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  1. Just took over a last place team in a 16T League...keep up to 4 players. First 4 rds are the keeper rds. Traded 5.01, 6.16 for Evans, 8.10, 10.10
  2. Time to sell high.
  3. Back to Howard...there is no threat to his work load. Watch the preseason, hope that Shaheen does not turn into a redzone circus show for the team. Draft him as a RB1 that will be better play than more than 1/2 of your league's starting options.
  4. Thomas Sanders > Neal Anderson
  5. Go find a post that ranks my opinion of Neal
  6. They both have ankle issues...which is why the Seattle rbs on any future team of mine will come off waivers.
  7. I feel that the rb situation in Seattle will play out like those the Broncos have had post-TDavis...take one of the lower-priced options.
  8. Context, young man, context.
  9. I'm with Rolling T on this one...Lacy might deliver a bigger blow, but Rawls looks to have the edge on balance where he appears to take on & move on from hits along the way.
  10. Tarik Cohen...Dennis Gentry 2.0
  11. I've had a lot of "2.0 version" posts in several topics...most can see the tongue in cheek. I was a fan of Neal Anderson, but he was a "system rb" for the bear.
  12. You amuse us, in your own little ways, and we'll miss you this winter.
  13. I did not. Another Joshua lie...#4.0??
  14. Until he was injured...I was calling him the starter.
  15. ^^^ Too cheap to pay for a "Pay per Click Ad"