop him, you'd move him to your other team. Could be used for any of the league types IMO Idea 3: Let's see how cuthroat you can be This league has a huge twist and may not work on every site for fantasy, and is best for smaller leagues (you'll know why in a bit). So my literal idea was for a 10 man league. The reason I'd want it so small is because I'd want hyperactive owners. One's which you can message all the time on Facebook or something along those lines. In this league, everything is the same as a regular league. The difference is with 10 teams and 4 divisions, only the division leaders move to the playoffs. The real fun in this league is the fact that you can not only trade players, you can actually trade yourself or other teams into other divisions. So think of it like this: Team A has been dominating and there is a month left in the season. The problem for Team A is that they are 2nd in their division and it's looking like they may not make the playoffs if they keep going as they are. At this point, Team A contacts a team in the weakest division that they would easily be the leader for (and therefore, in the playoffs) and institutes a trade of players or picks in order to switch spots with Team B. Once a year, each team has the chance to pay another team via trade to force two teams to move. Such as Team A just switched with Team B to give him a division lead and a playoff berth, but Team C is the team in 2nd place in that division now, and they trade a 4th team to switch with Team A potentially knocking team A out of the playoffs and allowing Team C to win the division. Could get crazy really quick and really have to know collusion wouldn't occur. Please give feedback if you can.
  8. I'll take the Diamondbacks.
  9. I'm interested but can't see what teams are available. Email is
  10. ESPN 16 team H2H most cats 20 keep Dynasty - 3 farm system

    Bump this up, I just took over the Cubs and we need a new owner for this team so I can make a trade to it lol.
  11. Looking for 2 owners - 16 Team Dynasty H2H Most Cats

    I will take either, prefer the Cubs first. Email is I'm very active and trade a ton.
  12. two invites still out. will accept emails for those teams if they don't get accepted in a prompt manner