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  1. If Hill and Watkins are both out, I don't see how he isn't a fantastic play in a shootout game with Houston.
  2. To people who understand this in context better, how bad does this sound?
  3. Weather on Thursday is supposed to just awful. Rain and 30-40mph winds. Not good, dude.
  4. Unfortunate that he seems to the 1b to Coleman's 1a.
  5. Frankly, I don't think that would be a fantasy upgrade. Sure, a better QB, but Cincy has no D, which means always trailing, which means always throwing. Plus all the garbage time.
  6. Yes. Hopefully you start him during those weeks. Because that's fantasy football and you drafted Josh Gordon. Maybe you don't win that league this year? Again, that's fantasy football.
  7. Sure. For what? No one worth their fantasy salt is giving you anything for him at this point. If he blows up on Thursday, no circle jerk for you!
  8. We'd all be jerking each other off if Brady connected with him on that early deep ball. I'm sure we'll get to enjoy that moment soon.
  9. Do people like Hollywood this week? The Steelers secondary has been getting burned but isn't Joe Haden a tough matchup?
  10. Anyone trying to sell Landry after that big game?
  11. Ok, but if you’re selling Godwin, who are you asking for?
  12. He's strong as an ox but I he doesn't look very quick or fast like he used to.
  13. I’d say week 10 after the bye is now the most realistic.
  14. I'd like to believe you but Monty hasn't shown any of that at the NFL level yet. Have to take off the rose-coloured glasses at some point.
  15. You can blame Nagy all you want, but I'm sorry. Monty is a plodder. He is slow as molasses.