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  1. No I agree with dropping Foles. If not him I’m guessing that’s Darwin Thompson and I’d drop him if not Foles. Your rbs are still great without him
  2. This was Gronkowski coming back wrote all over it now lol
  3. Do the Pats have enough time to get him in the lineup for tomorrow night
  4. I’d still take Lindsey over Coleman but WR is the biggest area for improvement. Ur 2 starting rbs are great
  5. I like Pettis in what could high scoring game. The rbs are tough cause all terrific options. With the gurley news he’s ready to roll with no snap count I’d go Gurley and Carson. I’m a big Carson guy so that one is easy for me.
  6. Absolutely, I’m dropping Crowder for Williams. Worth the gamble for a bench player.
  7. I had this same option in 5 leagues and past in all of them. I love Waller upside but to be honest I have no clue what to expect from Oakland. I get Walker is coming off an injury but the guy had been pretty dependable before. Hate to say take the proven over the unknown but I leaned towards Walker.
  8. I’d say Waller because I wouldn’t bet on an injury to Ertz
  9. Raiders haven’t suspended Antonio Brown yet, and possibly won’t https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/05/raiders-havent-suspended-antonio-brown-yet-and-possibly-wont/