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  1. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Week 17...with Garoppolo throwing. Making both look like 2018 projected stars on paper.
  2. Russel Wilson 2017 Season Outlook

    I blame the OP misspelling his name for the slow start.
  3. Christian McCaffrey 2017 Season Outlook

    A better strategy would be to have him remain another owner's starter.
  4. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    Cohen slightly ahead, DJ at 1.02
  5. Chris Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    ??? Haters? You have to have or be something others want and can't have/be to be hated...right-!? Nobody hates FFC.
  6. Kendall Wright Season Outlook 2017

    "Mitch is Our QB" by week 4
  7. Jordan Howard 2017 Season Outlook takes an act of God.
  8. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    I was just taking him down from the Barry Sanders 2.0 accusation
  9. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    Prepare yourselves for the next bear hype train...Tanner Gentry brought back up from the practice squad, he'll end up their best wr.
  10. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    Greg Pruitt 2.0
  11. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    "Is that Latin-!?" M. Fischer, Rushmore '01
  12. Jordan Howard 2017 Season Outlook

    The #1 rb never repeats the feat the next should know that.
  13. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    ^^^ Salty because the Seachickens' OL & RBBC is a nightmare
  14. Jordan Howard 2017 Season Outlook

    it's a bad stat that tells 1/3 of the story.