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  1. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    Hyde pickup was the hedge in case Barkley did not slip to #4 for them, imo
  2. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    ^ Someone's enjoy St. Patty's Day! 🍻
  3. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    2017 PFF grade: Norman #53 Rhodes #44 Peterson #49 Johnson #68 *Fuller #21 ...sounds like the bear gave Fuller an honest chance to weigh his market, and decided his was worth keeping.
  4. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    Now they can trade him to the packers for an early pick
  5. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    Who's picking him earlier?
  6. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    Any word on the details of the offer?
  7. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    I'd like to see that contract, lol
  8. Green Bay Packers 2018 Outlook

    Looks like the Pack are trying to play screw your neighbor by giving Fuller an offer that Chicago will have to decide if they want to'd be interesting to see if it's above market value. If so, I wouldn't get into a pissing match with them, even though the bears are the team with the available cap space >>> call their'll just make it harder to give Rodgers his $30m a year. Then the bears will have a catalyst to draft Ward, a better player at a cheaper price = back-fire.
  9. Theo Riddick 2018 Season Outlook

    Sorry. It's the system...he's merely been their best option the last few seasons.
  10. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    Bears have more TEs than wrs
  11. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    I'm still thinking there's a chance the bears & jets flip picks if Chubb is available at #6...we get our DE, they still get their QB.
  12. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    meh...if the bear uses valuable resources on a DB it needs to be a legit "lock-down" talent.
  13. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    AR12 already running sprints, working on explosive jumps.
  14. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    Still a 25 yr old kid...good metrics per snap.