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  1. I think he has average Jordan Howard #s next season. Safe 3rd rd pick...13-14 ppg ppr.
  2. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Then he'll play on the tag, but pick n choose which teams he feels comfortable playing Alshon when he was a bear.😉
  3. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Players that are not top 5 players at their position are usually thrilled to be tagged, he'll play without a threat of's in the dolphins' best interest to get a deal done.
  4. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Very interesting, many thought they would let him go. FA wr market might dry up fast in response.
  5. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    GB drafting wrs is not a different story, it's an old one.
  6. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    Yes, Pitt & GB do an exceptional job picking wrs.
  7. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    Who made the SB?
  8. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    11m freed up with cuts least another 30m coming soon.
  9. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm sure the Patriots have been very happy that teams like Pitt & GB keep drafting wrs.
  10. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Jerry...tie a 3rd rd pick to Dez and the Bears will take his salary off your hands.
  11. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    Predicted cap cuts: McPhee Sims Wheaton Freeman Demps Glennon Three consecutive 1st rd picks that haven't returned any immediate fair market value. No guts to fire Fox after the 1st year. And Pace received a new contract extension how-?
  12. 2018 WR Class

    I was able to pull up the SMU vs ASU & Ark games
  13. 2018 WR Class

    Just type in Southern Miss Football vs... into Youtube
  14. 2018 WR Class

    Game on...Scott vs Simmie.
  15. Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason

    A week n half later, hype that he is the best LB in the draft is starting to steamroll...may not make it to the bear now.
  16. 2018 RB Class

    @ 20-25 rbs will make more money than Riddick in '18...sounds about right
  17. 2018 RB Class

    Since his 2nd contract, his receptions have gone down about 33%
  18. 2018 RB Class

    Who's ever accused you of a professional falsehood?
  19. 2018 RB Class

    Why start with an insult?
  20. "Two Win" Leagues

    Just have the bottom half of the league in weekly scoring donate $10 to the top half per week. It is the only way to keep owners with sinking ships active.
  21. 2018 WR Class

    If he's the only bear add, he would be their best wr
  22. 2018 WR Class

    That's the conundrum, I think my guy will get playing time right away, you have no confidence in your guy(s)
  23. 2018 WR Class

    Ok...but he has to be drafted in the same area as Cobbs. The one with the lesser FF pts as a rookie leaves the board for the entire offseason
  24. 2018 WR Class

    Give me a better 5th rd wr...I'll make you a "Josh Bet"
  25. "Two Win" Leagues

    Psst...this thread is in the wrong forum.