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  1. Elijhaa Penny 2017 Season Outlook

    100%. No chance I'm benching Woods for any of those other names
  2. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    Tyron being down is def not a positive for all involved for Dallas, but i think I'm more focused on how healthy Wagner will be in this game. The fact is, this hawks D is a shell of themselves right now due to injury and its missing some key guys. Wagner didn't look good at all last week, even to the point Earl Thomas stated he prob shouldn't have played. If Wagner is not clicking on all cylinders, i think on volume alone we see Zeke eat at a good rate. Just as the two previous teams have against the Seattle D. High volume, high production. I expect the Cowboys to run a lot to the right side and they were still pretty productive last week after the loss of Tyron early. There were many, and i mean many runs that Alf simply couldn't take past one defender, past the second level. If Zeke finds that kind of room vs Seattle, watch out. Im not expecting a Todd Gurley type banazaa from Zeke, but he's not had under 20 carries or under 80 yards since week 2. I don't see how this Seattle Defense holds him and the remaining portion of this OL down for 4 Q's on Sunday
  3. i'd be too terrified of the unknown here with this guy to go down this path in title week. He's kicking in a highly productive offense no question about it, but there is no telling how he's going to handle the big stage. I wouldn't want to be the one to find out if this kid misses more then he hits
  4. Boswell, Butker, Elliot would be my top three from that list
  5. Dez Bryant 2017 Season Outlook

    6/ 75/ 2 TDs this week
  6. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    IMO, at best Goodwin is a risky flex play this week. Volume is the only promising idea that could lead one into starting Goodwin in this match up, but i think a Goodwin owner this week better pray a CB slips and falls and he burns one deep for 6. This defense and these CB's are really, really good and they are very physical. I also expect them to be all in Jimmy G's kitchen this week with a lot of pressure. Goodwin will need to be more lucky then good in this one in order to cash in for FF owners. Of course this is all based on who you are playing him over, but this match up has Goodwin's floor dang near falling through to the basement this week and its one i'd avoid if you have the luxury my best guess would be: 4 catches on 8 targets / 50-60 yards and no TD
  7. Tate/Cole (if Hurns is out, Lee already out) Tate/Hyde (If Hurns is a go this week, even limited, its hard to project the playing time for Cole, IMO) I'd take the chance on Hyde touches. I really like what Goodwin has done this year, but i can't suggest him vs JAX
  8. Keeper talk - simple either or

    The way i view this, cost even considered, i know exactly what I'm getting in 2018 with Zeke Elliott in the Dallas Cowboys offense. Wildcard COULD be Linehan may not return but thats an overall convo maybe for another day. No matter, whoever is calling plays for the Cowboys in 2018, Zeke will get plenty of work. The entire offense is designed around him. I can't say the same about Hunt for his full season sample size. Even with as good as Hunt has been at times, i simply don't like the BS games and lack of use at times throughout this year. Reid is maddening and they do still have Ware on the books through 2018 if I'm remembering correctly. I'd rather go into next year paying a premium for Zeke that also in many ways gives me peace of mind. Just pray he makes it through the offseason with zero issues i guess would literally be my only red flag. Best of luck Parrothead
  9. Zeke/Kamara The two most talented of the group and the volume will be there. The Walrus and Hunt have had enough down games this year for me to sit, and while i like Lewis I'm always happy to sit a NE RB for the likes of top RB talents like Zeke/Kamara
  10. i think while your OL point is plenty valid of a concern for Cousins, there is no way i'd start Stanton in almost any format this week. Kirk is going to sling the ball at a decent rate and he's at home. The match up to me feels about middle of the road right now against Denver. They have been leaky at times but they have also buttoned it up a bit of late in the secondary. I'd play Cousin's on sheer volume and TD upside alone. I don't trust Stanton to be consistent enough for solid production
  11. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    One Expert Plumber Vs One Expert Cock for the Finals..........i think there is a funny joke to be made here but I'm not funny enough to find my way to it Best of luck @Iron-cock
  12. 1st & 2nd Round Fantasy Predictions.

    i like the list but its knee jerk to leave Evans off the first two rounds, IMO. Esp for names like Hyde/Miller. I don't think i'd have Gronk inside my first two rounds as well. Pretty good list thought for it being so early I tell you a guy i've watched shoot up rankings to keep an eye on in 2018: Devin Funchess Cam loves this guy and he's really played well at times this year now that they moved KB out the door. Hard to gauge his round value as of today but def a player to watch heading into the final year of his contract in 2018
  13. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    i'd like to see him go absolutely NUTS on Seattle haha. As a fan and as a FF owner. I need it interesting note, Tyron Smith sounds very doubtful already heading into week 16. Its def been proven that is a tough loss for Dallas this year. Seattle DL talented enough that it could impact this game. Cowboys should be running right a LOT on Sunday
  14. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    DL for Seattle can still cause a ruckus up front no doubt about. That being said, i think this Seattle defense is simply too broken right now to hold up against the Cowboys OL and Zeke for 4 Q's. I expect this to be a really good game and both teams should move the ball well, IMO. Sounds like Wagner isn't 100, which is huge as we just saw vs the Rams. The Cowboys skill players on offense should be a big time handful for Seattle this week given their current state. Wilson should eat in this game as well.
  15. Commissioner's Corner (2017 Edition)

    i'd say overall there isn't really anything to be done here other then think before you speak i guess. I can't really understand what sort of ruling would be done here as well. i'd suggest just thinking of this as if it was you who lost your starting QB, to then see your league in the chat publicly talking about snaking the current QBs off the wire to block ya, and how that would have made you feel. If your league is remotely competent, they prob didn't need you or anyone else putting forth tips in the chat. Add in the owner being upset over losing a really good FF asset, plus possibly money on the line, i can see how this bothers some. But i also can see how many people simply don't care. Its all prob case sensitive and league sensitive i guess. Overall its prob just bad FF etiquette and i think at this point all you can do is apologize and move on.