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  1. RW Forum Playoff Challenge 2016

    pred snagged 2nd place in the inaugural one cause he had dwill and bell went down. wink prolly gonna win the whole thing with cja this year
  2. mccoy. bills gonna feed him as the focal point of offense
  3. Who do I drop? WHIR 100%

    cole i guess. tough one. both could be the top wrs for their teams.
  4. williams. should get a good rushing load and some targets in the passing game
  5. Jamaal Williams 2018 Outlook

    people doubting williams haven't been paying attention. dude's gettin getting better. he's the perfect fit for what packer's scheme. sure, he might not be as explosive as jones but he's more reliable and a better pass blocker and possibly catcher. his workmanship is the kind of thing that builds trust with his coaches and qb. he has the chance to run away with the job, especially if rodger's appreciates williams keeping him a bit cleaner. even monty has acknowledged he may see more a third down role and be back at wr at times. he hasn't been a pillar of good health himself either so ideally a committee approach keeps all three healthier this year. i expect that and i expect williams to lead the committee
  6. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    it was similar. $12m guaranteed for first year only.
  7. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    what we think doesn't matter. what bell thinks does. what other teams think do. anyway it stands if he signs his tag saturday he's in a better spot than if he signed his offer from the steelers. that's all i was saying. he may not. some team may or may not sign to a gurley type contract next year. but he was certainly right to not sign that awful offer. it was a slap in the face
  8. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    no it wasn't. only the first year had full guarantees of just over $10m
  9. still no one has accepted invite for team 10 it looks like. and sitting at 7/12 paid. pay up people!
  10. the person invited to team 10 hasn't joined yet it looks like
  11. aye. saw it. i paid up. we should prolly decide payouts. i like 150/75/25 but will do anything
  12. haven't got a leaguesafe invite yet. put a copy past link for leaguesafe on leaguepage and/or league messages. sometimes they take forever to arrive or don't arrive at all. a link is easy and quick
  13. looks like invites were sent out. 10 sent out and 8 accepted already leaving 2 spots before anyone paid. let's get a leaguesafe going and set the draft time and make the order randomized