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  1. Breakout year for Cards SP Jack Flaherty who has taken a step forward in 2017.. He's been dominating the Texas league so far this year.. 7-2, 63IP, 1.42ERA, 2.26FIP.. 8.81 K/9, 1.56 BB/9, 12.4% SwStr.. The control looks to be advanced judging by stats.. He ranks #2 in all of Texas League in BB/9.. but isn't necessarily a "pitch to contact" type of pitcher.. He ranks in the top 6 in SwStr% in the Texas League in front of guys like Sandy Alcantara and Yohander Mendez. (*out of 45 qualified pitchers, 30IP+ qualifier) Sign me up for a type of pitcher like this compared to a velocity darling who is throwing as hard as he can, hitting 102mph and walking 5 per 9. Flaherty still has room to fill out a little more and add a tad more velocity.. Has a chance for 3 above-average pitches and above-average control. I'll admit that I didn't give Flaherty much consideration before this year and probably should have.. From what I've read it appears his velocity has taken a little bit of a step forward.. Texas league is no joke and to see him dominate like he has is eye opening. (ranks 2nd in FIP).. I've jumped on the other side of the velocity/control preference.. used to side with the masses and love the guys who could throw 100+mph but the durability concerns and the high amount of walks has ultimately changed the way I view minor league pitchers.. I'd much rather have a guy like Flaherty who's currently throwing 92-93 (with control) with the potential for more, compared to someone that's throwing upper 90s to 100mph with little control. The velocity guys are definitely more exciting and more "sexy", but in dynasty leagues you also have to mitigate risk. He will vault his way into the top 50 on some mid-season lists I'm sure.. I believe he was on Keith Laws list pre-season and maybe one or two others.. but he should keep rising and should probably get a promotion to AAA - Memphis after the all-star break.
  2. Straight dominating the Florida State League.. he's gonna be on a bunch of top 100 mid-season updates.. 1.22 ERA over 51IP and 56Ks, .97 WHIP, only 10 walks.. Was good last year but just missed the bat missing stuff.. Rumor has it Tigers had him working specifically on fastball command and his changeup.. Hardly gets any pub and an extremely under the radar guy with a pretty high ceiling.
  3. Did some in depth research today on minor league pitchers and one name that kept popping up was Mitch White.. Basically I took all pitchers in all minor leagues that threw over 32IP thus far (fangraphs pre-set qualifier) which turned out 515 pitchers.. I usually color code the top 30 or so in some advanced pitching CATS to easily compare which pitchers are good at ALL categories.. well guess who was one in the top of almost all? Keep in mind this is out of 515 pitchers.. 19th in GB/FB ratio at 2.65 10th highest GB% 26th lowest Fly Ball % 11th highest SwStr% I'm impressed.. couple that with the scouting reports on him lately and I'm sold. I've seen some early mid-season lists that have him in the top 100 and even top 50, which I believe to be a little pre-mature based off of 8 or 9 starts.. BUT, he certainly has the talent to be one of the better pitchers in all of minor league baseball.
  4. As others have said, if this is a keeper league, I think it's pretty fair.. Danny Salazar's SIERA is top 10 in baseball.. he will come around. Lindor is a very good SS and Bellinger has the potential to be an all-star 1B for years.. Really depends on your league settings and team needs.. but it's far from insulting.
  5. Back with a vengeance.. HRs in back to back games (just came back from the DL yesterday).. I think he's easily a top 25 fantasy prospect..
  6. If you are in dynasty leagues with small minors rosters, then yes by all means wait.. He's not a guy you go out and pick up in leagues with small minors rosters. But if you are in deep leagues (400-600+) prospects owned, it's probably going to be too late if you wait until he has success in AA (if he does).
  7. This thread is pretty much what I think you guys are lookin' for.
  8. 100% agree.. It was the same way in the minor league thread as well.. Guys saying things like, I'm concerned because his swing has too much upper cut to it.. his 2-week K% in AAA is concerning.. He's struck out X times in 15 at-bats.. etc etc etc.. Like you said there is an it factor here that also plays into it.. He's a ball player.. he finds ways to get it done. It blows my mind that people expect nothing but perfection sometimes from these prospects when they get called up.. He's 21 years old playing against the best in the world! He's going to struggle some. It's part of the learning process.. Every prospect that gets called up is not going to be top of the line in every advanced metric, unless you are Mike Trout.. The game is not easy! Just take what he's giving you (which is great production) and enjoy the ride. It's remarkable what he's done so far as a 21yr old.. He has so much time to improve, this is just the beginning.
  9. Potential 5-tool OF in the Rockies system that is an imposing human at 6'5 225lbs.. Mentioned him in the sleeper thread a few weeks back, but he's still been raking.. He plays in Lancaster half his games, but he's decreased his K% by about 6.5% from this year compared to last (smaller sample size in 2017, but the org has made comments about he has improved more as a hitter).. OPS is 1.000 .349/.418/.582.. 7HR, 35RBI, 13SB.. above average defender in right field as he has above average speed.. He's rocking a .427 BABIP right now, he will never be a .300+ hitter in the bigs.. but I could definitely see .270 with him playing in Coors. There is A LOT to like here.. The decrease in K% has really caught my eye and if he keeps improving.. watch out. I watch the Rockies system pretty close and he's one I've been watching since about this time last year.. I think it's time to pick him up in deep dynasty leagues. You don't see a power/speed combo such as this too often..
  10. I've been on Faria for about 2 years now before he got any fan fare (see the original post, before he was even top 30 in the Rays system).. He's never blown up the radar gun and doesn't have one pitch that just wows people... In this era if you aren't a velocity darling you get pushed to the back of the line. If Faria gets his control in order he's a legit #3 starter, IMO..
  11. Hader would get lit if they called him up right now. He's walking 5.3 per 9 and has a FIP of 6.61.. Woodruff is clearly the next man in line, IMO.
  12. Good stuff Coach! A few tidbits.. -Agree with what Brock said about Tucker.. He's my #4 right now, but that excludes guys in the big leagues. -Love the Bellinger ranking (of course)! I know you mentioned before you were concerned with the swing some, any thoughts after seeing him throughout the last few weeks? -Anthony Alford is a top 20 guy, IMO.. I know he had a terrible year last year, but I chalk that up due to injuries. -Francisco Mejia could be a star, what's the basis for having him so low? *I'm not criticizing your ranking (I respect anyone who puts in the time to do this, it's not easy, it's great to see different viewpoints to see if I've missed something someone else sees) -As some others have said Andres Gimenez is probably a top 100 guy.. Love the upside. -Beau Burrows may be worth a shot in the top 100 -I like where you have Dylan Cease ranked. Thanks for putting in the work man!
  13. Unfortunately you are probably right.. The way the Astro's are playing right now sets them up to make a move for either Quintana or Archer before the deadline. They have incentive to do it now that they are playing like one of the best teams in baseball. A package of Tucker, Martes and another prospect may be enough to get it done. Keeping my fingers crossed Tucker isn't traded though.
  14. Agree with Solar.. As he fills out he's gonna lose some of the speed he currently has. Still think he should be able to steal 15-20 a year though.. Power is gonna be intriguing.. 25-30 bombs a year should be reachable.. Top 5 fantasy asset in the minors, IMO
  15. You're now analyzing 20AB stretches, on a 21yr old rookie who was just called up a few weeks ago? Can you discern anything from that? From April 15th to April 19th he was 7 of 19, 6R, 3HR, 7RBI, 3BB, 6Ks..... with that same longggggg swing.. So is this the next coming of Mike Trout? Looking at anything in such small sample sizes is really silly. Is he going to strike out a lot? Yes he is. 35%? Absolutely not. He missed on pitches a lot in the minors too.. it's just part of it if you are going to own him.. He's going to K some and he's going to hit some dongs. The future is bright.. He's got a LOT of learning to do and will get better with big league coaches and spending time with guys like Justin Turner and Corey Seager everyday.