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  1. Would prefer a lower buy in. $50 would be the max.
  2. Can I see the league settings? I may be interested depending on the setup.
  3. Looks like we're all paid up. What is the draft order?
  4. Nice. That FantasyPros tool looks cool. Or just the built-in ESPN randomizer. Whichever works. I was just curious.
  5. How are you randomizing? I would also be in favor of axing divisions altogether so we don't risk a situation where a 6-6 division runner up beats out an 8-4 third place finisher or something like that.
  6. Are we just going to let ESPN randomize the draft order?
  7. I'd be cool with a $20-25 buy in preferably. Thx zadelstein.
  8. I'd be down too. I can set it up on ESPN if no one else wants to.