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  1. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    and zero pro bowls.
  2. Ezekiel Elliott 2019 Outlook

    While i understand the direction you're going here with Zeke's overall use to date, i just think the NFL winning window for most teams is so small, and so is the RB production window; I don't see how its going to be justified on game days in the next 2-4 seasons to not give Zeke all the work he could possibly handle. Let him show signs of breaking down or slowing down. Then evaluate. I do agree with you at this pace its possible he could break down sooner then most. But thats just the NFL life of a true three down work horse. Ride em hard and put them up wet. See Murray 2014. Anytime i see Zeke leave the football field all i can ask is, WHY? Unless its simply to catch his breath, or tape up an ankle, you want to force feed the premier players in this league early and often. The quickest way for an OC to lose his job would be to do otherwise. I do agree with you i'd like to see a compliment third down back here behind Zeke. All while keeping a guy like Rod Smith as a early down back up. A name i've heard the Cowboys had interest in years back on draft day and could this offseason for cheap is RB Corey Grant from JAX. Its not going to move anyones needle very far, but thats exactly the kind of RB i'd like to see used as a third down type RB, If by chance Zeke needs to leave the field. Of course, he's returning from injury so who knows. Also, as much as i love Emmitt Smith and respect guys like LT/Walter, i don't see how its a lofty notion to think Zeke's talent level and situation are far off from these names. His numbers through three seasons point directly at that kind of production/durability, TBH. Injuries are hard to predict though, so who knows. But so far Zeke has been the furthest thing from fragile under a heavy load. Similar to those names you mentioned.
  3. Ezekiel Elliott 2019 Outlook

    I've thought about this a bit myself coming off another big season from Zeke. Esp coming off a season where finally JG/Linehan pulled their heads from their butts to get Zeke a big boost in targets. I think as long as JG is the HC, the plan will be to have Zeke pushing 375-400 touches per season easily. Im curious as to what wrinkles K.Moore will bring to the table within this JG overall offensive system. But i think Garrett and Will McClay have purposely drafted and assembled a team over the past five seasons or so that is designed to lean on a guy like Zeke. Of course starting with their repeated commitment to the OL and then the bold move to draft Zeke top 4. All that being said, i think are absolutely right to a degree, this offense has to expand play book wise, but it also has to have guys step up to continue to get some of the weight off Zeke's shoulders. He touches the ball so much bc he's By a MILE the best player they have on the field. Cowboys need to hit on another draft pick or two here soon at WR and TE. They also need Dak to get better, and Gallup continue steady growth. Cooper will be fine. He's an established vet at this point and brings plenty to the Cowboys offense. He's exactly what i mean when i say expanding the offense. Cooper did it right away but, They simply need more creativity, more growth, and more SPEED on offense to be a true juggernaut in this era of the NFL. The overall idea of how they want to approach the game as a run first/heavy/constant 12 personnel offense is outdated. It can win you games, sure. We see that. Dak and Zeke's overall record is dang good through their young career so far. But the bottom line is, this offense has to expand, make big plays and by god score in the red zone. I don't think they can get there unless Garrett leaves and Zeke can't do it all. His wheels will flat fall off in 6 years no doubt at this pace. Either way, the Cowboys will run those wheels right off under the Garrett era. See Demarco Murray. 2019 will be interesting to see play out though. A lot riding on the Cowboys future in many ways based off this season (Sorry for the long post)
  4. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    Nah, the team just isn't built for it. This will still be the Garrett style O with Moore throwing in a few wrinkles of his own. Im sure he will attempt to spark some sort of creativity within this scheme, but I'm not expecting anything drastic regarding this OC change.
  5. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    he sure back peddled on this one quickly PB, lol. Probably got a phone call from his agent. Heading towards free agency this is not the type of comments his agent wants out there i figure. "Big free agent additions, high draft picks, etc are going to get the most opps. And I’m not mad at that! .........yea, ok Cole. Then i'd ask, so what was your point in posting this all to twitter to begin with? He's had his best years in that past three seasons under this same FO, HC, OC, and QB. So overall, as i said originally, Cole simply looks foolish here in my eyes. The back peddling here is even worse, IMO. Stick to your guns Cole. He's folding here like a cheap chair. I honestly hope the Cowboys move on from him.
  6. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    Of course I'm skeptical, but i agree off the top that this is probably the easiest route to go IF they simply don't extend Garrett this year. Go ahead and see what JG/Moore can do together and the rest will work itself out by the close for the 2019 season for Dallas. What i don't like, we all know Garrett won't be changing the overall offensive philosophy. I heard JG say the Linehan firing was more about having a different voice in the film room and weekly game plan. I understand that logic, but i just know deep down JG's system isn't changing much. Hopefully Moore can add a few wrinkles and pre snap looks to give JG's system a different look. Maybe, just maybe by some miracle even design more plays to get Dak mobile and operating in space, IDK. But i doubt it will change much. JG is an old dog stuck in his old ways. He still thinks playing Dallas Cowboys 1990's football wins titles in this era of football. It doesn't.
  7. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    i think i can agree that the quality of the targets from Romo were better/more consistent, but TBH Romo to Beasley didn't do much in their time together. Beasley's best numbers started in 2016 when Dak took over. Didn't see much of Romo in 2015 due to injury, but that was Cole's first big bump in targets which was 75 targets. He had never seen more then 54 targets with Romo under center. Under Dak, Cole has had 98, 63, and 87 targets the last three seasons. Seems like if the front office has been pushing Dak a certain direction for targets, Beasley has had his fair share of love based off the recent numbers. IMO, a target range of 70-90 targets a season is plenty fair for a guy with his overall limited ability. Cole may be right about Jerry and the FO office here, but it still doesn't add up to me to the point that its effected targets to Beasley to a major degree. Or at least to me it sure doesn't seem that way. Im also keeping in mind the fact that he's been playing in a designed offense that was literally drafted to be run heavy. From the OL to Zeke and so on. Seems like Beasely has forgotten that aspect of all this along the way i guess. This isn't an offense designed to throw 35-40 times again. If Dak is, they are losing lol. I def think its time for Cole to move on and go find out for himself. See if the grass can get any greener on the other side
  8. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    I will never disagree with the idea that the sooner Jerry hands this franchise down to Stephen or whoever, the better. He has to go. And while its fair in many ways that Cole is driving home the narrative that Jerry and the FO have meddled too much over the years. This still comes off as WR who simply thinks he's more talented or important then he truly is to any teams weekly game plan. Every single franchise funnels targets to their best players. Truly talented NFL players get the ball, and are featured weekly if they are good enough. I don't care what franchise we are talking about. Cole stated he wants more then 3-4 targets a game. Well, A.) he's def not on the right team with the right QB or system in place for that. and B.) across his career he's had plenty of games with targets shares beyond that number. It hasn't amounted to much. This includes his time with ROMO in case anyone is curious. Maybe if he ever showed at any point in his career to have any sort of game breaking ability with the ball in his hands he would be featured more. He's a small slot WR that runs underneath routes hoping to pick up short yards and third downs. He's not more then that, TBH. He has 2-100 yard games to his career so far i believe. So while i won't argue I'm sure Cole's comments yesterday have plenty of truth to them and its always been a bad look for the Cowboys. Its a bad look also coming from a average slot WR that comes off crying as if thats the reason he's not getting more game plan love on Sundays. He's simply not good enough to warrant that opinion or to be featured on Sundays as it sounds like he wants or hopes to be, IMO
  9. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    im not dismissing whats he's saying at all. I admitted there is prob truth to it, bc i know for a fact that Jerry has been sitting in on game plan meetings for many years. Im also not debating its a problem and odd. My point is, why Cole all the sudden wants to say this out loud like its some sort of crippling reason as to why he's not being targeted more , or more productive is flawed in itself. Go look at his career numbers. Cole is wrong in that regard. I didn't hear a whiff of this from Cole during the Romo era and i can promise you, Jerry been sitting in meetings during that time and making his suggestions all along the way. So again, why now Cole? I admit, None of it changes the fact that its terrible that Jerry does business this way, but why Cole wants to wine about it now like he's all the sudden had some drastic drop off in his production is laughable. He hasn't. His numbers have actually improved for the most part. I think Cole's numbers and his skill set have maxed out in the Dallas offense, probably for the rest of his career. We all know the Dallas system and QB is not a WR friendly one to begin with. Overall, this comes off as a player a bit bitter on his way out. Im not saying he's wrong for voicing his opinion, but he's not fooling me into thinking its been this way for the entire duration of his career in Dallas.
  10. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    Doesn't disprove that idea, but the fact is Jerry/Stephen been sitting in team meetings for many years, well before Dak, Romo, Cole, etc.. So the timing of this all seems odd from Cole given he's pretty much hovered around the same sort of average numbers his entire career. Actually his best numbers have come with Dak under center and Linehan calling plays. So overall i just think, Why Now, Cole? That the part that puzzles me. Even as odd and possibly flawed as the idea that the FO sits in meetings may be, my thought is if anyone is suggesting getting the ball in your best play makers hands, then I'm not sure i'd argue that notion. The Cowboys trading for, then targeting Cooper paid off in many ways this season. It also paid off when Dez was in his prime. So overall this just feels like a bitter WR thats not happy about his situation. Oddly enough, its the exact situation he's been in his entire career.
  11. Larry Fitzgerald 2019 Outlook

    no doubt about it and very good point. I just wanted to state that has to be the biggest focal point in helping all involved for AZ's offense this year. Bad luck in the health department def hit them hard. I think Rosen is a nice prospect with a lot of room to grow. He just needs to be coached up a bit more and time to throw. I think 2019 could be a better year for him and also for Fitz
  12. Larry Fitzgerald 2019 Outlook

    i think its more going to be about helping get the OL shored up and improving big time, they were one of the worst in football last season and gave up a ton of sacks. Rosen really took a beating in his first year honestly. Rosen won't show signs of improvement much until the help him up front first. Mike McCoy has been simply terrible, and its why he's been fired twice now mid season i believe. They did improve a bit also once Leftwhich took over, but they moved on in full from that staff. i like the kliff hire for this offense to grow. Kingsbury will get a bit more creative and spread defenses out more i think. I could see this offense being better in 19' for all. It will still be hard to trust anyone outside of DJ though for FF, IMO. But i do think Fitz could be drafted really late and stashed as a bench flyer type play with possible upside in good match ups.
  13. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    Once Jerry dies, yes. Until then, no chance. As for Cole, you can see my full response to his comments yesterday in his thread. Laughable and puzzling is what i think. Even if his comments regarding the front office are true, Cole's stats across the board even going back to the Romo era are simply average slot WR numbers, and thats probably putting it nicely. The only time Cole has really been able to get open or impact games is when a better more talented WR is on the field with him. Be it Dez or now Cooper. So overall Cole sounds a bit bitter, which to me is too little too late, sorry to say. I honestly hope he moves on and test the FA market to find another team in 19'. He's correct, he's not in the right system to be a target hog nor is he talented enough to warrant that sort of attention, so Dallas may not be for him as we move forward.
  14. Cole Beasley 2019 Outlook

    Laughable comments from Cole, IMO. I'd simply tell him to take a good long look at his stats overall, going back to the Romo era to now. I think what he may see is, His better days have been with Dak Prescott under center, believe it or not. I'd also remind him that he's approaching 30, has average speed at best, below average height and also shown limited ability with the ball in his hands to create. Cole is correct though on one thing, if he's looking for more then 3 to 4 targets a game, then Dallas isn't the place for him. He's actually a liability on the field when Dallas wants to be run heavy as well. Thats why he leaves the field often and Dallas will bring in a bigger, stronger WR to block. So overall I'm not sure Cole understand the lane he needs to stay driving in regarding his expectations as a player. He's yet to prove he's anything more then what we have seen to date, no matter who's under center or what offense is being run. I can't imagine many places at this point he could land to where his numbers are going to climb much, beyond the obvious Patriots thought LOL. All the pass heavy teams i can think of off the top of my head don't add up for Cole's next destination. MAYBE a team like PITT looks his way though, IDK. He's a cookie cutter white guy slot, average player. I've felt all season that this offseason is a perfect time to move on from Cole. Looks like i may get my wish. He's been a fine player in Dallas and worked hard to get to where he is. I hope it all works out well for him as he explores the FA market. If I'm a team looking this offseason for a slot WR though, give me Adam Humphries > Cole at this point. Lastly, I can't imagine drafting him in any FF format no matter where he lands
  15. Dallas Cowboys 2019 Outlook

    Agree, during Richards recent interview across teams in the NFL one thing i kept bringing up was, i bet he's having a tough time convincing GM's that he can bring the right OC/ offensive mind with him. Which as we see is critical in today's game. It would def be my concern even if he took over in Dallas. Interesting thought on Bevil as well. Never thought of that. I think that could be a decent hire for the Lions and esp Kerryon