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  1. You had me at "ˈasə"
  2. Do you ever tire of being you?
  3. He already has a market value..."if" Cooks wins a SB, yet doesn't improve his #s, the ring on his finger will not increase his perceived value with his next employer. NE will not be the highest bidder for his services when/if he becomes a FA, imo
  4. Your post put The Who's "Going Mobile" song in my head...and I thank you.
  5. What upset Cooks last year >>>the future dollars running out of his pockets because a rookie with a lower draft grade was putting up equal/better #s than him. A SB win won't change his future earning potential, and I doubt being a cog in the NE machine will provide him with the production that will help him maximize his open market value when the time comes.
  6. He should go after the big 3, and i'd still take him early...but it would be a passive rb pick, half-expecting to be singing the Beatles "I should've known better" in the fall.
  7. I'd rank his talent at the same spot, but I might look the other way on draft day knowing that he tends to disappoint in years that one has to pay a premium for him.
  8. Shady has always been in a favorable offense...I'll focus on his career trend.
  9. Isn't Shady a year-on, year-off rb?
  10. Nothing would make Pace happier than to be able to say "I told you so" to all the draft pundits. All it will take is a couple of tds in preseason and he could easily be on the field everytime the Bears get in the redzone.
  11. Are you sure you want an offseason board whose only future form of excitement would be waiting around for spreadsheet from collusion that was 3 months in making?
  12. With a big desire to get you to stop trolling the Bear, and a smaller desire to see you disappear all together, lol...How about this bet: If the Bears have more wins than the Jets in 2017, you will leave the boards for entire offseason, until week 1 of 2018. I likewise, will do the same should your jets have more wins than the Bears this -!?
  13. All the Giants locker room needs now is Terrell Owens.
  14. I have an aversion to trojan wrs.
  15. You are trying too hard to prove me wrong..."he was not over-rated 35-40 years ago" = not considered the best of his time.