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  1. Lol at having 170ish yards on over 40 passing attempts.
  2. Possibly. Or he won’t know what the hell hes doing and injure himself. How in the hell has ANY athlete never set foot in a gym?
  3. Read the portion on Vladito and discuss. How does a prospect never step in the gym to lift?
  4. He’s leading the league in attempts. Where is he ranked currently because he’s on pace to break the attempt record by almost 100 and that’s just not happening. Even with all those attempts they can’t seem to score in the red zone at all.
  5. You mean like the Detroit defense about 6 from the bottom?
  6. He’s completing about 58% of his passes while leading the NFL in attempts. That’s about Cam Newton accuracy I believe. He’s also near the bottom in yards per attempt too. All while not running at all. If this trend continues it’s only a matter of time before he starts getting games with multiple turnovers.
  7. Ya a bit much. He's as accurate as Cam Newton currently, and isn't running much at all. Without yards on the ground, he won't be a top 10 QB just for the lack of TDs since he doesn't have much time to throw.
  8. I wouldn’t pencil him in for 54 attempts a game. His arm would fall off by the bye. He barely even played on the road in college too. Only like 4 road games last year.
  9. Everyone knows he has mental toughness. It’s whether the skills will translate. Case Keenum was better at his system in college.
  10. Good to know, thank you.
  11. He also didn't throw a ton between the numbers and had one of the top offensive lines in college football last year. Most of the tips I saw were definitely because of his height and the fact that his line can't open up wide open throwing lanes. Kyler Murray needs to show me more to be a believer. He's currently in the bottom 5 after week one in yards per attempt and completion percentage. Unless that improves, ya, he can help in fantasy, but so did Bortles playing from behind for an entire year.
  12. Shouldn't this be locked anyways? He's not in college anymore
  13. Do you still have the team available?  I’m interested.  Write to 

  14. It’s also the same thing Olson had and he’s doing ok after coming back. Different players respond differently to the same injuries.