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  1. How did Ravens score that TD. Can't watch the game and gamecast isn't updating..
  2. Ok I'll shut up now. Musta found that B Spot
  3. Depends if you hit the right spot.. Obviously he finds pleasure on the bench
  4. Did MG get hurt or what??? What a vagina
  5. Melvin Gordon no more passing/3rd downs?? Not looking good wow
  6. Thanks Ravens for milking the clock and making this game boring.
  7. Ya. If he can't score his projection, 11.95 in my league. I'd be very happy with that Anything more is just extra gravy on top of my biscuits
  8. The way I see it, is if Lamar Jackson, who is supposedly a poor passer.. Can come in and put up a respectable line(2 passing TDs) against this same KC defense on their turf. Rivers will be just fine. He has been so consistent this year, so I am taking him because of a safe floor.
  9. From my past understanding is PP stays on one side of the field, like Sherman? I haven't noticed him shadowing any receiver this year. Someone correct me if I am wrong please. So if he faces PP just half of the time, I am definitely starting.
  10. If you don't have Ertz or Kelce every other TE is a dud. Gronk has been worse IMO.. I have him in two leagues.. Burton has been far better. Neither has set the world on fire though.. Sad
  11. Not worried at all. Seeing how his floor has been eight points this year.
  12. I am just here to watch the awesome Genesis halftime show with that great music they promote.