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  1. Christin Stewart 2018 Outlook

    Hopefully a better hitter than actress. I mean, I don't know how she's been lately, but did you see those vampire movies?
  2. Joey Wendle 2018 Outlook

    Go 'head Mr. Wendle!
  3. Marcus Stroman 2018 Outlook

    So are they gonna throw this guy on the DL soon or what?
  4. Matt Breida 2017 Season Outlook

    He is the next Jamaal Charles. Get in while you still can.
  5. Jamaal Charles 2017 Season Outlook

    Agreed. His injuries notwithstanding, the Chiefs limited his usage a little bit and gave significant carries to his backfield mates. There was always another guy or two there who got decent play, although Jamaal did get a lot of touches he was rarely overused, much to his owners chagrin at the time 😀. He did obv miss a ton of time with injuries which ironically also limited the beating he took. Like a dude above said, I've also owned him in a dynasty for years through all the good times and the bad, and am rooting for him to look like vintage Jamaal all year (and contribute a bit to my fantasy team). I also agree though that I'm not expecting very much, even if he does look like the old Jamaal AND stays healthy all year the Broncos are going to seriously limit his action. Or so they should.
  6. Eduardo Rodriguez 2017 Outlook

    I feel like he starts slow all the time anyways...
  7. Jose Berrios 2017 Outlook

    Boof Bonser says hi.
  8. Jose Berrios 2017 Outlook

    If it is his time, maybe he'll be Honey Nut Berrios instead of Frankenberrios this time.