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  1. Odell Beckham Jr 2018 Season Outlook

    aye, you were pretty spot on with philly and minny. not too long ago lv posted a screenshot in chat of you touting philly as a darkhorse division winner before last season started
  2. Odell Beckham Jr 2018 Season Outlook

    i would like to see him shipped to the browns. just swap #1 and #2 and give the giants #4 and coleman or a later pick. the giants get their guy in darnold and have another early pick to rebuild in full and the browns can still take allen (who i think they prefer) to sit behind tyrod for a year. problem with that is idk if obj would sign an extension with the browns but who knows
  3. with the saints striking out on a reunion with graham they bring back the 37 year young watson for another stint with the team. last year he was productive for the ravens with 61 recs for 522 yards and 4 tds despite coming off the 2016 achilles injury that ended his season that year. last time he was with brees he had the best year of his career in 2015 with 74 recs, 825 yards, and 6 tds. rumors of fleener's release are ramping up leaving hill as the most likely direct competition for watson. watson may not have a lot left but he is a reliable chain mover and has displayed chemistry with brees just two years ago and he is also a year further removed from the achilles tendon tear. not a whole lot of tantalizing upside but for those who wait on te till the end of drafts watson is certainly a name to keep in mind
  4. Seattle Seahawks 2018 Season Outlook

    this has been overlooked for a while. i remember the leaks coming out from the team from a few years ago that wilson wasn't respected for silly reasons outside of his play on the field. i would like to think most got over it with how wilson played but who knows. if guys did or didn't it really doesn't matter at this point as it's time for seattle to rebuild around him. better to start now than next year and get a jump on the inevitable. they are limited in what they can do now so no need to attempt the quick fix. 2019 they will be flush with cash and can start to lay another foundation. i'm sure they would like to get a few more picks this year since they are kinda thin so i wouldn't be surprised if they trade down in the draft to pick up a day 2 pick
  5. Chris Carson 2018 Season Outlook

    at the end of last year carroll said carson could return for the playoffs if they made it so i imagine he is very much recovered by now
  6. Houston Texans 2018 Outlook

    i imagine they still draft someone. henderson is more of a dart throw to see if he regains his previous form. only a one year deal for him. kelemete has a chance to earn a starting spot somewhere. allen prolly gets a crack on the left side, either LG/T
  7. Houston Texans 2018 Outlook

    they missed out on the big names but did sign OG zach fulton from KC, OT seantrel henderson from buffalo, and OG/T senio kelemete from the saints. low key but at least one starter (possibly more) and good deph at the very least. if henderson can regain his form from before his chron's diagnosis he could be a bargain. fulton and kelemete can play multiple spots so they added versatility, experience and some quality deph at reasonable cost
  8. Gerald Everett 2018 Outlook

    he sure can run. he was always expected to be a project but was hand picked by mcvay at a decent cost. mcvay's system is usually TE heavy and everett might make it return to such a standard eventually. seeing him take a step forward in 2019 will be encouraging to us dynasty owners. he could even work his way into bye replacement tier soon enough and maybe take off in the later half of 2018. i agree he could be a force in 2019 and beyond but he needs a bit more development for now.
  9. Minnesota Vikings 2018 outlook

    his teammates loved him. he was an inspiration to a lot of them. last year they raved about his practices, his presence in team meetings and film sessions, even his criticism. everyone said he looked great and they felt a bond with him. even keenum was quick to admit how much he leaned on teddy. he will be missed. some will resent cousins, especially when some have to go to make room for his salary. now if cousins has instant success it will mitigate a lot of that but if there is early struggles and it doesn't pay off right away it may make the locker room bitter and it will just get harder in subsequent years as some guys have to go
  10. Jordy Nelson 2018 Season Outlook

    he was the most efficient slot wr in the league when he played there in 2016. got 6/14 tds and 39.7% of his production came from there while it was 35.7% of his recs. so not primarily from the slot but a big chunk of it was and a lot more than previous years and extremely efficient
  11. Jimmy Graham- Higher. with nelson's departure and a healthy rodgers there is plenty of TDs for graham to snag. he's a redzone monster but could see improvement on his recs and yardage to go with double digit TDs
  12. Cleveland Browns 2018 Season Outlook

    even though i questioned it earlier in the wake of the tyrod deal i do now think the bills are prepared to trade up for cleveland's #1 with the ammo they acquired afterward
  13. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    only christine michael is worthy of such a deal as he has mckinnon beat on the SPARQ 150 to 147.5
  14. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    4th highest behind bell, freeman, and mccoy