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  1. The OJH usage just hurts my head... He's clearly superior to Brate but Brate gets the TD. Crazy stuff
  2. Arizona next week with Barkley potentially returning, I'd rather avoid. I don't want to pick Washington at all but could get a leg up using them now. How do you feel about Chargers or New Orleans?
  3. Strictly survivor pools. Does anybody believe in Washington over Miami(when else would we pick them)? What about Arizona upsetting Atlanta? Safe bets are, Chargers over Pittsburgh, Dallas over NY Jets. As of now I am settling on Chargers.
  4. No I get it, I am just maybe looking at this in a conspicuous way. I don't need a time line just The team hasn't made a official designation? Maybe? Just sorta reminds me of the Gurley situation in LA.
  5. I have zero TH shares, but my Mahomes shares are dipping. Need the Cheetah back ASAP.
  6. Is it me or is GB being quiet about his injury? Did the team designate his injury as a Turf Toe or is everybody just going off what Adams said, in his Post Game interview vs Philadelphia. Saying he has turf toe.
  7. Can only hope. If Gurley misses, this will probably just turn into another RBBC, making Brown and Henderson useless.
  8. Washington vs Miami should peak everyone's interest 😂
  9. A lot of unknown this early. But what is known, if Davante gets in enough practices this week to play, he will go up against Darius Slay. I am not starting DA, not unless he gets in a couple FULL practices this week.
  10. Refused to shake hands with SF captains at the coin flip?! What is this, High School? What a tool chest.