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  1. Nick Senzel- 3B Reds

    Anyone know what happened with him tonight? Looks like he was removed for a pinch hitter in the bottom of the first inning.
  2. Which Side Wins? WHIR

    Bumgardner/Nimmo or Hoskins/Musgrove ROS? Please leave your thoughts. Thank you WHIR
  3. Jason Heyward 2018 Outlook

  4. Daniel Murphy 2018 Outlook

    Marcus Lattimore was the South Carolina RB
  5. Should I stash Eaton? **WHIR**

    Try to trade Soto to upgrade another position
  6. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    He reminds me so much of Oscar Taveras.
  7. May Closer Thread 2018

    Lmao wow. Kap doing Kap things
  8. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    The Yankees would NEVER trade DiDi for a half season rental.
  9. which side wins? WHIR

    I love the Stanton side here since you already have DiDi. Buy low! Xander will have a good year too but it’s worth it
  10. Potential large trade (WHIR!)

    I think injuries are the major factor here. If all players are healthy you’d be getting a steal. You’d have the two best players in the deal by far. Norris probably isn’t healthy, Villanueva won’t keep up anywhere near his current pace. So basically you’re trading Berrios, Dallas, and Vazquez for Kershaw, Donaldson, and Diaz. To be honest I’m not sure why he’d do the deal in an 8 team league. So yes, the answer is take that deal!
  11. Who would you rather have ROS 5x5 QS league ? Got offered Yu for my Buehler. I think I have to accept that because of Buehler’s innings cap right??? WHIR
  12. Well just as news broke of the callup, he accepted my counter offer of Tyson Ross and Acuna for Ozuna.
  13. E. Lauer?

  14. Anyone else? WHIR
  15. Pick one please?

    If u need speed side B. If u want more HR + RBI side A. Close though! Pretty even