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  1. no need to. that guy is inactive is the wind is slightly breezy
  2. that usually doesn't work around here. every outlook with people going "shhh" or "quiet" just means the cat's already out of the bag. you're better off identifying guys you like but a good chunk on here dislike and remain quiet. and also get a top qb. this board and the pundits have seriously devalued the elite at that position to ridiculous value levels over the years
  3. i don't think this early value holds. he likely will rise in adp as time goes on. in a ppr league i doubt you can wait till the 7th to get him
  4. even as the one who got the short end of that rule i think it's fine. i've always found divisions to be worse and that is far more common and likely not considered silly by most. i'd much rather lose that last spot to a team with more pts than to a team with less pts and less wins because they were lucky enough to be in the weaker division. and sometimes those 8 win teams get a bye over multiple 10 win teams. it happens all the time. all the leagues i run, with the exception of a free family league, are a single division for that reason
  5. i'll give him credit for returning to pay the winner here. seems like he has some humility too. i don't buy his excuse though cause it's the same story from previous years. with any luck he might have learned the value of variance with so many leagues and to stop over relying on aging veterans. somehow i doubt it with his own ego being his worst enemy.
  6. i've decided i'm quitting DFS. been going 3 years on my first and only deposit of $25 and finally withdrew ( i also withdrew leaguesafe completely) to help with the real honeymoon after our pre-honeymoon. it's not worth the stress and attention i figure. a couple hundred bucks over three years is nice but it isn't much and when i withdrew over a grand from leaguesafe on the 2nd withdraw in about that same period i realized it's not worth it. it was decent profit but i put so much concern and stress on the draft kings lineups that i just don't want to jump on that train again for x amount of years. so many ups and downs. imma stick to leaguesafe leagues and some yahoo cause it does have an easy money system with direct deposits. far less stressful and better odds even winning a few bucks in a free golf tourney last month was a rollercoaster. started doing the next golf tournament. then the next and all of a sudden i got 10 bucks invested and my wife is mad i'm watching golf all weekend. i promised to lose it all in the nba playoffs (my achilles heel of dfs along with baseball) and i did.
  7. i'll pass on RT. never really was very interested in best ball but am willing to give it a try sometime. just gotta draw a line on adding yet another site to my hobby. between espn, nfl, and budging to add yahoo last season i have my hands full enough. i get best ball is just forget about it so it really requires no work but i'll be tempted and likely will join other things if it fits my time schedule. just don't want the option. because of this league here i had like 6 additional yahoo leagues by the time last season started. lol. gonna get in on some of them early pro leagues most likely
  8. don't forget latavius murray
  9. coming into to the draft it was no secret miami was looking to add a young pass rusher on their aging line. ended up with charles harris and he needs time to develop but hopefully he learns from the vets in front of him. Raekwon Mcmillian fills the LB need and maybe he helps improve the terrible run defense. guy can tackle but i wonder why they passed on cunninngham for him. will move to the outside with timmons in town. Cordrea Tankersly seems like a future/deph pick with howard and maxwell in front of him. that's fine love the value they got from the 5th rounders. Isaac Asiata could see the field early with their need at LG. loved the kid going into the draft and was amazed he was there in the 5th. quick, powerful and a natural fit in the zone blocking scheme. he could easily beat out larsen for the starting job. DT Davon Godchaux provides much needed deph. very productive guy who dropped due to character issues. kid loves suh and models his game after him. perfect fit to back him up. DT vincent taylor and WR isaac ford are good deph picks and both have a real shot to make the team. can't ask for much more from those spots overall it was a good draft. needs were addressed and at good value. would've liked to have added a safety but i guess they feel comfortable with allen for now. this drafts compliments the FA moves well
  10. all in all a fairly decent draft and quite predictable. the secondary being addressed with the first two picks was welcomed by me and it does add the much needed speed. versatile and good size players in kevin king and josh jones. along the dline we also got speed again in montravious adams at a decent value. i like it. vince beigel fills the LB need and could find the field sooner rather than later for some pass rush. he was underrated (overshadowed by watt?) and love getting the local kid on our team. jaamal williams was exactly the kind of back i was hoping they would get after addressing other needs. aggressive, powerful and can wear down a defense. he should compliment ty well. they went and grabbed two more backs late and aaron jones could see action as he is faster and more elusive back than williams, but lacks the power. the power and speed combos could give them both a role early as giving ty more than 10 carries a game is not ideal. for fantasy purposes this has rbbc written all over it as it stands. i doubt we go hard after a vet after taking three backs in the draft. the signing of jahri evans before the draft made guard less of a pressing need but TT usually grabs one and he got one in kofi amichia to develop in the usual tackle mold. taking the wrs is also a staple so no surprise there. between deanagelo yancy and malachi dupre it will put some heat on allison, janis and davis. dupre is intriguing as he had atrocious qb play at lsu. overall i am pretty happy. gonna need contributions from the secondary players right away though. if they don't adjust to the pros quickly it could be rough on defense again this year. but smart picks at needs with good value. can't complain too much
  11. TT does like his guards to be in the the tackle mold so i wouldn't be surprised if he does pass on those guys listed and takes some other olineman at the pick or, more likely, later in the round. possibly magnuson or davenport. need a lb so bielge could be in play too for a local guy and he would fill a need. could finally pull lawson off the board as well. i ain't in a rush to add a back as there are still quite a few of them. i think a lacy type may not be the direction they want to go. a guy like jamal williams would be nice later but there is plenty of backs to choose from for the next two rounds and none seem like a must have to me. kicking the tires on a jamaal charles or blount after the draft would be fine by me in conjunction with a late draft pick. i just think there is too many good prospects at more pressing needs than rb available for their 1st pick.
  12. no wonder they booed him at the bulls game
  13. time for GB to get a guard to kick off day 3. three good prospects left in dorian johnson, isaac asiata, and nico johnson.
  14. lynch is rocking this draft. picked up a 2nd for next year to let NO get that RB. after swindling chicago and picking up three solid players he has been nothing less than impressive
  15. he was bound go sooner than later. the price was a bargain for the vikes and he likely sat atop their board. i like it for them from a BPA perspective that also fills a lower tier need. murray's nothing special