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  1. just saw this. saw the other league was sticking so i'll stay in that and could join this one if yall need another but what really got my attention was that espn vs. roto one. not for the concept but more for the chance to play in a league with psy. been trying for like 6 years on that to no avail
  2. coming off a surprise playoff berth the fins look to continue to wade in what was unfamiliar waters until gase's arrival...competency. i can't stress enough how good gase has been for the whole organization. even in the rough start at the beginning of 2016 you could tell this wasn't gonna be the same old dysfunctional franchise. the culture has changed. no longer are the fish chasing the biggest names. we signed our own in stills and branch to decent deals and both are big in the intangible department outside of their on-field achievements. reshad jones being extended was a good place to put the big dollars. we let sims go cause the number was not good value and thomas reuniting with gase on a restructured deal is fine. add fasano as an excellent blocking te and we shored up the TE position admirably and intelligently. hayes is a low key move but provides good run defense. another smart maneuver. and timmons on a cheap 2 year, 12m deal plugs a hole for the meantime and allows kiko to be kicked outside where his speed can be better utilized. whats going on? and nate allen isn't a world beater by any means but he can step in an contribute in an area that was suddenly a big need with abdul-quddus suffering a career ending injury last year. the versatile ted larson for some oline deph is a good sign even if he doesn't start. with gase's steady hand at the wheel i think we can make the payoffs again as a wildcard. little chance of dethroning the pats in the east but the fins are moving forward with an intelligent gameplan and seem to have stability for the first time in a while. the money they spent was wise investing that doesn't handicap the future. now they are in a position to address need or BPA at the draft. the needs are not glaring but a guard, an outside lb, and a safety is where i think they will be looking. still have some cash too so i think another smart acquisition or two will will further bolster the team before or after the draft. and not for romo. that would be the old way. things are looking up this way.
  3. to an extent. it's not the only factor but it's been well assumed that locale can dissuade a FA in sports. combined with the frugality it makes big name FAs rare. not a lot are gonna sign there simply for a chance to compete as there will be half a dozen or more teams in a similar spot with a similar (or better) offer that have higher quality of life aspects, like weather or even an exciting urban center with a nightlife. unless a FA is really into bowling i don't see the appeal if a similar deal can be had elsewhere. been hard even keeping out own the last 3-4 years. not that a decent city life and weather makes it all the more advantageous. my dolphins broke the bank often and the results were pitiful most years.
  4. the problem with all our corners is they are kinda slow. they can be serviceable at times but as a group they are just way too sluggish. no way they can compete with slightly above average wr cores. the house signing was good for deph but he alone is not gonna fix what ails this group. we need athleticism and speed. i wouldn't be surprised if they took cb back to back with first couple draft picks
  5. the perry deal isn't too much of a commitment. could dump him in 2018 and actually gain cap space that year. big first year with a 20m cause of the signing bonus but only counts 6m against cap. 2019 is when the numbers rise. hopefully it keeps him motivated to continue to improve and, yeah, we paid the left tackle. sorry, i mistook tackle for guard in the op. we extended bahktiari after releasing stitton and i think the draft picks last year were always the plan. spriggs and murphy were intended to eventually replace guys as lang, stitton, bahktiari, tretter, barclay and rotherham were hitting FA in a year and as much as i would love them to go get butler it most likely isn't gonna happen. for one, i doubt the packers would wanna pay what it takes on an extension for an outsider on top of a 1st round pick. second, i doubt butler would want to come to GB. he seems most interested in NO. we can dream for a little while though. however, it's not the end of the world. there is a plethora of quality corners in this draft. even from where the pack pick they could be viewing guys that could be available as a mid-upper 1st rounders in a different year and i don't harp on TT as much as other fans. he's kinda restricted due to locale and the stubborn philosophy does have it's merits and FAs aren't clamoring to go there anyway. in my opinion getting rid of capers and a return to a 4-3 defense would do wonders for this team.
  6. retaining nick perry is a big win in my eyes. big money but not a huge amount of guaranteed cash so it's escapable. i thought for sure we wouldn't stave off other suitors. the loss of lang stings a bit but TT seems to not want to pay top dollar for tackles (see stitton last year) and overall the line should stay top notch with barclay or another young guy stepping into lang's old spot. the bennett and kendricks signings are a nice overhaul to the te group and i expect more two te sets with both being good blockers and catchers. it was an unexpected big move we don't normally do though they did say they would be more aggressive this year big need at cb still. hyde isn't a huge loss in my eyes as he's more valuable for returns and versatility than shutting wrs down. all the dbs are replaceable. i would love for them to get in the malcolm butler sweepstakes but i think the price may be too high with the insanely deep corner crop in this year's draft. good draft for d-lineman too so i figure we focus on those two positions as well as lb and maybe sprinkle in a rb and/or a young o-lineman. maybe sign a cheap veteran back later can't afford to waste rodger's remaining years. the tes are a step in the right direction. gotta give him a raise too. we can do that and still get defensive improvements. i think addition by subtracting capers would be wonderful but that likely doesn't happen this year. how i wish they would just let him go. he shoulda been gone a few seasons ago.
  7. my homer sense is tingling. i can't help but feel rodgers is being slighted here. i ain't gonna argue him over brady, montana, or payton but from there he's in the convo. i loved me some farve and marino as they led my fave teams as well but i came to the conclusion a few years back rodgers is better than both of them were. i guess the longevity isn't there yet and sitting for those early years hurts him in accumulative stats and may always hinder him in a race with the greats but, man, does he ever pass the eye test i truly think he is the best qb i have seen in certain aspects. he likely never will be as acclaimed as the top three but a lot of that won't be his fault (team game, sitting those years, etc.). i can say without a doubt he is the most accurate thrower of the long ball i have ever seen, even better than marino. his mobility adds a dimension that marino, farve, brady and manning didn't have and serves his great arm tremendously at times. his only blight is holding onto the ball too long as he has done that his whole career though this year with a good line it seemed to work out often as it was almost like they had plays called for wrs to scramble and get open after an eternity of time. it does kind of protect his efficiency and limit his ints, though sacks can be plentiful on him at times. i'll end my gushing here and just presume he makes the convo in a number of seasons, health permitting. on a side note, how come the three great qbs of my teams during my lifetime are all notorious arrogant jerks? i'll just chalk it up to being a trait that drives them. you brady fans got a real boyscout who is easy to love. my father-in-law is a pilot and was recently flying with a pilot who used to fly around brady and his wife. that pilot said even with all the fame and money the two are some of the kindest people he ever flew. very respectful (refers to pilot as "sir") and always showing good manners (saying "please" and "thank you" to the crew) even when no one is looking
  8. grats vikes. 6tds from your guys. nice going
  9. i think they were trying to pad ryan's stats all 2nd half to get him sb mvp. it's the only thing i can come up with because the game demanded a run heavy approach with a lead like that. and like ya said the situation at the end was run, run, run, and fg. the pats made em pay big time and the falcons deserve the loss more than any i have seen this year
  10. grats to the pats and their fans. the team showed once again why they are great. well earned win by sticking with it and not getting deflated (no pun intended). the falcons got out-coached for sure in the 2nd half and it led to the biggest comeback in sb history. i feel bad for matty but he's a big reason the falcons lost. he could went from good to great with just a few different play calls that got the ball out of his hand. but it was not meant to be and the pats made them pay cause that's what they do. great game though
  11. no more pressure on brady. i smell doom for the falcons. they deserve to lose the game. the pass happiness in the 2nd likely did them in. i know they have the mvp but the right call is the right call. the situation demanded to be run heavy and they went to the mvp for some reaon. maybe to pad the stats. idk but it was not smart and led to sacks, a to and penalties. you can't give brady and the pats rope cause they will climb it
  12. was my thought but he is up and walking.
  13. wow. what a catch. possibly in for a classic here
  14. musta missed that but they still have freeman. from the 2nd half on they shoulda been run heavy. the sacks, the TO and the penalties are coming from pass plays that were being run way too often with a lead like that
  15. if the falcons blow this they deserve it.