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  1. Because there is soooooo much activity in this thread?? You should be happy with the bump we're giving it so people can find Mr. Abdullah.
  2. AJG & Ajayi...keepers are not mandatory, up to 4. I'll probably have to throw him back in order to snag a rookie rb with starter reps.
  3. A Brady + NE Kicker would be a nice stack & hedge if the Madden Curse strikes.
  4. Travis Best production when healthy...key component of many zero-rb drafters
  5. Howl''s calling
  6. Not sure why a mod would lock a '16 thread that was still active, then not take the time (2 secs) to start up a '17 a courtesy & show of appreciation to the members. Anywho, I misspelled his name in a passive-aggressive response to the disappointment.
  7. I'm taking over a last place team in a 16 team league...I need to decide whether he is worth keeping at the 3.01 spot, or throw him back with the hopes of snagging a key rookie rb or upper tier QB. I'm thinking he should have a few more points this season.
  8. Your are more than welcome to pick the Jets...someone else has to have a pair out there, yes/no-!?
  9. May 19th I offered up: "With a big desire to get you to stop trolling the Bear, and a smaller desire to see you disappear all together, lol...How about this bet: If the Bears have more wins than the Jets in 2017, you will leave the boards for entire offseason, until week 1 of 2018. I likewise, will do the same should your jets have more wins than the Bears this -!?" Impreza178, JSA2422 and vikingapocalypse like this
  10. Stop playing...I know you saw it, or at the very least, know how to go back and read it.
  11. I'm in a early "buy" mode with Gronk and his incentive heavy '17 compensation.
  12. You mean like the wager I proposed in the Chicago Bear thread?? ...ouch.
  13. I do not equate high-stakes with ff aptitude.
  14. Once he was drafted by the Cowboys, he shot up to the top of rd of the draft in no time at all...I stand by my belief that if you're in a competitive league among equals, everyone has the same advantage in a May Draft = no advantage. The passing of time removes some of the risk, which is why certain players become more expensive.
  15. If he plays 15-16 games...he'll be a top 15 back at worst.
  16. I've never understood this logic of how drafting early gives a certain person an advantage over the rest of the owners in the no one else sees or has access to the same value. It's all relative.
  17. You had me at "ˈasə"
  18. Do you ever tire of being you?
  19. He already has a market value..."if" Cooks wins a SB, yet doesn't improve his #s, the ring on his finger will not increase his perceived value with his next employer. NE will not be the highest bidder for his services when/if he becomes a FA, imo
  20. Your post put The Who's "Going Mobile" song in my head...and I thank you.
  21. What upset Cooks last year >>>the future dollars running out of his pockets because a rookie with a lower draft grade was putting up equal/better #s than him. A SB win won't change his future earning potential, and I doubt being a cog in the NE machine will provide him with the production that will help him maximize his open market value when the time comes.
  22. He should go after the big 3, and i'd still take him early...but it would be a passive rb pick, half-expecting to be singing the Beatles "I should've known better" in the fall.
  23. I'd rank his talent at the same spot, but I might look the other way on draft day knowing that he tends to disappoint in years that one has to pay a premium for him.
  24. Shady has always been in a favorable offense...I'll focus on his career trend.