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  1. i told myself never, then he was dropped in a dynasty. Now I'm a believer!!!!! lol
  2. i can pretty much agree, but its interesting that this is up to Henderson now, not the NFL, not Goodell. It does sound like they had a pretty good baseline for DV and sexual assault though and it was stated at six games at the time from his comments. He still reduced Hardy's suspension with that baseline in mind. I side with your thoughts though, time may have changed simply too much from then to now, i think Zeke is the new example of the league trying to set this six game policy and stick to it. It puts Zeke and the players across the league on notice. It will prove that your status across the NFL does not matter, be it Jerry, Zeke, you name it. FWIW, i guess the league holds kickers to a different standard. I honestly don't care if he's still not apart of the league, given all of the info i've followed regarding this Zeke case and the way the NFL wants to attempt to justify all of its actions, it makes ZERO sense as to how,who, what, and why the NFL even considered a one game ban for Brown's complete circumstance. Its not relevant now, but it is still puzzling. Rice, Greg Hardy and NO DOUBT Josh Brown should have been the poster child for the league putting their foot down. If they handled these cases before correctly from day one, NONE of this Zeke suspension would be surprising and his appeal would be even more clear heading into it. I guess their profile simply wasn't high enough, IDK. There isn't an honest explanation otherwise.
  3. Henderson explained his decision in a statement. "After consideration of all the record evidence and arguments, I conclude that the Commissioner acted within his authority and properly exercised his discretion in finding that Hardy violated the NFL Personal Conduct Policy," Henderson said. "I find that the conduct of Hardy clearly violates the letter and spirit of any version of the PCP since its inception, and of the NFL Constitution and Bylaws long before then. The egregious conduct exhibited here is indefensible in the NFL. However, 10 games is simply too much, in my view, of an increase over prior cases without notice such as was done last year, when the 'baseline' for discipline in domestic violence or sexual assault cases was announced as a six-game suspension. Therefore, the discipline of Mr. Hardy hereby is modified to a suspension of four games; all other terms of the discipline letter remain in place."
  4. i'd have to continue to back track Hardy's story a bit more. Im not exactly sure on that time line but i do remember it has to be close. I'd be shocked to see a reduction for Zeke here, i think the ship has sailed on the league letting this issue slip through the cracks. I just felt is was valid to mention the same arbitrator viewed Hardy's case and story, then also viewed that to the point that the initial suspension was excessive therefore he deemed a reduction in games was warranted. It brings into question how he may view Zeke's situation and initial punishment.
  5. "Roger Goodell has appointed Harold Henderson to hear Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s Aug. 29 appeal of his six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, the NFL announced Wednesday. NFL media first reported Henderson will hear the case. Henderson previously heard the appeal of former Panthers and Cowboys DE Greg Hardy, reducing Hardy’s suspension for a personal conduct violation from 10 to four games and citing "too much of an increase over prior cases without notice," as NFL Media's Judy Bautista pointed out. interested choice here by the NFL. I remember he viewed Hardy's suspension as excessive. Go read that Hardy story cover to cover. i alway felt it was a bit crazy they reduced that suspension.
  6. i can totally understand the logic behind this debate and its fair. I just think Gurley is a decent line in the sand to try and draw or compare when we think of the investment regarding zeke and his time missed. Obviously I'm down on Gurley, so I'm looking at that list of RBs that in my mind i don't believe will be such an important player on my roster through the first set of weeks Zeke will miss. I think i can find Gurley's production or close to it a bit later. Maybe not his overall volume, but maybe his PPG or close to it. NO guarantees of course but that is how i have it in my mind.
  7. bc its all about the end game here, not just the first half of the season. my answer or thought to this would be, its bc unless Gurley is going to somehow take that leap into being a high volume RB1, and significantly improve his FFPPG, he's simply not a player that i would expect to help you win a league down the stretch as your RB1. Gurley could/should make for a nice RB2, or flex play, but if you have a choice for the last 6 weeks of the FF season, then possibly the FF playoffs, do you want Zeke leading your RB group, or Gurley?? its an easy answer, IMO, its Zeke. In .5 ppr across most leagues, Gurley had ONE game over 20 points 2016, i believe Zeke had 8, with some big time numbers across a few games as well, something Gurley hasn't sniffed yet. An "expected" change in LA for Gurley on the surface isn't nearly enough for me as of today to think he's going to win you FF leagues down the stretch over a player like Zeke and his situation, IMO. I'd rather let Gurley and Co. prove it to me before i dive into that Rams current situation. So far i avoided Gurley everywhere. Time will tell if that is the right move but i feel more confident avoiding him then investing currently.
  8. anyone else notice there is no mention of the bar fight incident in that six page report? A lot of he said, she said involving who through the punch that night at the Dallas bar. That is prob a bullet Roger put in the chamber for a later date and time. Im pretty curious as to the mention of boobgate, but zero mention of the bar fight allegation/incident. Makes me think that investigation is still ongoing. Maybe heading into the 2018 season they will have that one figure out by then
  9. "For example, both the Columbus Prosecutor's office as well as the NFL investigators expressly concluded and conveyed to our office (and others) that the accuser was lying about an alleged July 22, 2016 incident whereby she accused Mr. Elliott of pulling her out of her car and assaulting her. An allegation that was ultimately undermined by her own friend's affidavit which stated that no such assault occurred. The affidavit also outlined the accuser's plan to orchestrate a story to police to in order to corroborate her false allegation of assault. In addition, the NFL's own medical experts concluded that many of her injuries predated the week in question and likely occurred during a period of time when Mr. Elliott was not in contact with the accuser. During the upcoming weeks and through the appeal a slew of additional credible and controverting evidence will come to light." I don't want to pretend to know everything involving this case behind closed doors, or the inner workings and details of a one sided six page NFL report on their findings, i would suggest you guys do the same. There are always two sides to every story. I'd like to see and hear the appeal that is coming before placing judgment. Allegations and speculations are not proof of anything, no matter how bad you want to think it is
  10. it is interesting the boobgate did not effect his suspension, nor did the bar fight incident. Its also interesting there were no findings of lack of corporation, tampered or trashing of evidence in regards to the DV. I can't wrap my mind around how Josh Brown escaped suspension of a multi game nature, yet here is Zeke, gone for 6. Puzzling to say the least. From Rice, to Hardy, to Brown to Zeke, this suspension has to leave a bad taste in many players mouth, not just Zeke or Cowboys fans. Zeke needs to grow up and he obviously has underlining issues to repair, but get ready for many multiple game suspensions coming down over the next set of years if we are going to simply suspend players for stupidity and allegations without hard proof or criminal charges. I understand the league conducts all of this separately, but so far I'm not sure they know what is up or down regarding how to handle these issues consistently. Even a whiff of DV is going to get you six games based on this new standard, or at least i hope that is the case. If they drop the hammer like this, they dang better stick with it in the years ahead
  11. while this is true, i'd request the league find a way to be a bit more efficient and way more consistent, otherwise they look foolish. Plain and simple, 6 games here is reaching pretty far here esp given they let Josh Brown walk right out the door with one game, but i guess his profile isn't high enough to warrant a multi game suspension. I just hope the league continues to treat players consistently instead of making an example out of them after they have fumbled this issue time and time again. Zeke is the fall guy, bottom line, it should have started with Josh Brown if they wanted ANY real credibility. Zeke def has his fair share of fault here, no question about it, but this comes off as a witch hunt, cover our butts for our past mistakes type of punishment for Zeke, which i do not agree with.
  12. just for reference once this is handed down. Get on with it already NFL
  13. i really liked his zip on the ball he showed last night and his confidence to step into throws. The roll out throw to the sidelines early in the 3rd was a really nice throw. The tight spiral short TD across his body to Cruz was nice as well. It will no doubt be different when he faces starting defenses across the league, but luckily for him, that also comes with his full set of starting players on offense as well, esp Howard. Im not here to anoint Mitch to anything more then what he is right now, but he showed promise last night. That is all the Bears org and fans could ask for this early. Like i said, its better then him looking completely lost out there lol, which is always a possibility as well. It will be interesting to see if he continues to progress through this preseason, as well as if this pushes Glennon to play at a higher level throughout the preseason.
  14. i like how some people are only watching these preseason games to then say "but he did this against 2nd and 3rd string defenses" Simply put, you're watching the wrong aspect of preseason then. What I'm watching: his confidence, his footwork, his arm motion, his zip or touch on the football on certain reads and throws he's making. Its preseason, every person on the field is playing against back ups at some point. Its very early for all rookies right now, but I'm watching for the guys who look like they are competent and skilled enough to play at the next level. For a guy with little college experience(was the biggest knock on Mitch), he looked pretty dang good last night in his very first preseason NFL experience. Its better then looking like an absolute S**t show out there, which is another thing I'm looking for with these young players. He showed promise and decent technique, I'm watching that, not the preseason defense he's facing.
  15. not trying to call ya out here BB, just more curious. What is the split in opinion here on this QB situation in CLE vs what your opinion is on the Bears? There is money invested on both sides in Brock and Glennon, but i think what is at question is can either of them be CLEARLY good enough to hold off the young guns. My opinion is I'm doubtful they are talented enough to do so. What is the difference in letting Kizer play week one, vs Trubisky? Is it simply you think Kessler is awful but Glennon isn't? what i find interesting between both these teams, they look like they may enter the season with decent OL's and a strong rushing attack. They are both prob still going to struggle as a complete team of course, but each team might have a decent recipe for a rookie to have some success. It sure helped Dak early and often last season