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  1. Draft Tonight??

    pm'd it to ya
  2. Draft Tonight??

    if you need a replacement i'll join and pay right away
  3. 2018 Rotoworld Forum Experts League

    paid up. thanks for setting it up, lv.
  4. Upgrade at QB or stay put? WHIR

    that counter is atrocious. make him sweat though. say too much but howard is still up for grabs if the news on mccoy doesn't change for the better any time soon
  5. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    i believe there's very good reasons for him to be drafted where he is going. i also believe you were too hasty in your analysis of him. better is relative. gotta factor in opportunity as well. those wrs you are comparing him too got a little better as a group now too it seems from your earlier knocks on him. and idk what you saw on tv but you did get plenty things wrong on him. he's not merely a possession and redzone guy anymore. he can beat top coverage as he shown last year (which focused on him before rodgers even went down), he wasn't merely locked onto...he was open. he is a better and complete wr now
  6. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    i'm just trying to enlighten you. you called out the credibility of anyone who drafts adams over certain other wrs. saying he's not complete like them when he has shown he is. you obviously didn't watch the tape which is evident by you assuming hundley merely "locked on to him." be careful on calling out others before doing your own homework. he is more than what you are claiming him to be. you would see that if you observed it more. adams is a hard working film junkie who has developed and improved to be a complete wr. the pack knows it, the league knows it, adams knows it, i know it, and others who like him this year prolly know it too. i am merely questioning your own credibility in assessing a player's skill by your analysis on adams
  7. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    but the tape shows he transcended that at the start of last year. the opponents of the pack took note fast. the team itself was very pleased and adams was rewarded. he continued to show it all season. he earned his new contract. it's not "could be" anymore. you are hating on him for what he "used to be."
  8. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    not sure i can add much to this but one thing being overlooked here is the contract adams signed in december. they made him the 4th highest paid wr in the league at the time. the pack sure believe in him and there is a great chance he maintains his td producing prowess and gets better as a complete reciever. what @predator_05 doesn't see is what adams did beyond the numbers. he wasn't merely locked onto by hundley or a product of rodgers. let's give the man some credit like gb did with the raise... he has become extremely adept at double moves. that is why hundley could hit him often. the guy can beat top corners with this in his arsenal. it serves him well outside the numbers and as a deep threat. he was always good as a possession guy and redzone threat but he evolved into more. in his contract year he also got in the best shape of his career indicating he was working hard to continue to improve, which he did as the tape shows. he got better. he could still get better. he is a complete wr now. the pack develop them well. remember jordy took some time as well opposing teams figured it out fast last year too. they turned their attention to adams even before rodgers got hurt. that didn't stop him. nor did hundley. last year he had the second highest passing rating while being targeted even with hundley. i wouldn't ignore these things because of what he used to be. the pack know what they have. the league knows what he is now. i'm all over that this year
  9. Upgrade at QB or stay put? WHIR

    i agree with dmb in that 2.04 is a fair enough gamble for luck if that's all it will take. i would shy away from rodgers considering he will cost ya much more and a rb like howard in these settings is valuable. howard alone should be enough for rodgers. could see that if you can only start up to three rbs but you have some nice young rbs and deep
  10. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    i think he plays a lot of those standard roster free public leagues where half the league will be inactive come midseason
  11. that team looks great even if as small as a 10 teamer. looks like an 8 teamer. super deep everywhere
  12. Team #2

    i'm a bit heavy at rb and light on quality wr so maybe we can help each other. was my 2nd redraft and 1st full ppr. 1st one was on yahoo and smaller but it seems espn has better ranks overall which effects the adp. not as many steals except prolly at qb in the later parts of the draft
  13. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    lol. you tore it down. sorry to ruffle your (suddenly) sensitive feathers. that stuff is far more benign than the garbage you would spew all the time. prolly why you targeted prez in fact
  14. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    by stay you mean give the boot for asking why you are giving guys the boot. not sure how you can play that off. no one took any action except asking you what the deal is. you don't feel a need to explain. can a lie a little bit though. clearly you have some insane conspiracy theory of people against you. seems it's espn transplants from 4-5 years ago for some reason. but you booted others not even like that. there was no cliques. i got along and agreed with you more than i ever did with prez on settings, lm power, tanking, etc.. it's so obvious i have no idea how you can think the way you are thinking. you were just as much a friend as anyone in that chat but you threw it away cause of something building up inside you that wasn't true instead of saying anything. godspeed, ic
  15. 2017 Rotoworld Forum Experts Money League

    didn't you say pete could stay just up there a little while ago? lol. get your excuses in order, chickadee. i got the bad end of the bhawks trade. i got over it. so should you