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  1. Not worried about his talent. I'm worried about his health. He hasn't been himself past two games. Been more of a game manager.
  2. Define "great"? And the hate is coming from owners of a certain stud rookie RB who they want to get more touches
  3. who cares? He got knocked out of the game, literally.
  4. What do we think of Cook ROS? Lost season? come back healthier next season?
  5. Is Shady McCoy and Brandin Cooks an adequate return for Hopkins? I'm hurting real bad at RB and need a 2 for one. I also have the option of getting J.White,Howard, D.Cook instead of Shady.
  6. Which one would you rather have ROS 0.5 PPR Redraft?
  7. Hyde kinda is what he is. Between the tackles guy w/ no big play ability. Chubb needs more touches for that reason alone. Can take one to the house
  8. I think White's role is safe no matter what. The battle was always going to be between Burkehead/Michel
  9. Chubb: 10 carries, 6 missed tackles forced, 3 runs of >15 yds Hyde: 83 carries, 7 missed tackles forced, 2 runs of >15 yds