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  1. joined and paid. cya at draft
  2. Packdog selects... Joseph Lewis, WR, USC
  3. Packdog trades his 2018 2nd round pick to IronC for his 2017 4th round pick and 2018 4th round pick
  4. Jerrry Juedy, WR, Alabama @Lord_Varys @JHM_13
  5. Damarea, Crockett, RB, Missouri @Bartos @Lord_Varys
  6. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming @Impreza178 @mrblonde1984
  7. 2.08 Bartos: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson 2.09 LV:Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa 2.10 JHM:Parris Campbell, WR, OCU 2.11 Pete: S. Michael, RB, Georgia 2.12 IronC: Brain Edwards, WR S Carolina Cocks 3.01 IronC: Allen Lazard WR Iowa St 3.02 Pete: LJ Scott, RB, Mich St 3.03 Vikes from JHM: Myles Gaskin, RB, Huskies 3.04 LV: Damien Harris, RB, Bama 3.05 MrBlonde From Bartos: Zamir White, RB GA 3.06 PackDog: Ahmmon Richards, WR, Miami 3.07 Winky: @Winky 3.08 Blake: @BlakeP42 3.09 Kevin: 3.10 Blonde: 3.11 Impreza: 3.12 Viks:
  8. Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State @Winky @BlakeP42
  9. Gregg Rosenthal mentioned on the most recent Around the NFL podcast that he's heard Carlos Hyde could be a surprise training camp cut. A former longtime Rotoworld editor, Rosenthal now writes for, frequently appears on NFL Network, and has cultivated enough connections over the years that what he's hearing is noteworthy. Since the 49ers' new regime took over, coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch have been outwardly clear that San Francisco's running back situation could afford to be upgraded, whether by signing and drafting backs or Shanahan's suggestion that Hyde still has personal improvement to make. We still believe Hyde could fetch something via trade, even in a contract year at a devalued position. The Niners would probably be willing to part with him for a fourth-round pick, if not less.
  10. ^ correction: miller is 26 not 27
  11. figured i'd give some analysis now that we are done with the regular draft QB: jumped early for brees in this format but i did it with the intention of getting one of stafford or cousins shortly afterwards. i thought blake to my left or bartos to my right were the teams that would take one of them and i wanted to wait and stock up elsewhere and get the qb that was left. to my surprise not a single qb was taken in the next 3 rounds and it was winky who snagged cousins. i couldn't have been more happy to land the 29 year old stafford in rd 11. got a top guy for at least a year and possibly a couple while having a proven qb1 to bridge to. RB: Gurley may come to haunt me but my research and my wife were both telling me to get him and sometimes i like to diverge from my own instinct (which was howard). only 22 and lots of upside. may not pay off too much this year but if the rams improve i expect gurley will as well and he could be a stud for years. a gamble but the talent is there. mccoy was an easy pick cause i was designating rds 3 and 4 as the place to get falling vets in an attempt to win this year and possibly the next. maybe he gets hurt or the wheels fall off but he is the focal point of a run heavy attack. miller i felt was a value in rd 4 after missing on jordy. he's 27 and in his prime and i feel he's being discounted a little bit too much after last year. duke is entering his third year at age 23 and looks to just be reaching his potential. idk how serious the slot wr talk is about him but that will just make me like him more in this format. powell was more a deph pick for this year as he's 28. forte is still around but he's 32 and powell was playing over him at the end of last year after forte was healed. mccguire was an interesting target to me cause he's similar to powell and forte and slipped in the draft due to a foot injury. gallman is a tough runner with warts in pass pro and questionable hands but he landed in a spot where he could carve out a role sooner rather than later. sproles is sproles and a one year rental or cut for a kicker. should still catch plenty of passes with blount in town and pumphrey not being ready to take his job just yet. WR: had to scoop up brown despite being 29. best wr in the league and likely will be for a couple more seasons at least (i don't think ben retires after this year). tyreek is entering his sophmore year with tons of upside and worth the gamble in the 5th round in this format. i think mahomes could improve his future outlook. cowder is another young wr (24) poised for a breakout this year. if cousins bolts it could affect him negatively but he's a slot wr that should continue to be peppered with targets due to his excellent route running and ability to make defenders miss. tate was a value pick in the 8th. catching 90 balls a year in detroit and still not 29 yet. thielen is 27 and really came on strong last year. could usurp diggs as the top wr in minny if the later can't stay healthy again. maybe even if he does. treadwell was a shot in the dark i felt deserves a chance after a horrendous rookie year derailed by injuries. only 22 and if he shows why the vikes drafted him the 1st round and diggs can't stay healthy he may pay off. mitchell so late was an easy pick after a nice rookie campaign. not a clear path to playing time but the potential is there and he may have earned more snaps than people think he will have. williams is a future play but the only wr with decent size on the team outside fitz and the coaches love him. plus, three of their wrs are in contract years TE: Rudolph was a late value pick. same age (28) as the top two tes drafted in this league and a favorite redzone target of bradford. easy choice. fiedorowicz was a deph pick that has improved every year he's been in the league. not a world beating athlete but may be leaned on by savage and watson, especially in redzone. i love the future prospects of everett. unlike fiedorowicz he's an incredible athlete and the latest converted basketball players to play te. also the coach running a te heavy scheme handpicked him in the 2nd. i'll sit on him for a year or two to see how it pans out D/ST: i waited and to get the steelers and the ravens as the 17th and 18th D/STs i am glad i did. they may not be the top defenses they have been in the past but they are still respectable and always restocking the cupboard to make sure they are competent on defense. plus lots of matchups against the browns and afc south overall i am happy. clearly i am playing for now with brown, tate, mccoy, miller, rudolph and brees but i don't think i neglected youth completely and have a good mix of players. outside of brees and sproles, most of my vets aren't ancient and could solidify my team for 2-4 years going forward. young guys like gurley, hill, crowder, and stafford (for qb) could be a good bridge for drafted prospects, devy picks, and future draftees/waiver pickups
  12. may as well join the no kicker party and get one of the last low upside flex options hanging around darren sproles @Bartos @Lord_Varys
  13. pssht. he's like fine wine and gets better with age. he's now called "Money Matt Bryant" (i just wanted to use this picture cause i had it ready for my pick)
  14. Baltimore Ravens D/ST @Winky @BlakeP42 @96mnc