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  1. yo RT, the 4th is rich for MB so i understand that. I really warm up to MB so far in the 5th and dang sure in the 6th. For me, MB vs the other WR's you named would come down to format. In a significant PPR league i can agree going with a few more high volume guys over MB is warranted, but in standard, i think i solid argument could be made that MB holds a better shot at a healthy TD total over a good portion of those volume guys. So its debatable in my eyes I do agree with ya, its all about your eye test and what an owner is comfortable with. I just think MB is very talented and easily a possible WR2 option if he can play a healthy portion of games this season.
  2. i like it, Prez makes a good point but its worth it to me to go find a proven bonified WR1 like Evans. When you are a last place team, neither Evans or a rookie with your first pick will get you on that winning door step immediately, so i like the idea of grabbing a guy like Evans who is proven and has a young QB as well. Its a solid building block piece to point the roster back in the right direction. I think there are some rookie RBs you can go head hunt for this year a bit later in the draft as well to provide you with some upside flyer depth like Kamara, Foreman, etc... who else did you keep?
  3. Heyward-Bey, Rogers Rogers Hunter Coates Hamilton my opinion would be this group of spares above here i listed is the reason they invested in another WR. JuJu is a 20 year old WR who i don't believe is a threat to MB's job this season. Go check JUJU's profile, age, and add it all up, to me I'm doubtful he's a big time 2017 contributor for PITT. Given that MB is one puff away from a lifetime ban, its also wise for the Steelers to place an investment in this area i figure. That being said, so far, MB is practicing and looking to enter the season as the #2 WR for PITT. He does come with the risk of suspension, that is undeniable, but that is also another topic all together and if you don't want to invest in MB bc of that, i totally understand. I just have little doubts about investing in him given his skill set and what i think his place on the depth chart is entering 2017 season EDIT: mayyyybe i could see JUJU stealing some of Eli Rogers thunder if anything this season ahead
  4. its dang terrible no doubt. I first viewed it at the office on mute so i had no idea until i posted it, then turned up the volume. Ughhhh Gotta love the skill set MB has though, i agree. That guy can kicked it into another gear as well with the ball in his hands.
  5. whoops i guess the music, huh? i can't edit the post now lol. ***Press MUTE if watching at work due to rap lyrics
  6. his bread and butter is the deep ball and he's crazy talented tracking and going up to get it, but when i see those bubble screens and end a rounds and what he's doing with the ball in his hands, he's showing more capability then just a one trick field stretching pony, IMO EDIT: in one league i've already invested a mid 6th round pick across a 12 team for MB and I'm thrilled.
  7. MB in the 11th is criminal in any format, IMO. You got way too many owners in that league asleep at the wheel What makes you think the Steelers are done with him? He's cleary been working in the offseason program and he will be at camp day 1. If the Steelers are a serious org, its in their best interest to get this guy on the field. They do not have a player even close to his skill set with guys like JUJU, Coates, HeywardBay, Rogers and so on. I like JUJU and have invested across a dynasty or two, but he does not fit the ideal WR to take that role from MB and he's really young. I would be surprised if JuJu contributed in a significant way this year outside of maybe a few flash in the pan type plays in limited time. This is assuming the start core WR group for PITT is healthy. I only see JuJu being thrusted into a bigger role if injury ahead of him occurs.
  8. ....just a field stretcher? doesn't have the skill set you look for in a WR2? What player have some of you guys been watching? He's competing for touches with AB/Bell, so i can get on board with that concern, but this guys talent should not be questioned. Bonified star if he can ever get it between the ears long enough to stay on the field
  9. no IDP, and i like the 3 round DEVY draft. Enough picks to add a nice amount to the taxi but not too much to over pick from the prospect pool
  10. FWIW, he wasn't the problem bc Oz was not in Houston in 2015
  11. appreciate the thoughts and this had me cracking up. Funny comp and i just wonder how a guy that many want to say is crazy talented has simply wasted away as a special teamer for most of his career. i can agree the lack of career feels similar, but the use i've seen with Gilly in BUFF gives me a bit more confidence in what he can do over a guy like Rex, esp from what i've seen from Gilly inside the red zone.
  12. "Dirk Koetter is already diving deep into his think tank, dreaming up formations that will help Jameis Winston thrive in his third pro season. The plan won’t be unveiled until the Sept. 10 season opener at Miami, but I’m ready to suggest a nickname for what should be a dynamic attack. Double Trouble. Tampa Bay opponents will face a challenging dilemma when Cameron Brate and rookie O.J. Howard line up in a double tight end set commonly known as “12 personnel.” With Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson split out wide and two tight ends creating mismatches in the middle of the field, Winston’s efficiency should improve markedly. His sack numbers should drop because he now has a group of targets that can quickly create separation. The stunning addition of Howard has Koetter’s mind working overtime. In 2015, Koetter’s first season as Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator, the Bucs set a franchise record for total yards — despite meager production at tight end. “I’m the first to admit that I like tight ends,” says Koetter, who had the privilege of designing plays for Tony Gonzalez in Atlanta. Gonzalez made the Pro Bowl twice with Koetter’s help and, in 2010, Jacksonville tight end Marcedes Lewis made the Pro Bowl after posting 10 touchdown catches in Koetter’s offense. Over the years, we’ve seen what Tom Brady can do with talented tight ends. And while Winston isn’t Brady and Brate isn’t Rob Gronkowski, you get the picture. A savvy coordinator like Koetter can drive defenses nuts when he has talent and depth at the position. Howard hasn’t caught a single pass as a pro, but his versatile skills jumped out on tape at Alabama. Koetter made no bones about telling Jason Licht that Howard was one of his favorite players in the draft." - IRA KAUFMAN TB Beat Writer I can agree that Rookie TE's def have a learning curve and its dang hard to get steady production from one. I've touched on this TB TE formation a bit before a i think they deploy it with decent success again in 17'. TB has invested in Howard for a reason and while Howard will take his lumps, i bet we see some big time flash in the pan plays that could help establish him as a go to weapon for Winston. Brate was brough back on a 1 year deal, so the sky could be the limit for Howard sooner then later, IMO. Just gotta play it low and slow. If Brate gets hurt(suffered back problems last season), watch out
  13. the change of scenery heading to a very creative coaching staff does intrigue me for what could be in store for Rex in 17' with the Pats That being said, I've always thought, the cream of the crop talent will always rise to the top. So why has this guy been a journeyman special teams/third string contributor his entire career? FF Owners had ZERO interest in Rex before he became a Pat in 10-12 team leagues. He is heading into his 5th NFL season and has a career carry total less then 90. Why has he always taken a back seat to Hill/Gio? I think Gio is a pretty talented player/third down RB mostly, but i've never been impressed by Hill. I figure BB has a reason for bringing Rex in, I'm just not convinced its going to be for anything more then an improved version of Brandon Bolden. Are we just trying to convince ourselves that this guy can change his stripes just bc he's joined the Patriots?Given the cluttered RB situation already, plus the back seat he's taken his entire career, I'm doubtful on Rex's upside
  14. 1300 yards with under 70 receptions for Moss is nuts. Couple that with the 17 TDs and that is simply one hell of a season for Randy Odell is a dang fine player and the sky is the limit if he can hold it together mentally
  15. you will be moved to "your leagues" thread shortly