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  1. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    DMC has practiced all year without a issue. IF Zeke gets suspended DMC then will be active, Morris will prob start, then get ready for a three headed rotation backfield of Morris/DMC/Smith. DMC will no doubt get on the field at different points in the game but there is no telling how it would play out over the course of the games Zeke is gone. More then likely they would just have a hot hand approach if by some chance they can find it in a given week
  2. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    So basically against Denver? What other games are you speaking of this season? While your point is valid and a worry for Dallas, i think its also a bit overblown. I can't find anyone so far that Denver hasn't stifled overall and they sure shut down Dak, Zeke, you name it. Beyond that, and maybe the opener, I'm not sure you have much of a case. Dak hasn't been great, nor as accurate or efficient so far, but that was to be expected. He's also showed plenty that he can step up and go toe to toe in big games though. Cowboys didn't lose shootouts to LA and GB bc of Dak i can promise you that.
  3. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    its not going to matter much who draws the weekly start. FWIW, coming out of the bye more then likely you will see Morris starting. DMC/Morris will rotate series more then likely or the Cowboys will ride any hot hand they can find between the two(Big IF). DMC is a better all tool player and i think he will be a bit more effective moving the ball between the 20's. He has pass catching chops Morris doesn't and he's always faired decently in pass pro. That being said i like Morris' nose for the end zone and i do expect the Cowboys to give Morris work inside the red zone. DMC over the years hasn't been all that effective finding pay dirt even in the years he received a heavy workload. I would not want to count on either as more then a low end RB2 or flex, IMO, but both worth rostering with the schedule ahead for Dallas.
  4. im in the same pickle in another league. Both on the road, I'm leaning Palmer esp given Fletcher Cox and Darby don't sound like they're playing Sunday. Palmer will sling it. I worry about Cam vs a solid Lions D in DET. DET has forced QB's into turnovers at a decent clip so far, i expect them to force Cam as well
  5. Gordon for Nuke? whir

    Hop is a nice player to target in a 1ppr right now given his volume share and talent. If i had Hop right now and someone sent me Gordon straight up i would decline unless i was truly hurting at the RB spot and i was crazy deep at WR. Hop's targets may regress some(maybe) but either way in a 1ppr he's money right now and moving forward IMO. I'd try the trade offer and see what feedback he gives you
  6. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    if he clears the protocol and makes it to Dallas I'm firing him up no question about it, at the very least as a flex across all formats. TyMont looking doubtful, this Packers team will rely on AROD to chunk it at will vs a very young and miss-assignment prone secondary in Dallas. Someone or a few of ARODS weapons should feast Sunday for the Packers, i want a piece of it where i can find it. If the Dallas DL doesn't step it up big time this week vs a suspect Packer OL and give the secondary some help its trouble
  7. Davante Adams 2017 Season Outlook

    no question about it, that shot on Adams is targeting and its with the top of Danny's helmet. Its an unwarranted hit no question about it. Even if say Trevathan didn't 100% intentionally lower hit head to target/injure Adams, this type of play/hit needs to be addressed heavily by the league. Taking this thought and expanding a bit from @Lord_Varys if the NFL is remotely trying to be serious about CTE and these type of targeting hits, they will ramp up fines, missed games, you name it to stop this crap. With each repeated offense you start doubling all categories. Double the fines, games missed/missed paychecks. If you want to get this nasty line of thinking out of the game you need to hit them hard in their bank account. I would also like to see the officials on the field and in NY review these hits on site right after it happens. While Adams is being tended to, they should review that hit, keep the penalty on the field in place, then eject his butt immediately. If they would have looked at that hit last night, no way Danny finishes that game. All players would still have their right to appeal but this at least would help get the idea out there that this type of hit is not necessary in today's game
  8. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    no doubt, Morris has never sniffed special teams at any point, esp with the Cowboys. That Rod Smith specialty. The Cowboys will call all hands on deck if Zeke sits. I agree 100% that it becomes a full blown committee and a FF headache. It would be very game dependent and production dependent one vs another between DMC/Morris. As i said previously, its def not a situation to be relied upon for more then a flex play if this does occur if or when Zeke misses time. I i had to guess, you would see them alternate starts, DMC would get solid work between the 20's and Morris would get more work inside the red zone. Morris has more of a nose for the GL then DMC does from what i've seen over the years
  9. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    If Zeke sits, what would be your expectation for Morris workload?
  10. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    i think if Zeke sits its pretty easy to say what will happen. DMC will be activated, then Morris, DMC, and Rod Smith will attempt a time share to try and hold it all together for the games they need to. Neither would be all that inspiring to play, it could be a full blown committee. No chance either becomes an every down work horse. Morris cleary worked his butt off this offseason after being publicly put on the trade block by the Cowboys and he's been rewarded for that. According to Garrett he's earned his role as the back up to Zeke at this time and Rod Smith of course plays many special teams plays, so its put DMC on the outside looking in. Neither would be anything more then a flex play EDIT: seems like we got some snarky mother F'ers in this thread as well who just like to hear themselves speak. Funny
  11. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    Same defense that gave up 100+ yard to Zeke, so ya, you're correct. Ameer played well and that 34 yard gain late in the 4th was nice, i give him credit. The Giants entered this season needing some help at LB, they were limited even more heading into the Lions game, but the front four for the Giants is very good, if you can't or don't see that well i don't know what else there is to say. Its not like Eli and the offense are doing them any favors as well. I think the Lions threw the ball 4 times in the second half
  12. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    a regression for Dallas should be expected. Its hard to be as efficient as they were last season and its really hard to win 13 games in any season in the NFL. I think many things worked against Zeke on Sunday, including the OC not adjusting the run scheme and blocking to fit what was happening in front on them vs a VERY good, if not the best D across the league right now, and on the road in Denver as well. This is also the same Cowboys OL and RB that put together 100+ yards vs a very good Giants D front. Zeke and the OL grinded that game down big time. IMO, the Denver 3-4 really threw the Cowboys for a loop, more then the 4-3 they faced in week 1. With AZ on tap next, another 3-4 defense, i will be very interested to see how Dak, Zeke, and the OL respond. All this talk about Zeke's skill set or lack thereof comes off as silly to be honest. Bottom line, if you watched the Denver game, i don't think there is an elite RB in the game that would have turned in a healthy point total given how well Denver played up front. Keeping some of that in perspective is key. I expect most teams like Denver, Dallas, etc to play better football as this year continues. Cowboys got down right smacked int he mouth last week, credit to Denver. To overreact towards Zeke or the OL this early is just knee jerk, esp given the defensive fronts they are opening the year with. They won't play the Giants or Denver every week, i can promise you that
  13. JJ Nelson 2017 Outlook

    i would fire up every AZ WR i have rostered this week. I am starting JJ with confidence as a flex. As of right now, due to injury the only players i know look to be starting for sure are Jones/Heath/Brown. Palmer is going to air it out when he can in this one. I'd be firing up WR's against Dallas consistently if i have them moving forward. Dallas can def hurt a game script with their run heavy approach, but facing another good defense on the road this week, i expect them to struggle once again. I think Dallas improves up front defensively in this game which will limit the run game but the back end should be wide open once again
  14. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    IMO, yes.......but when is going to be the tricky part.
  15. Darren McFadden 2017 Season Outlook

    i think Judge Mazzant grants the TRO, then sets a timeline for the preliminary hearing somewhere between 7 to 14 days. Most expect the timeline to be closer to that two week mark. This will lead to the injunction decision coming right up to week 3, in which i think Zeke also plays. Next, i think the hammer drops and the judge deny's the injunction, which then puts Zeke on suspension starting week 4. Between Article 46 and the league precedence, i simply think Zeke loses the injunction request. Zeke then will appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and have his day in federal court. Typically a conservative court in nature Its anyone's guess beyond that and more then likely we are just at the beginning stages of this case being resolved. its Judge Mazzants' world right now, we all just living in it LOL. His decision is everything here to get the ball rolling one way or another.