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  1. What is the deal with this guy? Is he really injured or is he just not playing because of TWs not making the playoffs. What a PAIN!
  2. This guy and Jeff Teague are killing me. Solid at beginning of the season, but now miss more games than they play. Then when they play it is out of the blue then they sit the next couple games. Real PITAs.
  3. What makes you think the Giants are rebuilding? Won't the fact that they are trotting out Eli Manning as there Qb tell you they are not?
  4. I am no longer a Tiger fan until they decide they are going to compete. I don't agree with tanking seasons, because in the end most teams that tank do not win a World Series and if they do it is usually 20 years after they originally started tanking. I don't waste my time or money of garbage. I got better things to do with them.
  5. Curious what ever happened to Bryce Harper is for sure going to the Yankees? It was talked about since his rookie season. In addition, surprised how dead this trend has been compared to Machado.
  6. I find the 'Pelicans should sit out Davis' talk maddening! There are so many reasons why they should not do that. First off, they are paying him how much? The Pelicans are a better team with Davis. And they have him signed this season and next. Are they going to sit him out next season also? He is getting paid and unless he is getting hurt he should be out there. Anyone can get hurt. In the end, unless he has a career ending injury he will still have value. he would miss a year and a half unless it is a career ending injury. Secondly, Davis has more value as a trade chip if he is playing. If Davis is at home on the couch playing video games does he have more value then if he is playing? Heck no he does not. If the Pelicans say we aren't playing him then that makes his value even less. The Pelicans owe it to their fans he plays. But in the end, him playing gives them more value trading him.
  7. You gotta keep in mind Kareem Hunt played college ball at Toledo. That adds to the reasons why Browns signed him.
  8. As a Pistons fan, he is not very good. If he was he would have been playing more minutes than the two guys they just traded. Now by default he gets more minutes, but don't expect much. I am leaving him on the waiver wire.
  9. If you are a Pelican's season ticket holder. Or even single game ticket holder. is it fair to you to have Davis sit out when he is healthy? I don't think so. So they likely trade him? If they don't ticket sales will totally drop off too. Now if he aint healthy sure sit him out, but if he is? You have to play him.
  10. Anthony Davis is more valuable to whoever trades for him then Pelicans. Meaning whoever gets him becomes a contender for the Championship. The Pelicans than become a rebuilding team. So hold strong. Because if Anthony becomes a free agent he becomes up for grabs and no team would then be guaranteed to get him. You know the Lakers are dying to get him because no one out there is even close to Anthony Davis as a young player who is top of the game now and still improving. They can get guys like Kemba Walker or Khawi but those guys are not guarantees. Anthony Davis is guaranty!
  11. Why would the Pelicans want Zo? He is a headache with limitations in his game. he thinks he is better than he is. They already have Holiday and Payton at PG. If I am Pelicans I tell Lakers Kuzma has to be in the deal The guys you list are all guys the Lakers want to package, what about who does Pelicans want? The Pelicans definitely don't have to trade Davis now. I'd wait til the off season and see what Celtics and other teams want. Davis is a game changer. He is not just a piece. Hold off.
  12. Why would the Pelicans want Ball. They already have two quality PGs. Ones who they can manage their egos better. They would want Kuzma instead.
  13. "Terrell Owens confirmed that Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh. The former wide receiver has been a mentor to AB and claims the two spoke often throughout Brown's tumultuous 2018 campaign." THIS EXPLAINS IT ALL. Sometimes people have to be smart when picking a mentor. TO was all about TO and AB is all about AB.
  14. (CNN)Turkey has put in an extradition request and requested an Interpol red notice for the arrest of NBA star Enes Kanter, according to Anadolu, a Turkish state news agency. The report says New York Knicks center Kanter is suspected of being part of a terror organization. According to a Turkish official with knowledge of the request, it is the first time Turkey issued an extradition or red notice request for the NBA player. Strangest story ever.
  15. Isn’t Jackson basically Tim Tebow?