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  1. Ugh still no answer I’m done with you since you have no clue and just redirect. You ask a question I answer then you say something else and avoid the previous comment. Go ahead draft a QB in the top 2 rounds and miss the playoffs, type lol your just a joke.
  2. Your telling me he didn’t break all kinds of 1st year qb records and the be the 2nd player in nfl history to throw 5000 and 50. Your right next year it’s 6000 and 60 lol. But again I’m about done with you cause you keep avoiding my point and attempting to redirect towards something else.
  3. Lol your avoiding my point all again First off I like Mohomes and he’s my number 1 QB but still a disaster drafting a QB early. But to say he’s going to break records again next year is a stretch, again still my QB1 but it’s fair to assume Kittle has more room for improvement the Mahomes. First off if you took Gronk early this year then that’s whoever fault, writing was on the wall about that. Previous to the year Gronk was the number 1 TE, 2 of the last 3 prior years. And was hurt the other year. And speaking on that point TE was a easier position to fill during those years. We are taking about next year which not the “Gronk years”. Your “elite numbers” still apply AGAIN TO KITTLE. Why is that? Is because of the dumpster fire after the big 3 TE, I don’t know if you can comprehend that concept or if you just avoid it cause you know your wrong about the drop of from kittle to the other TE vs the drop of from Mahomes to other qbs.
  4. Fantasy pros has it the exact opposite way. Again drafting a QB early is a disaster waiting to happen. If FFC has Mahomes rated at 23 then they’re advise is horrible. Drafting a QB in the top 2 rounds with all the available postion players is a recipe for disaster. Again your avoiding the simple concept of trying to fill a postion that’s 3 players deep vs a position that’s extremely deep. It’s not about who’s “ranked higher” by some site that has no clue.
  5. Well then I’m the theory kittle would be the number 1 overall. Lol Come on QBs should not be drafted early. You can fill the spot but not TE and with that being said who’s going to be the best TE available since the good ones are going to be kept. He’s going to end up with trying to stream weekly. Kittle projected ADP is top 25 and Mahomes is top 31 so even with that being said Kittle is still a better value with the same cost of keeping a QB
  6. He can also redraft Mahomes who postion is the deepest in fantasy. Its not not about blowing up, its the drop off from the elite 3 te to the garbage after that.
  7. That’s even better value then for an elite TE then. The QB position can be filled later on but TE outside of the top 3 maybe 4 is a complete drop off. Now I don’t know who’s being kept but give me a player like: Josh Allen, mayfield, etc and kittle over Mahomes and pretty much throwing a dart at the wall every week
  8. Another horrible comment, which explains the advise he always gives.
  9. I’d keep Adams just cause when the season gets into week 10 and beyond Gordon will more then likely be out again. Wr also generally stay heathlier and Adams is projected as the 2nd wr off the board.
  10. iMo no it’s not worth trading up. If I had the pick I’d be trying to trade it away.
  11. I wouldn’t trade agruabley the best WR in the league, yeah I get nuke could be one, for a guy who hasn’t played one regular season snap. I feel he’s worth a ton more and I believe Brown will be on a mission next year. I have no issue if your rebuilding and want to move him but not for Guice.
  12. I personally wouldn’t trade OBJ, I know he’s been kind of a bust last year but I still think he’s elite. I could see trading him but your WR are not good after trade. I’m not found at all about this draft class so trade the picks or picks but unless your getting back 2 of those wr more I wouldn’t
  13. Unless your getting 6 point qb tds drafting a QB in the top rounds is a good way to waste a pick IMO. And I mean top 4 rounds as top rounds. Perfect example is how you probably draft Mahomes late this year. This coming from 2 dynasty where I own Mahomes. Id keep Kittle and I love Mahomes as a player but TE is such a horrible position to fill why not sure it up.
  14. Oh boy apparently Brown wasn’t hurt, he was benched for agreeing with a teammate. Thoughts on the offseason or next year for dynasty league owners.