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  1. yea, as i told LV, saying Watson fell in their lap was a bad way of stating it. Esp for me to then mention Dak, who literally was just hanging around and taken as a flyer 4th rounder with upside. Houston jumped up and they have Watson at a hefty price no doubt compared to Dak and Dallas. I was trying to state i think Watson fell into a nice situation vs if he landed in say, CLE or something like that at pick 12. The Houston OL, while sure they aren't as good as Dallas, they still didn't grade out terribly or near the bottom across the league. I think last i checked they were right in the middle of the road in passing and run blocking. I may need to revisit that for accuracy though. When i watched Oz's terrible season last year, more times then not i felt i saw a bad QB with time, more then i saw a QB running for his life which caused him to struggle. Oz was his own worst enemy last year i thought. I think if this Houston OL returns in tact, they should be solid enough for Watson to manage the game under a very run first oriented game plan. As for your comment i bolded above, i totally agree 100%. Its exactly the concerns i have raised as well
  2. i really, really like this take from you here kev. Its reassuring and do agree this isn't going to get fixed in this draft alone. Great defenses are developed over time. Talented DE's done usually hit the market often and that is a great point vs a position like CB. So, loading up all the talent the Cowboys can up front makes a lot of sense, then as the cap situation airs out over the next few seasons, maybe the Cowboys can open up the pocket book if need be. The best part as well, we have a young building offensive core that this Cowboys team can try and build a defense towards in that window or time frame. Lets hope in 3-5 seasons this Cowboys team is the total package .....and you dang right. Its my opinion that if Collins holds up health wise, he's going to earn a big contract. Im a believer in his talent as of now, even as raw as he may be. If the Cowboys feel that way as well, pay the man sooner, then later
  3. i could see Indy having interest given the way they have used their TE's over the past few seasons. I think they re up'd Doyle but behind him there is some uncertainty i would think He might could find a place in AZ as well as an effective player
  4. i've been looking closer at Rivers since you mentioned him the other day. I like what i see and if either him or Willis make it to 60 I'm be pretty happy with either. I think you make a good point that Taco fills a need for Dallas but he's not the speed rusher type. Both Willis/Rivers are and thats very appealing. I will say though and i've told you this before. While i do prioritize pass rushers being the driving force behind a good defense, this Cowboys secondary on paper looks simply bad and lacks depth possibly beyond the DL right now. An injury to any of Scandrick, Jones, or i guess even second year player Brown, and this gets really ugly, really quick. If this Cowboys team pulls the trigger on DE in the second, fine, but they better pray they can sneak up and grab a contributing CB/S in the third and it better be a year one contributor. You simply can't ignore the position given its current state,IMO. A team like the Titans last year racked up a healthy sack total but they also rolled out THE worst secondary and coverage team in the league last year. That becomes my fear in Dallas as well. Given what the Cowboys will face twice a year across their own division in 17', the Cowboys are walking a very thin line of confidence in a very mediocre and shallow secondary group. Of course In my opinion
  5. i think OBrien and his QB coaching experience will lead him to make adjustments in Watson's favor early on. I expect this offense to clock manage to a heavy degree and try not to put the game on Watson's arm early if possible. Of course, the nature of the game is going to put Watson in a pickle from time to time given the competition across this league. So Watson will def have some growing pains to work through. I think Watson will have to work hard on his underneath reads to his WR's, as well as i think his arm motion/mechanics are flawed. I know OBrien couldn't fix Oz but i think Watson is a superior talent to that of Oz overall.
  6. love him as a dynasty grab since he's landed in Houston, agreed I'd say his learning curve is going to take an adjustment period no doubt and i would not be expecting him to be all that FF relevant in year one. If I'm OBrien I'm trying to get Watson to simply drive the bus on the straight and narrow in year one. Rely on the run game and defense, then let Watson grow into the offense and make plays as needed. I like Watson's mental make up and his poise. I does not rattle quickly. I think he's going to have plenty of upside within this offense when all said and done, but its really hard to know when it will all click. Watson will def takes his lumps as every rookie does. Luckily, i don't think Watson will have to press and chunk it 40 times a game if this offense works as well as i think it can
  7. LOL, maybe falling in their lap was a bad way of saying that. They def paid to get their guy. Dak just literally fell in Dallas' lap in the 4th and they got lucky.
  8. Good coach in place that should help further his mechanics and development Nice RB with Miller Has a WR1 in Hopkins, followed by a nice group of Fuller, Miller, and Strong TE's should be nice reliable outlets for him with Feidorowicz/Griffin OL that graded out middle of the pack in run/pass blocking and as stated, a very strong defense. This is a great landing spot for Watson and we will get an early look at him in 17' no doubt about it. He will def need to improve in certain areas but the weapons around Watson within this offense should give him a leg up to play well and OBrien likes the run the ball, so that could help take some pressure off Watson's shoulders early in his career. An obvious and easy comp, this feels like Dak falling into Dallas' lap, except Houston actually has a defense.
  9. i think when LB Davis and DT Allen left the board ahead of the Giants pick they decided to swing for the fences. They could use both players at LB and DT but outside of that, the Giants defense is stout in most other areas. As we saw yesterday, many believe this OL class is very weak, so while i fully agree the Giants need to address the OL, i simply think they didn't have nearly a high enough grade on those OLmen to warrant the pick in the first round. What is interesting is the OL names still on the board right now in the second. Maybe we see the GMEN make a move up today to grab one. I like Engram a lot and this guy will be a solid contributor for the Giants imo
  10. LOVE the player, hate the pick, hate the Giants, FML they're going to win the division jk. no but really, this pick surprised me but Engrams talent is awesome. This Giants team is going all in offensively knowing they have a strong defense returning. The OL is still a big time concern but maybe Day 2 will provide some help in that area. We should see a good portion of the steady OLmen go early to mid 2nd round today so it will be interesting to see if a solid OL player falls to NY or if they possibly look to trade up if the right one slips
  11. if Foster can get that shoulder right and keep his nose clean while in the program then the Niners easily stole the show last night, IMO. They added two possible LynchPins to this defense and both are easy top 7 talents in this draft class. Foster comes with risk no doubt but i was surprised he almost fell out of day 1.
  12. i liked the Davis pick but thought the Adorree pick was bad. He should still be sitting there for day 2, IMO. He's a heck of an athlete but i think he's going to be a slot CB at best. Given the CB names left on the board beyond that pick i think they could have landed a much better CB with better size and upside.
  13. Cowboys selected DE Taco Charlton, Michigan with pick 28 6'6" / 277lbs I think this is a solid pick at 28 and i think its a player Marinelli can mold into an even more productive player. His college resume isn't flashy but he's improved over the course of his young career, including an improved senior season where he ranked up 13.5 tackles for loss & 10 total sacks. I LOVE the program he comes from in Michigan and he's coming from a very pro ready college foundation under Harbaugh. "Inconsistent" is the big knock that seems to jump out to most that have scouted him, but he's got a long frame, super athletic, and he's got the bend/flexibility to be a pure edge rusher. It def fits the bill for a need for the Cowboys who are searching for edge rushers I'd like to see him continue to fill out a bit and hit the weight room a little harder. Based off what i've read through it seems his length and overall limited technic can allow OLmen to get him off his spot. The Cowboys really liked Taco during his pre draft visit. I like the overall potential of this pick, i believe this is a player that if he can stay healthy will continue to improve. This is a safe and solid start for the Dallas Cowboys which i can appreciate. As we enter day two, i expect the Cowboys to be watching the CB market and how it continues to unfold. There were 12 CB pre draft visits so i believe they will be keeping their eye on what is remaining from this group as it gets through the mid second round. It would not shock me to see the Cowboys trade up in the second round today.
  14. lol, pretty true, jmausen.
  15. He has a lot of raw talent i agree but IMO he's more of a one trick pony, straight line deep ball kind of player. He's one of those guys that will flash in the pan one play and make you scratch your head the next. Sounds like the Steelers have him on notice as well for his job with the Justin Hunter signing. Them Steelers they love them tall guys out wide lol.