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  1. Returned from the DL last night and smashed #18.. He's #1 on my fantasy list at this point, with Devers getting called up. No doubt about it..
  2. Lessssss go! Good start to the 2nd half.. #26
  3. Recently drafted 13 overall by the Pirates.. Best HS pitcher out of Texas this year.. MLB Pipeline gives him 3 potentially plus pitches (FB: 65, CUT: 60, SL: 60).. in addition to a CU: 55 and CH: 50.. he's working with a deep arsenal that I haven't seen since I've started following prospects. From prospect watch: I'm in 100%
  4. I think it's so silly to see a list rank a HS arm like McKenzie Gore over a young stud like Triston McKenzie (19 years old) who has absolutely been killing it in HiA.. how can you even begin to justify that? Same with having Walker Buehler behind Gore.. smh And then to top it all off, Hunter Greene ahead of guys like Acuna, Honeywell, Keller, Kyle Tucker is laughable. Drinking wayyyy too much of the 2017 draft class Koolaid..
  5. 12:48 Ben McDonald: Is it too early to be asking about Estevan Florial‘s top 100 chances? 12:48 Eric A Longenhagen: Nah, they exist Another chance for a T100 by the end of the year.. *Another note - the same thing has been said for years about Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs, Yankees, (insert big market team), prospects that they are given rankings boosts more than small market teams. Just not sure I buy that a credible organization such as baseball america would rank guys higher based off of the org they are with.. Maybe other blogs or something.. hey, maybe I'm wrong.. whether that's the case for Florial or not remains to be seen.
  6. There's absolutely examples of it going both ways.. That's why you can't really use them as a comparison to each other. It doesn't tell you much besides who's currently doing "better" in the minors leagues. We are in this for who has the most potential to be a better player in the long-term, not whom is the better player at this current time. I don't think Khalil Lee is a bad prospect- but I'm pretty sure that him being a Yankee isn't the main difference he is getting more hype than Lee. Just my opinion, whatever that's worth.
  7. Did you really take that as a serious statement? Lawlz
  8. I respectfully disagree.. Florial had no mainstream hype until he recently showed up on Baseball America's top 100 list.. That's kind of evidenced how there was no thread on him prior to a few weeks ago. He had a bad year last year, so I'm not really sure if he had much demand until very recently, and I would imagine it was pretty muted until he was named a top 100. Again, comparing one minor leaguers stats to another is like comparing apples to oranges.. so many things go into that, as some players have directives from their organization to put the ball in play more, take more pitches, etc... etc.. to improve.. As an example: 2016: Rowdy Tellz, 1B TOR - 23HR, 81RBI, 63BB/92K, .297/.387/.530 Cody Bellinger, 1B LAD - 26HR, 71RBI, 60BB/94K, .271/.365/.507 So If im basing a decision strictly off of numbers last year and taking Tellez because he's cheaper has better stats... however, if you read scouting reports it was highlighted that Rowdy couldn't hit higher velocity and would struggle in the upper levels compared to Cody who was a ultra-athletic, with a good swing, etc. He mostly received glowing scouting reports. This would have been a huge mistake and could affect the landscape of your dynasty league for quite sometime. I'm not saying your wrong by any means, but I'd put more stock into scouting reports than minor league numbers tenfold.
  9. Based off of what? Solely his stat line? Can't judge minors based off of stats alone, it sounds like Florials tools are about as good as it gets in minor league baseball.. If you based your decision solely off of stats you could've chose Rowdy Tellez over Cody Bellinger last year... look where that ended up.
  10. Nothing wrong with what you said, Brock.. Not sure what the big deal is? I agree 100% that the hit tool of 70 is aggressive.. Its his celing..not the current. Take it up with Eric Longenhagen. He does a fairly decent job defending the position. As he still is like one of the youngest in all of AAA, he's not currently worried about the stat line Simmer down there dude.. He said "think"... he's entitled to his opinion just as much as EL is. Not sure why anyone would need to "take it up with EL" because their opinion is different.
  11. This is laughable just looking at your signature.. 'WORLD SERIES OR BUST. USED TO BE A LAUGHINGSTOCK NOW WE RUNNIN THE MLB "Noah Syndergaard NL Cy Young 2016. Act like you already know" And now you crapped on a guy that has 25HR before the all-star break that's a rookie and will probably end up with 42-43HR.. as a rookie. I'm not sure if you're aware but in the English language impeccable means good, your track record is associated with nothing of the sort.
  12. 3 consecutive seasons of 100+ runs, 20+HRs, 12+SB = 1 year fluke? Man.. you must have some extremely high expectations for your guys.. His "fluke" year, he had exactly the same amount of HR's through June as he did this year (13).. So let's not completely write him off.. "He barely steals bases at all" - He's top 15 in baseball in SB... but that somehow = he barely steals bases at all? Haha ok man.. Look, owning Dozier is frustrating, 100%, because he goes through hot/cold streaks damn near as much as I've ever seen from a player.. but to say he was a one year fluke is almost laughable. Maybe he's not the most valuable player in 6-8 team leagues.. but he's a pretty solid 2B to have in 12+ leagues.
  13. The power is exactly why no one wants him right now.. The OKC Dodgers need him to get on base and don't need him to hit HR out of the lead off spot.. He's doing exactly that.. He hit 13HR last year in the Texas League so I'm not worried about the power. The Dodgers very well may be grooming him for the lead off spot and have given him direct orders to work on getting on base.. for the guys that don't know a whole lot about prospects will only scout the stat line and want guys on the most popular top 100 lists.. Verdugo doesn't get a whole lot of hype.
  14. Absolutely raking!!! 20 game hit streak.. average is up to .354.. starting to wonder if he will get dealt at the trade deadline.
  15. Jonathan Hernandez is an interesting guy to watch.. apparently he has a FB that gets up to 95-97mph and two secondaries that have the potential to be plus pitches... the ERA doesn't look real nice, but the FIP is a lot better. BABIP is killing him this year at around .410...