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  1. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    Appreciate the input.
  2. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    Crowder is the one he is wanting. He did mention Hilton for Howard and 3.06, so therefore I would be able to keep Crowder, but I would not have much depth at RB then. I would then probably use 3.03 on a RB for depth (idk who will be there though).
  3. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    The only other team that is somewhat stacked at WR and somewhat shallow at RB has Evans, Allen, and Tyreek at WR, but he still has Fournette, CMC, Ajayi and D. Freeman at RB. But I'm good friends with that guy and he has told me that he isn't sold on Howard, so I highly doubt he'd trade K. Allen or Evans straight up for him. Maybe not even Hill (who I'm not bullish on though) I just can't decide whether it is best to keep Howard (based on our settings of 1 pt per 3 rushing attempts) and add Hilton/ A-Rob with my depth at WR already.
  4. Thoughts on keepers (WHIR)

    I’d keep Aaron Jones. I think he takes that starting role this year. I’m almost tempted to say keep Graham instead of Hyde though. Hyde doesn’t do too much for me. I know he will be the lead back starting out, but for how long?But you did say you can’t start 2 TE’s, so you’d only be keeping 2 to trade 1 of them. I’d continue to try to shop 1 of them, but if no luck, I might just keep Hyde based on the fact that he is the lead back for now.
  5. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    Yea I haven’t gotten any offers for Howard, granted I haven’t exactly put him out there either. I was talking to the owner with Jones (who I’m high on) and he asked which RB would I possibly get rid of 1st, so my first thought was Howard. But neither of you are high on A-Rob or Hilton though? Hilton with Luck has been really good (but we don’t know how healthy luck is and when he will be 100% healthy). A-Rob is coming off an injury and looks poised to take a giant step forward with Nagy, but that is an unknown. What WR do you think Howard is worth then?
  6. Jordan Howard trade. WHIR

    Thanks. I don’t think Howard will lose a lot of touches. He is still going to be that 2 down bruiser and the goal line back for them. Cohen just isn’t big enough to have that role. What QB do you think I should target? I have inquired on Wilson, but owner isn’t moving him right now, and owner with Wentz made it known that he isn’t moving him. And as far as TE, should I try to package 2.04 with something to get a better one? Or would you spend 2.04 on Kittle/ Burton? Or is either of them really better than what I already have?
  7. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1 K. Pretty standard scoring with .5 PPR and 6 pt TD's, but we do get 1 pt per every 3 rushes (which makes RBs a little more valuable- especially those that get a lot of touches- 11 RBs scored more than the highest WR, including Howard). Two offers for my Howard: GET Hilton and Aaron Jones GIVE Howard, Crowder, 3.06 GET A-Rob and Aaron Jones GIVE Howard, Crowder, Eifert, 3.06 My team: QB- Winston, Mahomes, Tyrod RB- Kamara, Howard, Mixon, Barkley (1.01), Breida WR- OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, Crowder, Parker, Corey Coleman, Westbrook TE- Eifert, Njoku, Cook D/ST- Ravens, Bears K- Butker Given my depth at WR and RB and the fact that we get a point per 3 rushing attempts, would you trade Howard away for either package? Would take a slight hit at RB, but my WR core would improve dramatically. But since we can only start a max of 3 WRs or 3 RBs, I wasn't sure which way to go.
  8. Kittle or Burton?

    12 team .5 PPR Dynasty League. Looking to hopefully add 1 during my rookie/ FA draft. Looking at taking one with either 2.01 or 3.03. I feel like 2.01 may be too early, but 3.03 may be too late. Do I take one at 2.01 or wait and see if either on is there at 3.03? If they are both happen to be there at either selection, who do you like? Current TE’s are Eifert and Njoku.
  9. Dynasty Trade. WHIR.

    Guy with Cook didn't want to trade for 1.02. He was really only wanting 1.01, which I wasn't giving up. So I didn't do either of those trades.
  10. I would have received Wilson. The guy said he wasn't interested in trading Wilson anyway.
  11. Trey Burton 2018 Season Outlook

    Is he the TE that will break out this year? He is getting paid a good amount of money, so looks like they envision him being the main guy at TE. Coach has even went as far to say that he is going to play the Kelce role and we know how good that role is.
  12. Dynasty trade. WHIR

    Guy offered 1.07 for 2.01 and 3.03. No brainer right?
  13. Dynasty trade. WHIR

    He also already offered me: SEND 2.01, 3.03, 2019 2nd, Eifert RECEIVE 1.07, 3.09 I feel like that is a lot to move up 6 spots, but according to a trade analyzer, that is an even trade.
  14. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1 K My team: QB- Winston, Mahomes, Tyrod RB- Howard, Kamara, Mixon, Barkley (have pick 1.01), Breida WR- OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, Crowder, Corey Coleman, Parker, Westbrook TE- Eifert, Njoku, Cook D/ST- Ravens, Bears K- Butker Also hold picks 2.01, 3.03, 3.06 Guy is wanting my 2.01. Only thing I really want from his team is his 1st round pick (1.07). He is wanting to trade his 1st round pick. I think he is wanting to get accumulate more picks. With my team, would you package 2.01, 3.03 or 3.06, and another small piece like Eifert/ Westbrook/ Coleman? Or would you just hold onto what I have since I'd only be moving up 6 spots. I have my eye on Trey Burton, but could I possibly get him at 2.01?
  15. Who to target at pick 2.04? WHIR

    Appreciate the input. I was about to ask how Chubb fell to 2.04. Yea in this league last year, several players fell that I was surprised by. Kamara fell to me at 2.09 last year and OJ Howard fell until late 3rd round. Surprisingly, I decided to take Njoku as the 1st TE in the draft. So anything is definitely possible. I think I am targeting Burton at that pick, but we will see if he's available then ..