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  1. This. I'm not even sure he has a roster spot on the ravens when the season starts. he had a couple decent games in the back end but i imagine Ingram and Hill and maybe even Gus make him useless.
  2. I remember watching him at Georgia Tech and I thought then he could transition to tight end and do a pretty good job.It wouldn't surprise me if he wins the #1 job but im not sure how valuable he is going to be. its a decent speculative grab in deep leagues if you have the space.
  3. What Damien did last season was impressive and Hyde is better than people give him credit for. I'm a little surprised they didn't spend more capital on a runningback but here we are. I think Hyde has a bigger share than people think but Damien is the best bet especially with his proficiency in the passing game.
  4. i just don't think Penny is more talented than Carson. I didn't think he was worth the first round price when he was drafted in the first place. If you arent paying a premium its a decent bet but im not going out of my way to pick Penny personally.
  5. 1 QB 2 RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex Likely Keeper options: Kamara, Hopkins, McCoy, Howard, Henry leave your email if you are interested
  6. Teddy was a risk this off season. People had no idea how he would come back. His knees literally exploded. He came back and displayed a lot of the things that people liked about him pre injury. So Jets cashed in. Saints made a good move. Worst case they have a solid back up, best case they have a future qb. Don't find a lot of qbs at Teddy's skill level in the 3rd round.
  7. I think he'll be a better real life football player than fantasy player this year and his real potential will come in a 1-2 years. Hes a talented guy though
  8. I'll be 100% honest. He looked pretty solid in the preseason game but I can't imagine he starts of Jet or Breida. Its entirely possible he is inactive most games until someone gets hurt with Mostert getting the edge on special teams.
  9. 0.5 ppr, 2 keepers, 2 rb 3wr 1te 2 flex on ESPN. Draft next sunday (September 2nd) ~7:30 or so depending on availability. Leave your email and what team you want if you have a preference. Team 1 (2nd pick): Potential keepers: Demaryius Thomas, Ingram, Lynch, Watson Team 2 (8th pick): Potential Keepers: Fournette, David Johnson, Tyreek Hill Team 3 (12th pick): Potential Keepers: Gurley, Freeman, Michael Thomas, Fitzgerald
  10. Devante Parker. Dude has a ton of talent and the targets are coming. Just have to put it all together.
  11. I like this post. People always pigeonhole Guice as a straight 2 down back. I think you made a good point here that his role in the passing game is probably going to be small in the beginning especially with a great option like Thompson available in the short term but over time we could see that role increase and he could be successful as a 3 down back down the line. Those were pretty much going to be my thoughts. Guice was undervalued in this draft and went too late. He is a very good runner and his 2017 tape didn't reflect who he could really be. in 2016 when I was evaluating Guice and Barkley I had them right next to each other. *HOT TAEK ALERT* I truly do believe Guice can be a better RUNNER than Barkley.
  12. The good news is he was 20th in half ppr last season with ~10-15 carries a game. He is a near Saquon level athlete (at a lower weight). The bad news is his ypc has been bad the last two years. He is super talented as a receiver but seems like a big play guy at rb. The other good news is the 49ers line is so much better than last year with the additions of Richberg, McGlinchey, Cooper, and the competition between laken and garnett. Brown was considered a pretty average run blocker and McGlinchey should be an upgrade there and center has always been an important piece in Shanny's oline. I don't think we should give up on Breida and Joe Williams but would anyone be surprised if McKinnon ended the year with 175/60 or some sort of line like that? They had 345 between Hyde and Breida last year. Is 200 that hard to see? If those efficiency numbers go up as a runner he could be a very good standard option and a high end rb2 in ppr.
  13. I didn't say anything about Gio's health. I meant Mixon is a more talented all around back and should get more touches.
  14. Had this to say about Wilkins back in April before the draft: "Just watched some Jordan Wilkins from Ole Miss vs LSU and will definitely say his vision, patience to set up blocks and balance are all pretty good. His speed is seriously concerning though. Not sure if he overcome that deficiency at the next level." Obviously there are some things i liked but I do believe Mack is the more talented player. Hines should take some 3rd down and maybe some receptions where I don't think Wilkins will play much either way. Hes a guy I would take a flier on near the end of the draft. If he wins that early down role, thats value.
  15. Mixon's ypc last year was borderline trash. I would have to watch some tape to see whether it was truly his fault or not but the stats are certainly there to build an argument against him. However, with the addition of Glenn and Price you have to think the line sees improved play and should bring those numbers up. He has also shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield meaning he can stay on the field for more plays. I think in the end, talent wins in this one and he ends up being a rb2 and Gio is playing a reduced role.
  16. I don't think he's a fantastic pick but he did have over 1000 yards last year (his most in his career). Christian isn't going to get all the carries and it seems the panthers have already made that pretty clear. Stewart got ~200 carries last year and Anderson is a better player at this point. Wouldn't be surprised to see 200 carries + a good number of tds + a low number of receptions. Hes probably a serviceable rb3 imo. Would feel safer with him as my rb4 tho.
  17. My apologies. Ya so it turns out bell is actually pretty good and we probably shouldn't be concerned about his production at all.
  18. What a terrible trade. Bell is a bum and hasn't done anything in his career. Don't look at his stats. Royce is a stud and will outscore Bell for years to come AND you gave up your first and 2nd round picks. Where do i find leagues to play with you in? ez money
  19. I've been baited by Rawls before. He won't bait me again