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  1. Trey Burton 2018 Outlook

    I bought into the hype this offseason and drafted Burton over Kittle in my rookie/ FA draft. Been regretting it ever since, but was able to trade Burton in a package two weeks ago for Ertz. Glad to be off that train as he has been a headache to own.
  2. Semifinals Lineup Help. WHIR.

    Thanks for the input so far everyone.
  3. Woods, Cooks, Hilton, or Cooper

    Oh that’s a tough decision. I say you have to ride the hot hand of Cooper. As for the other one, I’d go Hilton.
  4. I agree with the others. Your lineup looks good, so leave as is. Good luck.
  5. I agree with like everyone else. I think Cousins has a bounce back week against the Dolphins, so I’d go with him.
  6. Semifinals Lineup Help. WHIR.

    Thanks for the input. Anyone else think Jones is the sit if OBJ plays?
  7. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. -1 pt per 3 carries Need 2 FLEX and 1 WR. - Aaron Jones - Mixon - Cooper - OBJ (if he plays) Leaning the 2 RBs for FLEX, because of the settings skewed toward RBs. Jones has a tough matchup against CHI though (who just shut Gurley down). Mixon has a great matchup against OAK. Cooper is on a tear right now and is tough to sit. OBJ is usually a must start if he plays though.
  8. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    CHI vs GB DET @ BUF BUF vs DET Is CHI the no brainer after what they did to Goff, or are they still a sit with Rodgers coming to town?
  9. Playoff Help! Samuels Ekeler or Carson WHIR

    That's a tough one. It's between Samuels and Carson (if he plays). Samuels should be the lead back in that committee this week. When healthy, Carson is the workhorse back for the Seahawks. SEA likes to run the ball a lot, so Carson will get plenty of opportunities. I think i'd lean Samuels though simply because he has a better matchup.
  10. Ertz trade

    12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. We do not have a trade deadline since it is dynasty, so we are still able to make trades. I am 12-1 with the #1 seed. Looking at strengthening my team even more for the playoffs and for the future. I have been in discussions with the Ertz owner and he proposed this: SEND Burton, Godwin, Ravens D, 2019 1st (1.12 right now) RECEIVE Ertz, 2019 3rd (3.06 right now) Burton hasn't done anything while in CHI, so I do not mind getting rid of him. Plus I will be replacing him with Ertz, so I will have Ertz and Njoku going forward. I like Godwin going forward, but I also have pretty good depth at WR already, so I can afford to get rid of him. I also have the Bears and Bills defenses, so I can afford to send the Ravens D. And my 1st is late, so it doesn't bother me to send that (plus I have 2.01 right now, so my next pick will be right after my 1st round pick as of right now). Is this a snap accept? My team if i make the trade: QB- Mahomes, Winston, Eli, Rudolph (TS) RB- Kamara, Barkley, Mixon, Aaron Jones, Gio, Grant (IR), Ridley, Josh Adams (TS), Darrell Williams (TS) WR- OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, Sutton, Kirk, Sutton (TS), Coutee (TS), David Moore (TS) TE- Ertz, Njoku, Olsen, Eifert (IR) D/ST- Bears, Bills K- Butker WR depth would be thin if i made the trade for the ROS, but I do have Sutton on taxi that I can activate if needed.
  11. FLEX help. WHIR

    Looks like one option is already counted out. Sanders injured at practice.
  12. Flex, TE, DST help WHIR

    I'd probably roll with Shady and Drake. I'm not too fond of either, but I like them more than the other 2 options. CHI is too unpredictable, plus I think it will be a negative game script for Howard. if Moore hadn't of had a goose egg last week, I might would have went with him, but he is more inconsistent than the 2 RBS. I'd go Njoku for TE. CAR is awful against TE's, so Njoku should have a good game. And I still would go with the Jags out of those options.
  13. FLEX help. WHIR

    Yea idk why they put the settings like that. But it is changing after this year, so it will be more balanced. Thanks for your input.
  14. FLEX help. WHIR

    12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. 12-1 with the #1 seed. Who to play in my 2 FLEX spots? Joe Mixon Aaron Jones Amari Cooper Sanders Chris Godwin Leaning towards the 2 RBs, because we get 1 pt per 3 rushing attempts (changing after this year though). Stick with them, or do you think any of the 3 WRs are better bets.
  15. I’m in agreement with everyone else. Drop Robinson for Samuels.