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  1. Rate my team. WHIR! 4TH pick .5 Ppr

    I think it is solid team. WRs may be a weak link, but that depends on Hilton, Parker, and Watkins. Hilton will be fine if Luck is back. I have no clue what to expect with Parker or Watkins. While I do like Mahomes (I have him on one of my teams), he will have his ups and downs and he has a brutal schedule to open up. I’d probably grab a 2nd QB with him. Not sure I would want to trust him as my only QB all year.
  2. Trade Devante Parker? WHIR

    I mean he’s behind OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, and Crowder. I also have Barkley, Kamara, Howard, and Mixon at RB, so I’m not sure Parker will ever see my lineup unless injuries occur/ bye week fill in. We start 2 RB, 2 WRs, and 2 FLEX, but I still shouldn’t start him.
  3. Trade Devante Parker? WHIR

    I actually didn't take him. He was part of a trade like 2 years ago. At that point I wasn't too excited about him, but it was a no brainer for what I had to give up. I have held him since (granted I haven't gotten any real offers for him up to this point). I just wasn't sure if it was best to get rid of him now (since he is only depth for me) and to grab a high upside player in Godwin and what should be an early to mid pick in the 2nd round.
  4. Would you trade Parker and 2020 3rd for Godwin and 2019 2nd (probably early- mid) in a dynasty? Parker is like my 5th WR, so is it time to sell him, while is value is high? And is this a good enough package?
  5. Trade Devante Parker? WHIR

    That is true as well. Hard to tell with him right now.
  6. Trade Devante Parker? WHIR

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I guess the only thing is that his value is high right now, because of Landry leaving, and him stepping into that “#1” role, so this may be the most I can get for him. If he sucks again this year, I’d be lucky to get a 2nd for him.
  7. I need help with Keepers.

    I’d go with Allen, Watson, Jones, Anderson, Johnson, and Gronk.
  8. Dynasty: Jimmy G's Trade Value (WHIR)

    Those offers are laughable. I’m not sure what his exact value is right now, bur it is definitely more than what you have been offered. He is young and and looked good when he took over last year. With the those other 2 QBs on your team, I would keep Jimmy G and see if you could get something for Ben. Help with mine:
  9. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league GIVE: Parker, 2020 3rd RECEIVE: Godwin, 2019 2nd (early-mid probably) Parker has been a massive disappointment the last couple of years, but he is now the #1 WR in MIA with Landry gone. I do think Godwin has a bright future, but is this package enough for Parker? I’m just wondering whether I should hold out and see if I can get more during the season, or if I should go ahead and get something good for him while I can. He is just depth for me right now. He is currently my 5th WR, behind OBJ, M Thomas, Cooper, and Crowder. I also only have 1 pick in the 2019 draft (1st round), so of course I’d get another pick back.
  10. Dynasty Trade: Is G. Allison worth the risk?

    Allison is still a huge question mark, so I wouldn't make that trade. I'm not very high on Drake, but I feel like you should keep him in this trade.
  11. 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league. I currently have Winston, Mahomes, and Tyrod. I am unsure whether I should try to acquire a safer veteran option. Winston is suspended the 1st 3 games, Mahomes is an unknown right now (with a lot of upside though), and I'm not sure I want to have to count on Tyrod for the long haul. I have inquired on several QBs, but most of the owners aren't trading, or they are asking way too much. I have started discussions with the Rivers owner, who is in rebuild mode, so he is willing to listen on him. He originally wanted Tyrod and Aaron Jones, but I shot that down. Would either of these packages work or should I just keep what I have? 1.) Tyrod and 2020 2nd for Rivers and 2019 3rd (may would be willing to take out the 3rd) 2.) Tyrod, Breida (him and McKinnon may become the Freeman/ Coleman combo in SF), 2020 3rd for Rivers and 2019 3rd (may would up my 2020 3rd to my 2020 2nd) Both trades are fairly even in a trade calculator (granted you can't really go solely off them). I currently do not have a 2nd and 3rd for 2019 though.
  12. Trading for 1.01 (WHIR!)

    Thanks for the input on mine. I like both trades for you, but I like the one where you are receiving 1.01 and 1.11 more. You’d be getting Barkley, plus another RB, or a top WR. I’d definitely move Olsen as he is at the end of his career. I like Adams, but if you can get Barkley for that package, I wouldn’t hesitate.
  13. Dynasty roster help. WHIR

    You are right about the Vikings. Thomas may or may not ever amount to anything, but he should be the RB3 there, and as stated already, that could be valuable. Akins was a 3rd round pick, so the Texans must have liked him to spend a somewhat early pick on a TE.
  14. Dynasty roster help. WHIR

    Out of those 3 options, who do you think is the better stash? 1.) Akins could start at TE, but he is an older rookie. Options in front of him aren’t very good though 2.) Schultz could be a good stash, but he does have like 2-3 other TEs in front of him. Saw somewhere that he is more of a blocking TE. Could emerge as the leader late in the year/ early next 3.) Roc Thomas- could have that McKinnon role somewhat. Cook will be a 3 down back, but IF he happens to get injured again, Thomas could become a main part of that offense.
  15. Dynasty roster help. WHIR

    I was thinking of either one of the TE’s or Roc Thomas (heard he may be used somewhat like McKinnon was). Not that it matters for the taxi squad, but I have several receivers on there, so I wasn’t thinking about Lasley.