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  1. You can tell it's for real because he's not just hammering middle-middle fastballs and hanging sliders-- some of these homers have come on legitimately good, well-placed pitches that he just adjusts to mid-pitch. It's a rare talent to be able to pull your hands in on pitches and get as much power on them as Gleyber does. That quick-adjustment skill is what will allow him to fend off slumps and be a consistent producer.
  2. I am going to assume you are, in fact, very sincere, and not at all a troll whose source of entertainment is infuriating strangers on a message board. Your opinion is entirely correct, and anyone who disagrees with you simply fails to observe what is right in front of them. Advanced metrics are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and the only thing that matters is plain, honest production. While your opinion is far better than those of most of the charlatans who like to say such things as "due for regression," I believe you don't take it to its logical conclusion. The only thing that matters, of course, is wins. WHIP, ERA, K/BB-- what good are these acronyms, when the only thing you need to determine a player's worth is his team's record? I conclude that Jakob Junis is, in fact, not a very good baseball player at all, because the Royals are 11-23.
  3. Or, I don't know, maybe you have five pitchers who haven't looked like total a** up until this point
  4. I would not at all be surprised in the least if the 2018-2019 offseason comes and goes without the Yankees signing a single star free agent, when so many are available. Hal has said, publicly and often ,“Logic dictates that you don’t have to [spend $200 million] to have a championship-caliber team." I think that ownership has used the "resetting the lux tax" line as a way to assuage the fans' concerns about initially operating with a lower payroll, with the intention of remaining at this current level moving forward. If you're ownership, you can't just come out and say, "Yep-- we won't spend this much money again"-- there would be riots. Wouldn't it be better to ease everyone into it, convince them that they're saving to spend later, and then backtrack once they've had a good season? Just watch.
  5. In the past few years, Hal has slowly lulled the fanbase into complacency with a lower payroll. It is absolutely ownership's intention to win with a payroll a good deal south of $200MM, and the success of this team only makes it less likely that a Machado or Harper will end up in New York.
  6. Oof....it has to be a best case/worst case scenario for Torres and Gardner. The Yankees tend to show respect to their veterans and Gardner is a guy who has not only been there for 10 years, but is the de facto captain. Knocking him down the lineup is only going to happen if he flounders for 2 more months at least, and badly so
  7. Nope. Definitely not a SP2. An SP2 would have struck out 18
  8. ' I think many are underestimating the degree to which the Yankees like Drury. We've seen that Cashman likes to identify overlooked guys in other orgs, acquire them, and then give them very long looks, as he's done with Hicks and Gregorius. Given the success of those two, I'm inclined to think the Yankees have confidence that Drury is a legitimate first division regular. Now, will Drury supplant Andujar as starting third baseman? No. That's ludicrous. But even if Drury acts as super-sub, I'll bet that most of his starts come at third, given that Cashman has come out and publicly said, "We think his best position is third base." Maybe he gets one, two starts a week at third? And maybe during one of those, days, someone else will already be DHing, meaning Andujar doesn't play? It's very easy to imagine a scenario where Andujar remains the starter but loses enough plate appearances to hurt his value. Of course, this is all for naught if Drury can't get over his migraines
  9. Am thinking that this is an excellent time to sell high and am trying to do so wherever I own him. I like him, and there's no way he's going back to the minors, but Drury returning means he'll probably see a cut in playing time to maybe 4-5 times a week instead of 6. It's a big enough drop to harm his value pretty significantly, but maybe not big enough to set off alarm bells with some of the less involved owners in your leagues.