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  1. I'm skipping #4 because it was a small league and everyone is stacked. but this one is one of the few auctions i have ever done and the first with money that i took seriously. yahoo pro 50 so 10 team standard, $200 budget QB: Dak Prescot ($1) WR: Antonio Brown ($63) WR: Doug Baldwin ($26) WR: John Brown ($1) RB: Ezekiel Elliot ($69) RB: Isaiah Crowell ($19) TE: Jack Doyle ($1) D/ST: Minnesota ($1) K: Dan Bailey ($1) Bench: Mark Ingram ($13), Tyrod Taylor ($1), Theo Riddick ($1), Josh Doctson ($1), Breshad Perriman ($1), Cameron Brate ($1) very studdy duddy. it woulda been better if i passed on ingram and filled up with $2 and $3 dollar players. but my inexperience came through and i ended up blowing my max on crowell and having to settle for cheap guys. perriman, brate, the d/st and k were auto'd so i plan to cut bait and pick up other players when i can. that said i am pretty happy. my starting lineup looks solid outside te and qb but it ain't terrible at those spots either. although zeke and brown were pricey i got decent deals i think in baldwin, crow, and even ingram. a few decent pickups and i feel like i can make serious noise barring good health. my deph is a concern, especially at wr but in a 10 teamer i feel i can manage the wire well enough to overcome that. what say you?
  2. prolly my cynical approach to the dolphins due to years of fandom. lol. but i really i just like all the things i listed in the post above. plus, he has an excellent attitude and a great football intelligence. seems highly motivated. both backs are likely the focus of their offense but i would fathom the bears have a better line. very similar backs but i give the edge to howard
  3. in standard i have him below mccoy and gordon and above freeman, murray, and ajayi
  4. what's going on in here? taking what a south florida beat reporter says in june seriously? lambasting the only coach that ever got cutlet over a 90 qb rating for a season?
  5. i always expect him to get killed one of these years. hasn't happened yet even with the line getting worse. he has gotten a little bit better in not taking as many huge sacks for loss but still takes plenty. i always have a bit of fear he's gonna get seriously hurt one of these years. to be fair other highly drafted qbs do the same. for some reason it just scares me more with wilson even though i don't have the same concerns the other frequent culprits like luck, newton, and especially rodgers. maybe it's his size that fuels my irrational concern but he's proven durable and has started every game of his career, even when hurt. those other guys have gotten hurt pretty bad and missed significant time over the years. yet i still can't shake the feeling that this is the year he pays for his style of play. i hope not but it may make me shy away from him again. help me
  6. looks very promising to me. i'll have no qualms taking him in the 2nd. not only can i see him repeating last season's breakout but improving upon it. young players often make the biggest strides in their 2nd year (even wrs contrary to that 3rd year myth). we already see signs of him being ready to accomplish just that. from correcting his vision to improve in the pass game, to losing weight to be bettered condition and stay on the field, and to taking on a leadership role in practices with the coach's full encouragement. all these things make me think he will be the bear's offense. and that's exactly what they should do. i think the coach's know this. howard has a legit chance to lead the league in rushing and i wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he's a top 5 fantasy back in any format
  7. my flexibility is the result of not being completely comfortable with any rb outside the big 3. mccoy and gordon are somewhat tempting but not as much as julio, evans, or obj. i'm sure i'll take them over one or two of those wrs on a few teams for variance's sake but i am not gunning for rbs like i have in the past. i usually like to play against the trends of the larger community. been doing it with qbs for a while now. been doing it with rbs for the past 2-3 years. looks like i may be wr heavy on the backend drafts due to it this year. i still see the top spots with the elite rbs as the most lucrative though
  8. i guess it helps that i am willing to risk a mixon, hyde, or lacy. for example, in one of my real drafts i had to snag obj at 9, then i had to snag green in the 2nd, i got my boy rodgers in the 3rd, and even kept it up with baldwin in the 4th. i ended up with mixon and hyde at rb. not terrible for waiting till the 5th and 6th to get rbs. i rarely have gone zero rb in the past but would have a team or two every year. this year it may increase a bit. backfields like kc, sea, and sf are cheap to lock up atm and can possibly be profitable in tandem with top notch players in all the other spots
  9. i've been a bit opposite from the 4 spot on. the reaction from last year results is strong as the premium is back up on rb. i've seen lynch go in the 1st round in a real draft and mccoy and gordon often drop julio, evans, and obj. as a result i find myself grabbing two wrs often cause i just can't pass up a green or jordy for an ajayi or howard (or dez over miller, fournette, gurley) come the 2nd.
  10. i'm kinda in the same boat for a week starting july 11th. i'll be on my honeymoon in alaska. i'm sure i'll be able to pick at night time but during the travel (air, car, and boat) and in parks i may not be able to make a selection for many hours. did we lock down the selection time between picks?
  11. he's going fairly cheap. for a guy who is (was?) as consistent as they come i am willing to take the chance on him churning out another decent season. maybe the wheels fall off or maybe he has a little emmit smith and marcus allen in him and he keeps on chugging. you gotta think he has the number 1,037 on his mind to get up to #4 all time. sure, losing some gl work to turbin is expected but i don't think mack represents a big roadblock as a scatback who likely isn't ready to take on a full load in the nfl. the biggest risk in my eyes is age as not many rbs have been productive at 34 but not many have been extremely productive at 33 either so he's already bucked the trend. in a few early leagues i snagged him as a bench rb in the 11th and 9th rounds of 10 teamers. worth a shot given his track record of production and if father time does catch up to him it likely won't kill me.
  12. i like the value plays. personally i would lean hill, crowder, and crow but substituting any of those three with montgomery is still a good play. afterwards you would be well-equipped to bid on the best players available in the draft
  13. if i do grab tmont i prolly want to cuff. no guarantee he stays healthy and he hasn't exceed 9 carries a game very often (just thrice with a 16 carry game against chicago and two 11 carry games in the playoffs). i'm skeptical he's gonna command 10+ carries often. mccarthy likely wants to run more and i see room for williams to have a role early. another thing about montgomery people don't really mention is he isn't very polished at pass blocking. now, williams didn't really do it very often in college but when he did he was competent. keeps his head up and goes for it. not sure how well this translates to the pros but if he can hold his own and rip off a few runs i can see mccarthy riding with the hot hand in pass pro in addition to running. the opportunity is there for him to get on the field and do something
  14. 4th round pick by the Pack getting less love around here than their 5th rounder. Only seeing Jamaal get drafted in mocks and a few real drafts though. Could be a surprise contributor right away. Fits what the Packers need more so than Aaron Jones. A tough, one cut runner who fits the scheme. Looks like he could be a good compliment to Ty. At the very least his tough and decisive running may give him the inside track to short yardage and goal line work. I assume people like Aaron Jones around here a bit more because he can create better than Jamaal but Jamaal is more what the Packers need in a runner. The comparisons to Jordan Howard might be a little generous but i do think Williams is the better rookie to bet on getting significant work in a committee with Montgomery.
  15. small league? one of my family leagues is an 8 team keeper where we can keep two and a lot just let players go and hope for a kind randomized draft spot. this seems like it could be similar if you think you can find better players than the top three you listed. but if it's a 10/12 teamer the trio of mccoy, murray, and cooks make a decent lot for the first 3 picks and if other keep the top tier players you likely will not find anything better, especially at rb