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  1. Zack Wheeler 2018 Outlook

    Yeah. That's all I'm seeing as well. It "looks like" "maybe" they "might" shut him down. I mean, it'd be nice to have something more than innuendo before I send this guy to waivers.
  2. Stephen Strasburg 2018 Outlook

    Tuesday and Sunday is normal rest. It's just that with a day off in between, they'd be skipping someone in the rotation to let Stras pitch the last game. edit: ok. I'm seeing Joe Ross listed for that final start. Not Strasburg.
  3. Stephen Strasburg 2018 Outlook

    I wonder if there will be a discount for this guy next season. His ADP this year was around 25. I'm hoping it falls to about 50-60.
  4. September Closer Thread 2018

    Q: Does anyone know who the Angels' closer is? A:
  5. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    my understanding is that TJ surgery requires some serious work as far as rehab. I doubt he'd be able to play DH full time and rehab his arm all at the same time. The fact that he runs as fast as Jarrod Dyson is crazy though, considering he's about 60 lbs heavier and twice as tall. Growing up he would probably have played quarterback too if he'd been born here. Like Aaron Rodgers with Silver Slugger and Cy Young awards. That's crazy.
  6. September Closer Thread 2018

    Well, he did come on in a tie game in the ninth inning this past Wednesday, promptly giving up the winning run. Meanwhile Melancon pitched a perfect 8th inning right in front of him... As an aside, did the thread decide to drop Blake Parker for Ty Buttrey? It seemed like we did... but I don't exactly remember a consensus.
  7. Noah Syndergaard 2018 Outlook

    Every league is different. But when I saw his next two starts were @BOS and @WAS, I sent him to waivers rather than carry dead weight on my bench for two weeks. In a tight roto race, you can't afford to carry dead weight. Either start him or drop him, imo.
  8. Matt Carpenter 2018 Outlook

    It could be that he's putting extra pressure on himself this month. They're in a super tight wild card/division race. Not that he's been all that bad. Just not ungodly like he was since he broke out of that early season slump.
  9. 9/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    It's pretty safe to say they won't be playing two tonight. I'm starting to wonder if they'll even get in one.
  10. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    Just one inning. Glad I didn't waste a start on him. But ESPN really needs to get this guy off the undroppable list.
  11. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    uh... CAL RIPKEN says hello. ARod switched to 3rd but lasted a good while at SS too. edit: at this point he's obviously droppable in roto. in H2H, you may need to drop him just because it's do or die and he's definitely killing you.
  12. 9/7 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Jean Segura was just added back to the lineup if anyone wants to start him. He was left out initially.
  13. September Closer Thread 2018

    Is it still Will Smith's job in SF? The situation has seemed a bit murky to me for more than a week. My guess is it's still Smith. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Melancon get the next chance. Or even Strickland.
  14. Justin Smoak 2018 Outlook

    Luke Voit, Lucas Duda, Chris Davis, Tyler White, Trey Mancini, and others are all low %owned waiver trash 1Bs I'd rather roll the dice on. Ryan O'Hearn is another one.
  15. August Closer Thread 2018

    Everyone is a worse pitcher or everyone is a worse option for saves? If it's the former, that may be true, or not. I think the latter is definitely false. The Dodgers have little to no interest in having Urias close games right now, as evidenced by the fact that all of his minor league appearances in the last three years have been starts and almost all of his MLB appearances have been starts as well. If Maeda falters as closer, they still have plenty of pure relievers who would likely get a chance before Urias, who almost certainly will be used as a multi-inning guy out of the pen, while still remaining stretched out enough to start, should one of their starts get hurt, kinda taking Maeda's place in that role. The difference is that having Maeda close games doesn't mess around with a young pitcher's development as a starter long term, since Maeda is 30 years old. For the purpose of chasing saves, I would guess the projected Jansen-less pecking order would be something like Maeda, Alexander, and then Baez. With a couple other names to throw out before Urias'.