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  1. its not overreaction time, i agree. Don't do that until about week 4 or so i say. But a guy like D Adams vs Monty simply can't be compared. Adams rarely left the field and his use is clear. I expected Monty to be eased in during this opening night on the national stage. But he left the field a LOT and much of it during crunch time late in the game or during situational football that i felt he is designed perfectly for. 3rd and one to Patterson comes to mind. Bottom line, the use is concerning, even assuming the rushing attempts go up. Which they will.
  2. 2018: Bears week 1 at Packers: Rushing stats 27/139/1 lost by one point Week 12 vs Packers: Rushing stats 29/100/1 won the game Their approach & recipe for success last season looked nothing like that hot garbage last night. I get that Its a year to year league and GB's defensive adds this offseason have that unit much improved. BUT!! 12 rushing attempts is inexcusable, period. Esp after you invest in Davis/Monty and you're coming into week 1 with basically no preseason work for Mitch. I knew Monty's night was in the crapper when Patterson gets a carry up the gut on 3rd and 1. Embarrassing thought in general. Hopefully coming into week 2 someone can reach wayyyyy on up Nagy's butt to remove his head. Its pretty far up there though so IDK
  3. all that sweat and tears from FF owners for nothing, as expected. Deadlines get deals done. Good work by both sides building this drama and being the focal point of the offseason. Now its time to play some football.
  4. ........looks for seat. "Seats takin'" Moves to the drivers seat and runs this mother F'er right into AT&T stadium
  5. ........i still think we see Zeke in Dallas on Tuesday when they start to implement and focus in the game plan for NYG. (ducks). The posturing from both sides comes to a close this weekend and the pissing contest stops. Stephen J will bring this to a close over the weekend. Happy Labor Day Weekend and GL to all.
  6. What you are missing is this is about Jason Garrett and an offensive philosophy in general. Just look at the draft investments and offensive personnel during Garretts time in Dallas as the HC starting in 2011. Tyron Smith drafted 2011, Demarco Murray also drafted in 2011, Travis Frederick drafted 13', Martin drafted 14', and so on. They even doubled down then by going against the grain and taking a premier RB talent top 5 with Zeke. Murray: 449 touches in 14' Zeke: 16' 354 touches 17'(10 games) 280 touches 18' 381 touches. Bottom line, they have built this offense around and through the ground and pound approach. The additions of Cooper last year was out of clear desperation of the realization that they F'd up big time in the offseason thinking Hurns, Beasley, and whatever other mutt they could find could be a viable WR core with Dak to compliment this offensive approach. Yikes. Cobb was simply dirt cheap this season vs over paying Cole B a stupid amount of money given his skill set. That was an easy call in my mind. As for Pollard, again, nice young player but he was not drafted as a replacement for Zeke. Kellon talked a lot this offseason about wanting and needing to implement more speed in this offense under his new control. That is where the Pollard investment comes into play and i also believe Weber was drafted due to the fact that they knew they were losing back up RB Smith this offseason. As for the Zeke stand off, Zeke wants the highest guaranteed dollars in that market, yet Zeke has given them ZERO reason to trust him with that amount of guaranteed dollars off the field. He's also wanting it two years out. So its simply a business game of chicken that i believe both have +'s and -'s to consider for a huge deal such as this.
  7. I mean, i can def understand where you're coming from here and you're right earlier, this comes down to guaranteed money. Which that $$$ number between Bell and Gurley is a ways off. So that is probably the sticking point. But in Zeke's case, especially Zeke, you have a guy that the Cowboys invested a top 5 pick in that lands him north of $30mil for that rookie contract(man poor Zeke lol). Jerry especially has gone to bat for Zeke repeatedly when basically no one else did or wanted to and that blew up in the Cowboys face. I'd say given the first round investment, plus the off the field issues, Zeke needs to have some sort of self awareness with an understanding that he's simply lucky to even still be in this position to get an extension. People talk about the players getting F'd and in most cases they are, but lets not pretend Zeke isn't one misstep from this being a total disaster further investment for Dallas. Zeke has earned a pay raise on the field, that i have no doubt. But he hasn't proven off the field he has and when this kind of money comes into play, it matters. Lumping Zeke into the woe is me players getting F'd just doesn't apply yet for me here with Zeke. Esp two years out on your lucrative rookie deal and off the field issues.
  9. It doesn't have to be Morris. As i said in my post earlier, keep an eye on Darius Jackson. He's fought for a few years now to make this roster and others. I can agree there isn't anything all that flashy to look at beyond the speedster Pollard. But that won't stop the Cowboys from using other RBs, esp smart vet RB's that understand the system. Zeke has made up a staggering % of the Cowboys offensive production in his time in Dallas. To assume a guy like Pollard just steps into that role is foolish. I don't care who's on the roster behind him. Maybe Morris gets knocked off this roster, but its going to be bc either A.) Zeke is extended or B.) Jackson and Weber out play Morris in the remaining preseason.
  10. Just keep in mind that Pollard in his three year college career has had TWO games where he carried the rock double digits. He did show out well in those two games, i will give him that; and he has had a nice camp. But if Zeke is a no go by week 1, i would expect Pollard to get the start but work in tandem with Morris early and often, and maybe even Weber at times.(Im honestly not sure if Jackson makes the roster or not, something to monitor here). Garrett is an overly conservative coach in general and he's relied a lot on his veteran guys, sometimes to a fault. I don't think he would overload Pollard with any where near the amount of work Zeke has got over the years. The Cowboys drafted Pollard bc they loved his speed and ability to work with the ball in his hands in space. He was in college and drafted as a complimentary RB, Not a replacement for Zeke. Only time and experience at the pro level will tell us how much Pollard can handle, but i can't help but think there is no way he's a 20-25 carry RB like Zeke has been. By seasons end each year with Zeke so far, he's worn and beat up to a pretty heavy degree. Pretty wild he's stayed as healthy as he has. Its asking a LOT of Pollard to step into that role in Dallas. I don't think the Cowboys have that expectation either though if it comes to that.
  11. SCOOP - #Cowboys Amari Cooper, I’m told, has ‘plantar fascia irritation’ but ‘He’ll be fine,’ source says. FULL STORY in moments at @1053thefan - Mike Fischer a bit more here @K197040
  12. lets just hope he wears the proper foot protection I just saw this earlier and wanted the news out there for possible investors to monitor. Garrett has been oddly pushing off Cooper as day to day but i felt something more was happening here. I def want to see a bit more info or a follow up to this. Now that Mickey has this out there i would expect Garrett to be pressed a bit harder on it.
  13. #Cowboys insider Mickey Spagnola - @spags52 tells @1053SS and I on @1053thefan that the Amari Cooper heel injury is “more of a ligament thing” than a bruise.
  14. If that is the approach the Cowboys continue to take, I'm all on board. That is basically the only alternative Dallas has. I just don't know how that plays out for Dak and his willingness to play under that tag. I guess the only way to know is to find out! Maybe Dallas does that. I've been under the impression that Dak will get his extension during camp. But i also think Zeke has thrown a major wrench right into the thick of it all. I also don't believe Zeke and his agent told Dallas in January that he would hold out for the year. That doesn't add up to me at all.