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  1. Marvin Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Aah...Golf clap for Marvin
  2. Marvin Jones 2017 Season Outlook

    Trolled them after the fact?
  3. My Jones/Lion KR ate up my opponent's Thielen/Viking KR...too busy cooking to pull MJ out of my lineup before the game started. 🍻🍗
  4. Corey Clement 2017 Season Outlook

    Thinking about playing him & Ajayi against the Bear. Probably 2 tds and a good 150yds there between them.
  5. Hope the Seahawks lose by 2...miss the playoffs by a game
  6. RIP Terry Glenn

    safe to drop...?
  7. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    Winds will be blowing practically straight across the field...Stafford will stubbornly keep trying to throw the ball deep...Eddie Jackson will have another big game with 2 int's, one returned for a td. Bears running game seals the deal in the end. bears
  8. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    If you are already assuming he would be 100% if he comes back >> why would you even ask the forum how he fared after coming back from his last injury (which one can look up in a second) -?? ...sounds like you only want to hear favorable projections.
  9. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    I wouldn't ignore the most important variable
  10. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    Different collarbone...not the same situation
  11. Aaron Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    For a showing of "Ground Hog Day"
  12. Joe Mixon 2017 Outlook

    There's also something to be said about knowing when to get out of the rain.
  13. JD McKissic 2017 Season Outlook

    I'm digging him the rest of the way...their best option running or catching out of the backfield