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  1. Yes, “closer” is parentheses, but I’m desperate. who’s the best speculative add? Kennedy (KC) Rogers (Min) Boxberger (KC) Reumbelow (Sea)
  2. Been playing fantasy baseball for about 20 years. 4 years ago we finally switched to a Keeper league. It is 10 team 5x5 Roto. I took the title for the first time last year and backed that up with another win this year. Last year I decided it would be a fun idea to create myself a trophy. It made the competition this year even better as other wanted the opportunity. Any one else have any trophy traditions for your leagues?
  3. Keeper League. I’m in the running for 1st place but have been killed by pitching injuries with Sale, Bauer, Stripling. Plus Severino has been shaky at best recently. I am starting to fall way behind in IP leading to losing points in Ks and Ws getting tighter. Stripling comes real cheap to me next year in this keeper league. But because I need to join the streamer game to make up wins and Ks, I am thinking of dropping. Bad move?
  4. Thoughts about this guy going into next year? Is he a sure keeper at the right price?
  5. I like this trade for your team. Having to start 3 Utility bats, Manny is a huge upgrade over a couple you are starting now. You still have pitching to spare. Make this deal and then see if you can flip Lamb for a mid tier pitcher.
  6. Stiff price but going for the title this year. 5x5 OBP I Got Trout in last year of his contract (0 yrs left) for Acuna (2 yrs left) and Buehler (3 yrs left) Other owner is in full rebuild mode.
  7. In 4th year of keeper league. I just traded for Mike Trout and tonight is first time having him in my lineup! #Giddyup
  8. So this trade fell apart when Acuna and Reyes got injured. He put back on the table Acuna straight up for Scherzer. Got to, right? Reminder that Acuna cab be kept for 2019 and 2020 and then is returned to the auction draft pool. Scherzer goes back to the draft pool after this year.
  9. Who would you rather have for the next four years...Whitley or Kopech?
  10. Salary cap is $ you can keep anywhere between $0 and $150 in players and have the remainder available for the auction.
  11. Yes, you can keep a player for three additional years from the year they were drafted or acquired via FA. Salaries adjusted each year based on adjustments based on “industry” pre auction values. This is our 4th season playing this format so lots of big names are returning to auction pool next year. Will be competing in auction next year for guys like Trout, Turner, Goldschmidt, Bryant, Altuve, Sale, Scherzer, Kluber and Kershaw to name a few. I’m gonna be forced to cut Sale, Kluber, Turner, and Dozier. Then able to keep a roster from remaining players up to a keeper salary cap of $150. Then have $110 in the auction to fill the team.