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  1. prediction...he may be drafted in a higher round in FF leagues than the real draft.
  2. I'm thinking 3rd rd at best...have any teams publicly rolled the red carpet out for him, I haven't been paying attention to his visits.
  3. Aah...I wasn't sure how soon hell broke loose after he signed his extension.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that bonuses were all paid out in full and just the #s were prorated out over the contract life in order to ease the yearly cap hit.
  5. Per your request...
  6. Suddenly, I'm reminded of Nathan Thurm...
  7. Integrity can be assumed or earned, but it must be maintained...if you do not want to play your ball where it landed, that is your decision.
  8. No hunt needed...Randy Moss, Mike Evans.
  9. I'm going to wait for his contract year to draft him...again.
  10. Your false statement was claiming that Amari had accomplished at 21 something that had never been done before...I do not care what value he has on your draft board.
  11. What you said in December about Amari, after you stated you'd consider drafting him before most of the top rbs ..."1000+ receiving yard rookie NFL seasons at the age of 21? Correct. There are none on the horizon...since it had never been done before and won't be done again for a LONG time." Not true.
  12. But you did the same thing last year in Cooper's '16 thread...remember?
  13. And headaches?
  14. It reminds me of a club maker I met many years ago when we were discussing the value of swing weight... "I can get a telephone pole to swing out at D2, but that doesn't mean you'd want to try and hit a golf ball with it."
  15. employed simple data-entry, another at least drew a couple of lines.