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  1. Guys I Own Thanks to This Forum...

    Thanks Bdy! Some very good posters on this forum. Always look forward to my mornings at work scanning the MiLB board here. Sad the minor league season is ending soon.. I enjoy this forum way more than the MLB forum because it seems its more about providing information for others to take advantage of.. opposed to a chest thumping contest of who's right and who's wrong.. I wouldn't own half of the guys I own in my dynasty league if it wasn't for others providing snippets of info in the past.
  2. Luis Castillo 2017 Outlook

    K'd 9 last night against a team that is in top 4 in strikeouts per game.. last 3 games are an example of the strikeout upside we saw.. K'd 8 against the braves in 4IP who was top 6 in strikeouts per game. 3.26era, 1.14whip, 9.66 K/9 now for the season.. Pretty dang good fantasy starter in any league.. nonetheless, a lot better than a streamer. Much kudos to the Reds pitching staff.. They've been awesome working with Castillo this season.. I'll admit I was a bit bummed when he was moved to the Reds, as the Reds hadn't had much luck developing starters as of late.. I was wrong. Love the upside here in the seasons ahead..
  3. Jack Flaherty, SP STL

    I really like Flaherty, but where does he fit in, in the STL rotation? 1) Martinez 2) Leake 3) Lynn 4) Wacha 5) Weaver Maybe if Weaver flounders he gets a shot? Next year, Reyes will most likely snag a rotation spot and hopefully Lynn leaves in free agency. Just not sure where he fits in.. seems like he's been on a little bit of the lucky side looking at the FIP.. but the upside is pretty big here.
  4. Brian Dozier 2017 Outlook

    12th HR since the break.. Next year I need to find a suitable replacement for the 1st half of the year and then put Dozier in, in the 2nd half.. This is crazy.
  5. Brian Dozier 2017 Outlook

    On fire since the break.. .291/.354/.604 31 games - 26R, 11HR, 25RBI, and a SB for good measure.
  6. Joey Gallo 2017 Outlook

    If Stanton was grabbed in the 3rd round I'm sure his owners are absolutely thrilled.. He's on pace for .285, 125R, 60HR, 129RBI.. OPS of 1.022 Gallo is on pace for .208, 89R, 47HR, 88RBI and an OPS of .890... his average has definitely been better after the all-star break.. Each to their own, but if I could only pick one, im taking Stanton in the 3rd round who's having an unbelievable fantasy season versus Chris Davis 2.0.. Per ESPN player rater.. Stanton #11 - Gallo #135..
  7. Luis Castillo 2017 Outlook

    Well, for one the stuff is there and is better than it has been.. Why? 1) As stated multiple times in this thread, he's working with a new pitching staff that is treating him as a starter and has him throwing a slider instead of a curveball.. The slider has plus potential with two plane break which gives him a better breaking ball than he had with the Marlins. 2) A SWSTR% (12%) that would put him around the top 15 in baseball is a good indicator that he has swing and miss stuff if he qualified versus the others. 3) Comparing his AA K/9 with the Marlins to the Reds.. 7.71 for the Marlins and 9.07 with the Reds.. Both teams are in the same league (Southern League).. It's entirely possible that this new staff has found things they can tweak.. The Marlins didn't even plan on keeping him as a starter.. the Reds obviously saw something that the Marlins didn't. I'll also point out that it's generally counter productive to look at and base decisions off of minor league stats. While he was in the minors the Reds/Marlins could've had him specifically working on one pitch that wasn't missing a lot of bats.. IE the changeup because it was generally said to be behind the curve/slider.. From what I've read in scouting reports, scouts seem to think the upside is there. It could be Casttilo is just a late bloomer... he really didn't get a whole lot of pub until mid-season in 2016 when BP slapped a 60 grade on him. That's the first time I heard about him.. He's got some stuff to work out, however, I think the strikeout upside is there.
  8. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    Abs is a great poster.. and definitely provides some good insight.. Without arguments from both sides this forum would be a sunshine pump fest.. In the end this forum is not about being right or wrong, it's providing information and insight to help others make decisions. Things get heated from time to time and that's ok! Bellinger is a rare breed that struggled at times early on.. What he's doing now is just unreal.. anyone that owns shares in dynasty leagues are set for a longgggg time. Every time he is at bat, I just sit there and wait for the ball to explode off the bat.
  9. Carlos Martinez 2017 Outlook

    This joker has given up a 1st inning run in his LAST 7 STARTS.. That's not a typo.. Last 7... 7!
  10. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    I'm not knocking Smoak at all.. He's been great this year. I'm more or less advocating the different ways in which Bellinger adds value than Smoak does.. In defense (mainly).. Both have been explosive this year and both were all-stars, rightfully so. Replace Bellinger with Smoak? On the Dodgers? I was talking about Bellinger being more valuable than Chris Taylor because you could replace Taylor with Alex Verdugo.. and there is hardly anyone that they could replace Bellinger with right now... I guess Chase Utley..
  11. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    I think this statement is pretty far off base. Justin Smoak is not a guy that can play in the outfield nor does he provide above average D at 1B. In fantasy, ok maybe you can make that argument.. certainly not outside of fantasy. Justin Smoak is also 30 years old compared to a guy that just came into the league, whom is 8yrs younger.. They are not equal, or close to it, IMO. Sure stats are meaningful but there is a lot more that goes into it than just pulling stats off of fangraphs.
  12. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    By your fangraphs statistics? Sorry man, the statement that he's every bit as valuable as Cody Bellinger is actually laughable. Again, you take Taylor out replace him with Verdugo.. Take Bellinger out and replace him with.....? Adrian Gonzalez? You tell me where the bigger drop off is going to be. Is that not value added to you? Or since it's not measured by a fangraph statistic, it doesn't count?
  13. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    This is absolutely false.. Bellinger completely transformed the lineup by adding a big time power hitter that the lineup was severely lacking. I don't care what WAR, WRC, UZR, etc says. Bellinger brought excitement to the team and the team played completely different after he was called up. You take Chris Taylor out of the lineup and replace him with a guy like Alex Verdugo and you probably have a small to mid drop off (verdugo plays plus D and can hit, get on base).. You take Bellinger out of that lineup and replace him with....? That's a HUGE drop off.. That's where in the value lies.. So I don't buy that "Chris Taylor is every bit as valuable as Bellinger" at all.. regardless of whatever stats your basing your statement off of. Bellinger adds value in ways you can't measure through statistics..
  14. Brian Dozier 2017 Outlook

    But.. But.. But.. he's just so terrible, he never hits home runs and he doesn't even steal bases!!!! He's only projected for 84R, 32HR, 90RBI, 16SB... I think he should be a .300 40/40 guy because I traded for him! *sarcasm*
  15. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    #33.. Sup @NyMetsfan5.. Hearin' some crickets round here lately.. Come talk about your impeccable track record por favor.