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    i agree that halting trading during the playoffs is a good policy
  2. Playoff philosophy

    you can do a few things. consolidate deph for upgrades or trade a piece for deph if needed before the deadline. from there you basically have to ride and die with your main guys while still doing the basics on the wire. always keep an eye out for a dst with good playoff matchups. they get dropped often. for example, the ravens dst were dropped in a decent amount of leagues this week cause they are on bye and teams need to fill for other bye players. they got @cle and home vs. indy week 15 and 16. excellent add for playoff teams even if it costs you a marginal deph piece and even with forward thinking and trades once you are in anything can happen. i have had #1 seeds lose plenty on the first matchup and have won leagues with 6-7 squads that sneaked in as a 6th seed
  3. fins 20-10 to move to 5-2. lets go mullet!
  4. Green/Henry for Gurley? WHIR 100%

    i'd do it. the scoring favors the bell cow back and it would seem many rbs over wrs have an advantage. i'd take the advantage for this year and play your other wrs. losing henry stinks but i don't have the infatuation with him that many have. i'd play to win this year
  5. 10.23.17: MNF! Washington DC @ Philadelphia

    no but it also wasn't all sunshine and roses either...
  6. he always disappears early.
  7. last week someone in one of my two qb leagues changed their team name to Hot Carr-bage after the 0-4 start. i thought it was pretty funny
  8. Kareem Hunt 2017 Outlook

    the inconvenient truth is that you are bad at analyzing what makes a rb a rb1 in this game
  9. just need 13 from howard in a ppr and 8 from diggs in a ppr and i will go 23-4 overall on the week. i love when bye weeks come
  10. Pick One: Gallman or A. Jones or Rawls

    jones. got the first team reps and lacy and dakwa could challenge rawls and gallman. williams could too for jones but if anyone of those get hot i like the prospects of jones as he likely sees more holes with the threat arod represents
  11. ellington. the other three have a far greater chance for a blowup game while elly is far more likely to cap at an ok game.
  12. it only makes sense if you think the wr will get more pts than your other options. i agree with coffey in starting cobb, especially if this is any king of ppr with adams looking iffy
  13. MNF Chiefs and Redskins 10/2

    yes, questionable to return. ankle
  14. the ego driven elf is struggling again. what a surprise. excuses galore as usual and self-reassurance he isn't terrible at this game despite the years of evidence showing he really is extremely bad at it. the denial is strong in the elf. for comparison elf, i have 27 teams this year too (not counting my draft masters of which i have a couple with you in it). 20 are cash and 7 are free. i don't make excuses when injuries hit. i draft well and have adequate replacements more often than not. in the first three weeks i went 17-9-1, 17-10, and 18-9 (overall 52-28-1). that's eight teams starting 3-0, ten teams starting 2-1, seven teams starting 1-2, one team 1-1-1, and only one 0-3. this happens because i don't over invest in certain players, i understand i can be wrong on a player and take a chance on someone or draft others for variance, and i don't stay stuck to my opinion despite evidence mounting that contradicts it. your own ego sinks you, dude. being so assured you are right blinds you to new realities and causes you to over-invest in questionable players as well as leaving you more screwed when injuries do hit. when you lose arob on 75% percent of your teams it's not bad luck. it's your own fault for making that the case. i lost arob on a couple of my 3-0 teams. no sweat off my back and i am pretty sure the options i have on the bench are better anyway, even if arob stayed healthy. i can weather injuries and bad games by players well. you seem to not be able to and lean on them as an excuse for how bad you are at this game. you don't prepare for the inevitable and that's no one's fault but your own.