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  1. Samuel will be every bit as effective as McCaffrey in the short pass game. All I want to see is a little reality before we throw every non-Stewart carry & non-Olsen target McCaffrey's way. It's hilarious.
  2. It will most likely take 2 injuries within the bears wrs corps before one emerges as a viable ff player. I would not draft a bear wr this year, as the one that most likely leads the team in production will be found via the waiver wire.
  3. Instead of propping up the 90.7 number to the 91.8 percent number and calling the 2 QBs near equals, I would recommend weighing 75 to 122.
  4. It's a very bad projection, and at the very least bad math by Joshua...there is no way those #s can add up, unless McCaffery leads the team in offensive snaps, outside of Cam of course. I do not believe anyone has made that claim...yet.
  5. Is it time for another 50 td season projection from you...hmmm?
  6. So we've seen his floor...?
  7. Capable rbs does not mean "equal" rbs...nothing to see here (as always), draft with confidence.
  8. Neal Anderson 3.0
  9. That would mean that they added the next Arian Foster this year to their roster...I can handle that, which guy is that?
  10. edit: He "likes" numbers.
  11. Doesn't understand when others are kidding...and that is ok.
  12. Fool's Gold stat post. Ajayi averaged a League leading 6.36 yards against a stacked box...which means if he faced that stacked-front at the same % or frequency as Howard >>> then Howard was much better than Ajayi the other 73.6% of their carries.
  13. I cannot draft McCaffrey at his adp until I see a flash or more in preseason. For me, Cook is the better risk/reward...if I was drafting early.
  14. Especially when the extrapolated projection still ignores the #s the uber-talented Samuel could/should produce...he will be getting some carries also. maybe one should take Dunn's #s and cut them by 30-40%
  15. After all of that ^^^ we learned that collusion only drafts in early rd players with long positive track records...which we already new. wee
  16. It's beyond ridiculous to claim that McCaffrey will have better production than Dunn in the NFL because what he did at Stanford
  17. You missed the "less carries" part of the math.
  18. Hmmm...Dunn: less carries, more yards, more tds than McCaffrey in college.
  19. Drafting Howard is what it was like to pick Curtis Martin in the turnaround 20 years ago...something steady to build higher risk/higher return players around.
  20. You've never been more wrong...and that is saying aaaaaah-lot. You mentioned the one position that they did not add anyone. ha ha ha
  21. It's a classic case of >>> if you have enough teams, and enough different players, you can come on a ff forum and never be wrong.
  22. Better situation: QB, RB, TE, WR, DL, CB, S, Kick Returner.
  23. As fast as he is, I'm not 100% sure he is white.
  24. He caught 3, 6, 1 in the playoffs...I do not believe any of those games were in Denver, or Mexico.