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  1. bradford. saints give up a lot of 300+ yard passers
  2. Flex Help Please! WHIR!

  3. Who to drop? WHIR

  4. Streaming TE help. WHIR 100%

    i'd just stream te. if anyone i like diyle but he needs luck to come back before blowing up i think. tolzien may hit him a few times but witten seems safer
  5. lacy. cook is minny's #1 rb and gabriels is boom or bust. lacy looks to start
  6. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    i agree there is a lot of overreaction. sure, brady could eventually go the way of manning but we didn't see that last night. the main problem was chemistry with his wrs and the defense playing well. he was very close to a good game but like what was already stated there was the PIs that gave tds to gilly and gronk had the ground take away one. he wasn't always on point but he was at times and it's only a matter of time before they connect.
  7. Tyreek Hill 2017 Season Outlook

    my biggest takeaway happened before the big td. it was clear hill was being used to keep the pats on their toes from the get go. the fakes to hill were effective in opening up things for others at the start. he still managed to be involved quite a bit too as the pats focused on him and kelce. he did that by showing us is is not cpat 2.0 and is decent with his routes. this bodes very well for him, hunt, kelce, and smith going forward. hill is the threat a lot of teams are gonna be concerned with but as things open for others and attention shifts there will be plenty of spots each game for hill to take advantage of. now my biggest concern is him holding up. he took a few nasty shots tonight and is still returning punts sometimes. liked seeing him get right back up and thankfully the limping scare was just cramps but it's scary watching take those hard shots
  8. great. everyone paid. eliminate those other names when done
  9. pending comes up paid. someone didn't pay. maybe vega? hoss?
  10. 11 paid now. just one more. i can't figure it out as there are so many names and some don't match espn handles
  11. i was wrong on this. looks like gartrell paid
  12. you got a lot of names in there but from what i gather the new guy and team gartrell need to pay. this is assuming trell in L/S is gartrell
  13. he was team jones in the league. he wants it to this one...
  14. delete team jones and send the invite to this email instead...
  15. team jones from reddit said he joined on wrong espn account and wants to be deleted and he will join on another