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  1. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Luis Rengifo - SS LAA 21 year old SS that was recently promoted to AA (first good sign - 21 at AA). Hit .323 with an .892 OPS in A+ with a 14.2% BB rate and a 11.6% K Rate.. Stole 22 bases in 41 games. Doesn't seem like he's going to be star material, but it looks like he's got a great plate approach, some above average speed and a little bit of pop. This is definitely a guy I added in my 800+ prospect league. Maybe not a guy you add in shallow leagues and just follow, but any time I see a young guy like this with an above average plate approach I get excited.
  2. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    Tyler Phillips, SP TEX He's 5th in all of Minor League baseball with a 17.7% Swinging Strike rate.. The questions about his control/command? 5 walks in 44IP.. 9.41 K/9 and a 1.02 BB/9.. He's a 20yr old in class A, but it seems like this dude has wicked stuff that the Rangers may have figured out how to start harnessing it. He has a 2.40 FIP.. I think he's pretty far off the radar, but in super deep leagues I think he's probably worth an add. Pitch grades: FB - 60, CB- 55, CH- 60.. so the potential is there!
  3. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Dark One is right here.. There's been a bunch of opportunities for him to take advantage, and he just flat out hasn't forced the issue. It remains to be seen whether he's down there working on "swing adjustments" or whats causing the lack of power this year.. I fully expected him to hit 25HR+ between minors and MLB this year.. Still convinced he's gonna be a stud, he's just starting out quite a bit slower than I anticipated. It'll come in due time, I suppose.
  4. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Fisher to the DL.. Looks like it's JD Davis coming up. Yeah boys, Tucker isn't going to be up anytime soon.. They've had ample opportunities to call him up and he's been passed over.
  5. Yordan Alvarez 1B HOU

    This one will be interesting to watch.. Yuli Gurriel is locked in until after the 2020 season. Marwin Gonzalez is a FA after this year so it'll be interesting to see if Yuli switches to that utility role if the Astros don't re-sign Marwin.. If they don't resign Marwin, then yes, this kid has a fantastic chance to play a bunch next year IMO. As an Astros fan I'm just as excited about Yordan Alvarez as I am about Kyle Tucker.. He has stud written all over him.
  6. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    I'm almost certain Fisher has two options left.
  7. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Like you said, it's a random sample, players will go through streaks like that most of the year.. I like the overall OBP of .371.. He's hitting .299, seems like he's handled Triple A pretty well and has looked good at the plate the 4 or 5 games I've been able to catch.. I think people forget that the Astros' specifically said they'd have him in AAA to work on swing adjustments and batting vs LHP.. So they don't have him out there just sayin' let er' rip tater chip. That's one of the "problematic" area's of purely scouting stats lines in minor league baseball. A lot of the time it's more about development than performance.. One of the reasons I'm not in the least bit concerned about the lack of power he's shown this year. He would be the full-time guy in LF if they brought him up. Fisher would get demoted, Marwin would go back to full-time utility and Marisnick would go back to his regular role of 4th OF. Or cut Marisnick and let Fisher be the 4th OF.. With as bad as Gattis is playing there's ABs to be given out at DH as well. They can find playing time for him.
  8. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Bingo! He's hitting .299 with a .371OBP, which in my books is pretty damn good. It's kind of gotten silly at this point that they haven't called him up. And not because I want him on my fantasy team, but it makes too much sense to do it. They are no longer in first, and the Mariners are breathing down their neck, a game back.. The west is not going to be easy to win this year, one or two games very well could be the division this year. Better go all out when you got Verlander and Cole locked down, while you can, instead of trying to save a few million six years down the road. Just my worthless, two cents
  9. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    11th time this year they've scored 0 or 1 run..
  10. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Tucker a day off today and the Astros are playing in Oakland tomorrow (He plays in Fresno)? Coincidence!? Yeah.. probably so
  11. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Same thought here, I'm almost certain that it only pertains to 25 man time.
  12. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Hey guys, he just hit #11. Matched Heyward's total in 100 less games..
  13. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Here's a decent article that is basically what I've been clamoring for since mid-april.. For those who haven't seen the Astros are now tied for first.. With the way the team has been pitching, this team should be 5-6 games ahead of everyone else.
  14. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Without getting too off course here, Weiters is a FA after this season, that frees up about $10m. And Gio Gonzalez is as well, which is another $12m.. Although, I would think it's in the Nats best interest to keep Gio.. so they could potentially use that savings to sign Bryce.. We shall see. An outfield of Soto, Robles, and Harper gives me a bit of a chub. Eaton is still there, but as said above, he can't stay healthy. As far as the posts above, Soto is the number 2 fantasy prospect in baseball.. The elite plate approach coupled with a plus plus hit tool with plus power (one site even called it raw ++ power, maybe fangraphs?).. He's sporting a .481 OBP through 100+ ABs so far this year.. how freaking silly is that? He's 2nd in the minors in OPS and SLG behind Jabari Blash ( a 28 year old in AAA).. He's slugging .808 and the next closet is Peter Alonso at .756.. What is mind boggling is he's showing this kind of power at 19 years old. This is rare.. I know there's been a few posts about the "Hype train being out of control".. this is one instance that it should be out of control.. This does not happen.. OPS of 1.047 in his minors career, while hitting .363/.436/.605.. I've been following prospects for about 6-7 years now and can't recall I've seen much like it.. I've seen the hit tool, the power and the plate approach but not all in one package like this and not putting up stats like he has in his time in the minors.. Now if we are talking legit real team value, then yeah Robles is maybe more valuable as he can play some outstanding defense.
  15. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Well... it actually really does.. it's reasonable to expect he plays 125-130 games.. so that would put him in 45-50hr range (10HR in 26 games.. multiply that by 5 = 45-50Hrs).. on current pace. Meaning if he does what he's doing now for the whole season that's what he'd end up with.. Will he end up with that? No, course of not but you were quoting stats for Heyward after 127 games.. comparing to Soto's 25 games. How is that even a fair comparison? Soto now has 10 HRs in 26 games compared to Heyward's 11 in 127.. see the silliness in that comparison? Soto is as elite as elite gets as far as hitting goes.. The scouting reports, stats, etc have backed it all up. What qualifies a hitter as an elite hitter to you? This guy has hit .365 over 400 ABs in the minors and is 19 years old.. so it's not like he's came out of nowhere and just now started hitting.. The writing is on the wall here, if he stays healthy he's a top 10 prospect. Agree that the outlook of this Nationals team is bright with the young talent they've got.