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  1. Jags being a run funnel defense, and Seattle finally with a legit two down back, I would be surprised if they don't gameplan to run a lot. And if that doesn't work then well... At least we can be assured mike will get a shot at a good day. It's really up to his line. Eagles were supposed to shut him down, and they didn't even when they knew run was coming, so why worry now
  2. You should read the last couple pages. Carroll admitted CC needs a couple weeks of practice. That puts him on target for week 17 at earliest. Almost certainly a real life playoff factor not a fantasy one
  3. You guys who still have him on the wire are very lucky. As things are today he will be the lead back through week 16 at least. On this offense that makes him an easy RB2.
  4. you're lucky he's even there to grab, he was #1 pickup last week in pretty much everyone's rankings
  5. Seattle not running has not been by choice. Since Carson went down they haven't had a running game. Carson probably won't be back before week 16. See the blurb I posted above. This guy is poised to be the great playoff push add of 2017.
  6. Full steam ahead Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Chris Carson (broken leg, injured reserve) is "unbelievably ahead of schedule." As always, Carroll injury updates deserve a grain of salt, and even the optimistic coach said Carson will need at least two weeks of practice before he is ready to return. That makes it unlikely he helps fantasy owners this season, but he looks on track to return for the real playoffs. Source: Bob Condotta on Twitter Dec 4 - 12:58 PM
  7. Carson is a legit real life running back imo but I'm not worried about him ruining Mike in fantasy playoffs 2017. It's really not a given at all Carson will be back this season, we know how full of s--- Pete Carroll is about injuries So Mike made the squad tonight. Just wondering if anyone is desperate - ahem sorry I mean BRAVE enough to start him vs eagles I have the luxury of a safer start in my 3rd flex which makes it easy to put Mike on the bench with the bad matchup. On paper this game shapes up as a shootout with a lot of mckissic, so, again... Mike's an ez stash for me this week
  8. I will try to get him (deep ppr league/7 bench 3 flex) but he will be gone by the time my 6th claim comes around. Only guys I can see worth a damn off the wire this week are Barber and Davis. Then again I have been surprised before in the past by leaguemates letting players slip through to me. Seriously I love this guy, he could be a playoff matchup winner for a lot of people. By far the best back Seattle has right now. McKissic is cool but they don't want to use him as a 3 down back
  9. this is a bad take a) no one in the league is approaching princess rodgers ego territory 2) it seems like the only things russ cares about are winning football games and jesus, i have never got the impression that he is trying to stuff the stat sheet or achieve individual recognition. the circumstances currently are that he is responsible for 85% of their total offensive yardage. i can almost guarantee that he would love to have a competent running game to take some of the responsibility off of himself. he's doing it all himself. it's rare, ridiculous, and has the side effect of being fantasy gold.
  10. I thought he looked pretty damn good. I am surprised I did not hear about him earlier in the week via a RW blurb. There was a promoted from pratice squad blurb on the 14th but nothing about being the starter for tonight. I would have stashed him. Deep league. Now because of the groin I probably can get him off waivers on tues night anyway. He's a bit of a longshot but yeah, I was impressed. More importantly the Hawks have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at RB. Nothing. That's what took Chris Carson from minor fantasy appeal to wow everyone grab him, before he even put in a good game.