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  1. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    Steelers need to walk away...just let him go, with no letter of recommendation.
  2. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    That’s if they transition vs franchise tag him in ‘19...cheaper option, but it reads no compensation if he signs with another team, it merely gives Pitt the option to match.
  3. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    LSS If he doesn’t (sign) the franchise tag the Steelers used to keep him can be applied again — but not at the same price. A new hitch in the league’s collective bargaining agreement would put Bell in line for a major raise. His tagged salary would equal the average of the league’s top five highest-paid players in “if the Steelers use the franchise tag again after Bell sits out year, he’ll be in the same exact position next year that he is now. Would Pittsburgh bother to tag him again knowing he already sat out an entire season? Maybe at $14.54m. Almost certainly not at a cost likely to hover around $25-26m.”
  4. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

  5. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    Because he never signed last year?
  6. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    Not sure if it was brought up...but I believe I read somewhere last year during the mess that it would cost the Steelers a lot more to tag him this year...like 18m?
  7. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    ? “Fell to them in the 2nd” ...Did they think he was Bradley Chubb-?
  8. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    It’s easy to orchestrate if the player can go another team of his choice & is willing to play for LESS money (in good faith)...like Moss restructuring his deal once he was traded to NE. But this is the bizarro world situation...
  9. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    I do not think I saw AB at the top of the 2019 WR $ list.
  10. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    I’ll be more surprised when it’s neither.
  11. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    It’s getting there...Cleveland signed Hyde then traded him away a few months later.
  12. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Another team could trade & flip him to the Pats.
  13. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    I am not ridiculing anyone, I was giving you credit. Flacco currently knocks them down to approx 18m in cap space, which puts them in the bottom third in the league. Aside from other needs (I assume they might have FAs they want to keep) taking on AB would leave them with not enough cap space to sign their draft picks, even if they were to gave away their #1...which they won't. https://overthecap.com/draft/
  14. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    D. has been here long enough to explain himself. I said "near" zero, as their cap space stands at this moment.
  15. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    I was giving current "real" #'s...my apologies.